The Entrepreneur Mindset $hift

Growth Characteristics of Success

This book offers practical advice on how to change your thoughts in order to change your world.

From the Foreword by Andrew Cordle, CEO of Money Is

This book will be a game-changer for those who understand its importance, and that’s the catch-some will miss the point entirely because of their wrong mindset. Robert has come to understand that mindset is the singular make-or-break characteristic for entrepreneurs. Those who embrace the mindset of growth, accountability, integrity, creativity, and fearlessness outlined in this book will no doubt go on to accomplish great things that impact the world. Those who can’t outgrow their comfort zones and stay trapped in a mindset of doubt instead of belief, scarcity instead of bountifulness, or fear instead of love and hope are bound to fail.

If Napoleon Hill, John C. Maxwell, Norman Vincent Peale, and your local pastor all collaborated on a book that would include the best ideas of each of them the result would be the work you are about to begin reading. I admonish anyone who is serious about developing their mind into the creative force for good it was intended to be to take in each page of this fine book with an eagerness to learn and an openness to change.

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In this amazing book, Robert outlines the mindset shifts entrepreneurs must take to LAUNCH to the next level. It's a practical guide to help you reach your version of success.

Allison Liddle, CEO/Founder LAUNCH/Allison Liddle Consulting, President Prosper Wealth Management, 6x Author, Global Leadership Speaker/Trainer


The Entrepreneur Mindset $hift is the modern ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Use the advice in this quick read to move from where you currently are, to where you want to be. I highly recommend this for yourself or someone you truly want to see succeed.

Michelle Mras, Int’l Award-Winning Speaker and Coach, Multi-Best-Selling Author, Podcaster


As an entrepreneur who's traveled the long journey to success I know all too well how important mindset is to achieve your goals. Robert clarifies the shifts in mindset necessary to reach the promised land of income, impact, and influence.

Anthony Trucks, Bachelor Of Science
Speaker | Author | Coach | Consultant | Former - NFL
CEO - Identity Shift

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