300 Episode Celebration

300 Episodes, 300 guest conversations.

We celebrate our 300th episode and invited our guests back to share with us.

We have conversations, just to say thanks and find out what they are doing now.


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300 Episode Celebration
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Show Notes

Robert Peterson 0:03
Welcome, welcome, everybody. Welcome to our 300th episode, this is going to be a party for the next couple hours. We are so excited. But we're gonna kick things off with our podcast intro.

Robert Peterson 0:17
Man, we've got a green room full of people and let's just start bringing them in and having some conversations. Brian, Wendy Whoo, this exciting. Chad. Christopher, we're gonna bring you a whole bunch all at once. And I love it. Man, I thank you so much for coming on the show today and just helping us celebrate our 300th episode, trying to hear the first word in the room. We're gonna start with you tell us what's happening in your world? And how are you making an impact right now?

Brian Sexton 1:52
I thought this was an audition for America's Got Talent. So I'm probably at the wrong place. So the right place at the right time. Well, listen, Robert, I work for an honor of you and Noel were my Colorado lightweight hoodie, because it's going to be like 80 degrees today, except in my office where it's a robot 68 Right now, we're in an undisclosed location in West Virginia. So I'm trying to hide from the government. So

Robert Peterson 2:22
love it. So, Ryan, what's happening in your world? What do you what are you doing to make an impact now? And how can people find you?

Brian Sexton 2:30
Well, that is the 2023 has been very interesting. Robert, I decided at the end of 2022 I was gonna kind of take a break from social media and my platforms and hiatus my podcast, I kind of felt like, you know, it's funny that, you know, I was listening to the intro of the podcast, and it's like, you know, how do we help entrepreneurs take back more things in their life. And for me, I was, you know, I was producing the intentional character podcast, recording all the episodes, I did 299 episodes. And I was just like, I've got to take some time from me, I've got to take some time to do things for myself. And then I just didn't like the way social media was working for me. And so I just kind of just, I just kind of took a break from all that stuff. So now if I'm traveling and I want to go have a bite to dinner, and I want to walk away a rock around the Walmart aimlessly like an old tourist, you know, I can do that. You know, I don't have that. I don't have that. You know that pressure to get back to the room to record an episode or do something like that, but I'll be back on social media soon enough. So for me 2023 The transformation in me is I'm more peaceful. I'm more calm and more in the moment I'm more free, if you will, and nothing against the intentional or I love doing the intentional cardio podcast. But I'm experiencing a level of freedom right now. That is just absolutely for me. It's transformative. spiritually, emotionally, personally, professionally. So that's what's going on. Yeah, I

Robert Peterson 4:09
love that. All of us listening need to take a break every now and again and so appreciate your example in that thanks for showing up today sharing with us and we hope you all the rest of the world and can't wait to get the intention encourager and be listened and again soon Mr. Sinha hours

Brian Sexton 4:27
of content so I'm here all day if you need it just great to be a part of what you guys are doing. Thank you to you and know well and to all you, all of you on the line as well to thank you guys for what you're doing in your own way to help folks all over the place. Just be better people be better business owners, things like that. So thank you, Robert. I appreciate it very much. Absolutely.

Robert Peterson 4:49
Brian, thanks, man. Christopher, we're gonna jump to us and you're in Germany, and I know you've tried to go to bed or something or wake up. I don't know.

Chris Salem 4:57
Yeah, I know. It's dinnertime. I have to got to meet some folks here in about 15 minutes. But I said I would not miss this for the world. I had a fabulous experience with you and Noel, Robert, on your show and just had to be here to recognize all your success with your all the episodes that you've done with with a lot of great people that are on here right now.

Robert Peterson 5:19
Well, Chris, we sure appreciate your episode and what you're doing. Tell us tell us about obviously you're traveling in Germany, but I know you're coming back here for a conference. Tell us what what you're doing and how you're impacting the world?

Chris Salem 5:31
Well, right now, it's just I'm the messenger, I'm just I'm just being the example and being a resource to help individuals and businesses really reach and exceed their full potential, whatever that means to them, not everybody is going to have the same objective. It's meeting people where they are meeting businesses where they are if they're looking to increase revenue, net profit margin, raise your business valuation for exit, looking to take on new new adventures in what they're doing and achieve achieve objectives they never dreamed possible. These are the things that I'm really looking to lock arms, with people in businesses, to help them kind of see through the forest through the trees, so to speak, that they can make this happen if they have the right systems processes in place. And I look forward to bringing this to the achieve systems conference on June 10. When I do the keynote there, and I'm looking forward to seeing you, Robert. And well while while there, matter of fact, just booked my hotel just about 15 minutes ago for that.

Robert Peterson 6:35
Nice can't wait to can't wait to hear you speak and look forward to maybe grabbing lunch together. That'd be great.

Unknown Speaker 6:42

Robert Peterson 6:44
Thank you, sir. Oh, Wendy, so great to see you.

Wendy Bjork 6:50
Well, good morning, Robert, thank you for the invite back because I just love what you're doing in the world and empowering so many different people. I mean, I love this, you know, not a retro podcast, but just to trace back to see what everybody's doing and how we're all doing our own thing in the world to help so many other people. And I think this is awesome.

Robert Peterson 7:15
Well, thank you tell us when the What are you doing right now in the world? How are you making an impact? And how can people find you? What I

Wendy Bjork 7:23
I'm still on a trajectory of helping people with MS multiple sclerosis, or other autoimmune illnesses, just helping them through the emotional hurdles, because there are so many gaps in care in our country that are overlooked. You know, you go to the doctor, and they just want to do a medicine plan. They don't care if you're sleeping, they don't care if you're taking care of yourself in other ways. They just want to give you a bag of pills and send you on your way. And I'm just here to change that. And to let people know, they have options that they can be their own advocate and stand up for themselves and actually have my own Weekly common commentary that's on a big media platform now where I just write to help people through these challenging times that we're living in, you know, it is back to if you think back a couple 100 years ago, I mean, MSX has been around since like, 1396. Like, what is going on? Why don't they have this figured out? Well, there's a lot of money in the medicine. I mean, absolutely.

Robert Peterson 8:26
Well, I got, I got an introduction to a guest I just interviewed yesterday, so her show hasn't even gone live. But I'm gonna make an introduction, because I think you're you're in alignment, and just lots of great possibilities. And the great thing I love about this show is that not just the great people I get to meet but the great people I get to introduce to each other so they can make an impact together. So Wendy, thanks for coming on. Thanks for helping us celebrate. And I look forward to hearing more on your journey and the success you're having in helping people sleep better, recover better and and hopefully heal from some of these autoimmune diseases that they say are incurable.

Wendy Bjork 9:07
Right, exactly. So thank you again. Appreciate it.

Robert Peterson 9:10
Absolutely. Camille, so great to see you. I know you've changed brands since we were on the show together. So tell us tell us about the new brand and what you're doing.

Camille Diaz 9:20
Sure. Absolutely. Thank you for inviting me back. It was super fun to be on the show with you. And I'm glad to be back and even see a couple people I know I leave it glad to see you again. And so yeah, it's been it's been really good. Um, you know, I'm super passionate about helping entrepreneurs. So many people that start their business to do something they love and have helped people and have more freedom. And then the helping people think goes really well but the freedom part yeah, maybe not so much. They rarely get to take a bathroom break, let alone a vacation. They work super hard, but the end of the week, it's like this a lot more stuff to do than when they started and they keep thinking if they just worked little bit harder and push through. Eventually, someday it'll be easier. And they'll have more freedom and flexibility. And then Sunday, not not so much a day of the week, right? I am super passionate about helping them have small tweaks to their systems and processes that they could do right now today, so that they actually have the freedom to go live that life that they're dreaming about, and stop working this crummy job that they've accidentally created for themselves instead of the thriving business. So yeah, so that's, that's what I'm passionate about. That's what I do. I stopped my old podcast, we launched a new one, just focusing on all things optimization, and having a blast with it making a difference for entrepreneurs and a live weekly Academy where they actually walk away with things they can do. So yeah, I'm having a great time over here.

Robert Peterson 10:47
Well, that's great. Camille, thank you so much for the impact you're making. Thanks for coming back on the show to to celebrate with us, and just look forward to seeing your journey and the impact continue to grow.

Camille Diaz 10:59
Yeah, absolutely. Congratulations on episode 300. Fantastic.

Robert Peterson 11:03
Thank you. Laban. How are you?

Laban Ditchburn 11:11
Man, if I was any better be in Boston Bronston erected in the town square. Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. All right. I'm one of the only people that doesn't drink, do drugs or gamble that spends as much time in the city.

Robert Peterson 11:29
There might be one or two others, I'm assuming. But we're welcome back to the United States. You've been gone a while.

Laban Ditchburn 11:39
We have we have we just flew in from India two days ago with air for three months. And I gotta say guys, like, India captured my heart I've visited 30 countries have lived in seventh there. And it's my favorite country. And like everything you think about India, forget it. Like, it's just wrong. And it's incredible. So I'm just plugging, I'm not working for the tourism board. But maybe I shouldn't be.

Robert Peterson 12:09
So Laban tell us what are you doing right now? How are you? How are you making an impact? Tell us about the new the new program?

Laban Ditchburn 12:17
Yeah, well, podcasting heroes was a movement that came out of my own podcast. And thank you for bringing me on to this momentous occasion with you in our world. It's just incredible. And I've been fortunate to be involved in a couple of episodes now. But and I'm among some incredible people. It's a very humbling seeing who else is on here today. But I got some great advice from some friends of mine that are fast, smarter than me in this area, and they see live and you've bought on these incredible people on your podcast over the last three years. Why don't you teach people how to do it. And, and I resisted initially, and then I got some beautiful coercion from my beautiful wife, Anna, and not the only beautiful Lana on this call today, but, and I leaned into it, and it's really taken off. So it's really fun for podcasters. And people that have a channel, whether it be YouTube, or rumble or whatever else available, that want to connect with their heroes, and not just bring them on to the show, but add value to their life. And then develop relationships with them that you can utilize to leverage and serve them at the highest level and by the law and porosity, your life will transform Annette, and arise life is not without its challenges, as you know, but it's become a daily miracle. So I'm very excited. It's you know, will it be the thing I do forever? Probably not. But it's it's incredible. So very exciting.

Robert Peterson 13:45
Thank you Laban. Man, I just appreciate your friendship, appreciate you and Anna so much. And just love what you're doing love, love the example you have of designing the life you want and live in it right traveling and living in wherever you happen to be in running your business from India, Mexico, you know, and even some other places. And so, all I love you guys, thank you for coming on and helping us celebrate today.

Laban Ditchburn 14:13
Namaste. I'm gonna stay here and I'll go and then I'll see Karen Robertson in about 45 minutes. Yeah.

Robert Peterson 14:20
That's exciting. Chad. Buddy, how are you doing? weather like in Texas? Oh, man.

Chad Wallen 14:27
It's, it's nice. It was a little stormy last night, but it's just kind of breaks up the monotony of, you know, the 82 to 84 Beautiful sunny skies, you know? So

Robert Peterson 14:38
I love it. All right. So Chad, you're one of the few nonprofit folks I've obviously interviewed a few but tell us tell us about your camp. Tell us what you're doing. And how can we help you?

Chad Wallen 14:49
Yeah, so um, man, I'm trying remember the last time that you and I talked to where we're at prior biggest impact that we've we've made over the last about year and a half is We've expanded into three additional states. I don't know if we talked about that on the podcast. So, you know, home home states, Texas, we've expanded to Oregon outside of Portland, inside of Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. And then January we just launched in Nashville, Tennessee. It's funny to Laban said something because we're in the process of looking at launching in North Las Vegas. The demand there is high and the fatherless are abundant. So let's go in there and serve the follows and so yeah, that's that's where we're at right now.

Robert Peterson 15:33
Fantastic. How can how can folks find you Chad? Where can they get to get a hold of you to either support your camps or learn more about getting some other people in your camps?

Chad Wallen 15:42
Yeah, advance camp usa.com is the best way there's a way to get information there's a way to donate on there there's a way to find out some just more information about what we do. We are on social media they can they have to search by state though so it's advanced Camp Texas Advanced camp, Oregon, advanced camp, Florida, advanced camp, Tennessee, they can look are just our story, like what's going on how we're impacting these young men, some of these young men stories out of some pretty, pretty rough situations to be getting coached and led into career pads and positive affirmation, walking young men through attempted suicide or threatened suicide. Young men that have lost their true identity, and they're trying to follow after dad which most those dads incarceration or dealing or you name it, so definitely get some more stories on our social media with with that stuff.

Robert Peterson 16:42
Well, Chad, I appreciate you share and appreciate the work that you're doing. May God continue blessing advanced camp, and the work you're doing and I hope some of the entrepreneurs listening will want to get involved and and want to support you and and hopefully help your camps continue to grow. Thanks for showing up today and celebrating with us.

Chad Wallen 17:00
Absolutely, man. It's my pleasure to come back on. It's good to see you again.

Robert Peterson 17:03
Yeah, great to see you, John and Ana Gabriele. So great to see you. I brought Noel back in because she was trying to hide in the admin room. I made her I made her come on to celebrate together with you guys. And we just obviously we love. We love your book, The Go Giver marriage. We love that you guys are continuing. Now I know. John, you've launched a new writing program. Tell us a little bit about Well tell us about the book first and how the book did because I know it launched since you know our podcast episode. And then And then John, I want you to tell us about your new writing program and what you're doing.

Ana Gabriel Mann 17:42
The book is kind of on fire right now. It's moving really fast. And we're really thrilled. It you know, we did over 100 podcasts. Yeah, we were really busy. And it you know, it's been just an incredible, remarkable journey. I mean, I'm teaching Go Giver marriage coursework around the country and in Europe and in other places. And so it's been really fun. You know, we have the training program. We also I have a personal coaching program, that I do so but John's mastery writing roadmap is his new gig. And it's really amazing. So I want to pass the mic.

John David Mann 18:29
But before she does, I just want to say thank you guys for having us on. And of course, congratulations on 300. And you're honestly the books on fire. And it's quite mentioned it's interesting. We didn't exactly predict this but particularly the audiobook. I people the audio book alone is outselling both the ebook and the hardcover, which are doing very decently themselves. So audiobooks like people love visual and people love audio. So we got to read the audiobook ourselves, we do that we actually do the audio track. So that was really, really, really fun plus, writing mastery mentorship. Yeah, thank you for bringing that up. You know, it Laban talked about resisting this idea of teaching podcasting, Joseph Campbell in his hero's journey has this thing where the hero resists the call, right. I don't know about the hero part. But I definitely resisted this. For years, I kind of wanted to figure out a way to coach people who have a book in them. Because there's this enormous number of people with fantastic experience great expertise, a huge heart for a mission that you know that many other people deserve to know about and want to put it in the book but just don't know how and so that they never knew or they do try but it doesn't really go all the way. So I finally kind of worked out a system. I've got a one year program. It's all online. Some of it is live. So I'm just recorded. We have weekly coaching calls. And I just love Launched in the spring, I got 14 fabulous people all the way from a 22 year old who's writing a fantasy sci fi novel to, you know, people our age who are writing books about their expertise, nonfiction books and resilience on autism, on leadership on business, a bunch of parables, it's just like a whole range of fabulous books, that would have never happened if they didn't stand up and say, Yeah, I'll do this. So I reopened enrollment for fresh a fresh crop of people in the month of June. So I appreciate you bringing it up. And I'm having a, I'm having an absolute ball doing it as my wife can attest, she sees me walking around my room every Tuesday night going, that was so much one. Love it.

Ana Gabriel Mann 20:50
It's awesome. When you're doing what you love, go ahead. And we want to say it's his gift. It's like, it's just that the thing that he loves the most. And so it's great to see him teaching it. Yeah, so tell us more about your coaching. I coached couples, as individuals, on how to improve their marriage. So I don't work with a couple directly, you know, occasionally, every three or four or five sessions, we'll get together in one room, both of them and me. But for the most part, I really believe and our book is the backbone of the idea that you are the person that changes your marriage, that if you want your marriage to change, you have to start with yourself, you have to change yourself. And, really, that might involve overcoming childhood traumas, it might involve really examining all the baloney that you brought from your family relationships into your current relationship and all of those details. But I love the work because the people that come to me and the people that I work with are, are just so committed to finding ways to make it work and to really examine, you know, how do you make it work. And our book really goes into what we call the five secrets. But there are five elements of you know, what makes relationships thrive. And they can be a parenting relationship, a business relationship, but relationships need these five factors because their developmental needs. And so yeah, so that's the beauty. And I'm just digging every minute of it. And now it's expanding into teaching in different places. So I just came back from Dubai, and I'm on my way to Italy now. And so it's been really,

Lisa Jimenez 22:37
really fun.

John David Mann 22:38
I married somebody really smart,

Robert Peterson 22:40
I married some smart two to meet you. I'm, I'm, I'm so excited about I love, I love that you help individuals individually improve their marriage. And it's so, so powerful to coach that way to counsel that way. Because the reality is, the only person you can change is yourself. And when you put two people in the room, they spend a lot of time pointing, instead of instead of reflecting. And so I love that. And I love what you guys are doing. Thanks so much for for coming on and celebrating with us and just sharing what you're doing today. And I I know you're writing programs, amazing. And I know I've seen lots of promotion on it on Facebook. And so I hope that it impacts and puts you know, hundreds of new books out into the marketplace, because the stories need to be told.

John David Mann 23:30
From your lips.

Robert Peterson 23:34
Thank you guys so much. Have a have a wonderful, wonderful day and have a great trip to Italy like yeah, that's I gotta go to Italy for work. It's you know, a thing.

Ana Gabriel Mann 23:45
We're planning to eat while we're there.

Robert Peterson 23:48
That's even better. Thank you, John and Anna, for joining us. We appreciate you guys and definitely love your book. I've given away copies still trying to get my daughter to read it. So patience. Yeah. Thank you. All right. Have a great day. Karen Roberts coming from London, London or outside London. Where are you at?

Karen Roberts 24:11
Yeah, I'm in London.

Robert Peterson 24:14
We've had Germany and London on the show already in the first 20 minutes. This is great.

Karen Roberts 24:19
Great to be here. And congratulations. I mean 300 My goodness, you've been there. There you go. It's all about just keep showing up, isn't it? That's just half the work right? keeps showing up. So there you are 300 300 shows that's brilliant.

Robert Peterson 24:35
Well, thank you. I appreciate you and all you're doing and and tell us tell us about your program. Tell us what what you're doing. I know what you've got, like 12 radio stations, a dozen TV shows and what's happening in Karen's world. What do you do?

Karen Roberts 24:50
No does it well, the one radio station Yeah. I mean, obviously it just started from me having my show a coffee with Karen Couple positivity with just a sprinkling of woowoo, which you guys have been a guest on. And basically, it just evolved. Really what I found was just speaking to amazing people like yourself and your wife, that everybody was serving different people solving different problems just because they were called a coach. You know, what type of coach there's different types of coaches helping different things or consultants. And I thought, well guys that have you in competition, we should collaborate more and 10 days afterwards the owner of the radio station that I had my show on, announced that once the contracts and that's it is packing it in so do you want it so of course, I said well, yes. Now we have a platform for other coaches. So not just mine, I even though I'm now doing three Shows a week to get their message heard. And it's perfect because my love of music. We're changing the music, it's only going to be uplifting music, it's all about raising vibration. So only disco house soul, jazz, funk, anything that lifts the soul. That's the only music and then intermittent shows, we've only got about I think we're up to about 28 Now, a week and the goal is to hit 100. All global Australia, UK, US and Canada pretty much so yes, it's exciting times.

Robert Peterson 26:33
Well, Carrie, thank you so much for sharing what you're doing and the impact you're making. Obviously, having one show I understand I know how challenging that can be. So having a radio station and trying to fill in and have shows I can't even imagine the work you're doing but no that it's incredible. I do love the title of your show, I will say having worked in health and wellness alongside health and wellness professionals and and that that this whole group, I love them because they're healers they're lovers like me and and but but the woowoo can get carried away a little so I love that you just want to have conversations with a sprinkling just a sprinkling of Whoo, just

Karen Roberts 27:12
sometimes. bucket loads. Yeah. But in general there's a sprinkling. Yeah, well,

Robert Peterson 27:19
sometimes the bucket does have to come out in some of us use the bucket to catch the wound. Some people use the bucket the poor the Whoo. So thank you so much for coming on and enjoy your evening. How is the weather in London today?

Karen Roberts 27:34
Oh, it's actually been really really nice. Which is unusual because London's normally gray and miserable. But actually the sun's been out. We've had clear skies. That's all we need to sort of brighten our day a little bit. Sunshine.

Robert Peterson 27:48
Love it. Gary, thank you so much for hanging out. Yeah, please just keep doing what you're doing. Jason, my man, how are you doing? Brother?

Jason Croft 28:02
I am good, my friend. How are you?

Robert Peterson 28:04
I am well. It's been a it's been a couple of weeks. since we've seen each other. Jason's just down the road. He's about an hour away. We had lunch a couple of months back. And that was great going to see him at a conference. His fellow podcaster that's been on our show is gonna be a keynote speaker at an event here in Denver, and Jason's coming to check that out. Hopefully, we'll have some time to hang

Jason Croft 28:26
out. Yeah, absolutely excited.

Robert Peterson 28:29
So tell us Jason, what's happening in your world? I know you were making a shift in kind of your offerings and, and the things that you were doing? Tell me tell me what's happening in Jason's world? And how can people? How can people use your services?

Jason Croft 28:43
Oh, yeah. So I help coaches and consultants for sure. That's still my my world and kind of that shift you're talking about is certainly going from, you know, the just the service base, hey, let me do this for you to that coaching and done with you aspect to really, you know, let's jump in let's get this done together. And that what that that let's get this done is is really getting your power content together, you know, creating that leadership level content. So your genius gets out into the world and translated and in front of the right people and all that fun stuff. So yeah, that's the fun stuff. Congrats on 300. Man, this is awesome.

Robert Peterson 29:25
Well, thank you for that. And I love that you have this ability to suck the genius out of somebody like they've got genius in them and stealing, stealing. Borrow, borrow, but, but really, you your primary tool is having conversations and through the conversation helping a coach consultant, a business owner, pull out their genius, and tell their story in a way that that's impactful. And I appreciate that about you and the work you're doing is He's really helping people understand their their story in a meaningful way that that communicates well to their ideal client.

Jason Croft 30:07
Now I appreciate that. Yeah, that's the that's the fun stuff. Right is the with the shows I do or you know the one on one work it's, it's that's what it's all about is this right here the conversation that's, that's what lights me up and that's the that's the fun stuff.

Robert Peterson 30:23
Yeah. Well, Jason appreciate it. How can people find you?

Jason Croft 30:27
Oh, find me on LinkedIn, Jason craft on LinkedIn. I'm always there. I've got a little room in the back. You can always find me on LinkedIn or, or media leads co.com either way. All right. Thanks for having me. I

Robert Peterson 30:42
appreciate you coming on and helping us celebrate and and yeah, just look forward to having some lunch and in a couple of weeks here. Yes, indeed. See

Jason Croft 30:49
you then. Alright, man,

Robert Peterson 30:52
Carl, the run a router? How did we get you between running like you've been running miles and miles and days like You're like Forrest Gump running now? What's going on?

Carl Ficks 31:04
It's just great to be here. And I'm so happy to be part of this. And congratulations on it.

Robert Peterson 31:18
Oh, Carl might have froze. All right, Dr. Barr, we'll jump to you real quick.

Barb Hughson 31:27
Hi, congratulations. Oh, my gosh, this is awesome.

Robert Peterson 31:33
So, Dr. Bob, tell us tell us what you're doing and what's happening in your world. Carl, back to you in a minute, buddy.

Barb Hughson 31:40
Yeah, so um, lots of leadership coaching, which has been great. I should have had my book in my hand, I came out with my new book, claim your light. And so that's a new thing that just got launched in April. It's about building your capacity to be a more vibrant and authentic person. So that's a new thing. And I'm going to be starting a leadership memberships soon. I've got a lot of people interested in just finding more support. And I'm finding, you know, as we all know, if you're a leader in something, it can be a lonely job. So it's kind of nice to have a little tribe, you know, a little support system around you. So I'm going to be launching that soon as well. So got a couple things cook in, which is kind of fun.

Robert Peterson 32:29
Nice. So how can people find you?

Barb Hughson 32:32
So yeah, people can find me My website is Dr. BB Heusen. Hu, GH s o n.com. Dr. BB houston.com. And, like, that's where I you can find me if you want to set up some time to just do like a little discovery call. If you're interested in coaching, and you want some support and help with leadership. That's a great place to find me.

Robert Peterson 32:57
Fantastic. Dr. Bob, thanks so much for coming on today and sharing with us and celebrating our 300th episode today.

Barb Hughson 33:04
Congratulations. Great job. Thank you.

Robert Peterson 33:08
All right, Carl. Let's try this again, buddy. Okay,

Carl Ficks 33:11
I think I'm back now in your world. Perfect. Thanks again for having me. And, again, congratulations. It's a great accomplishment.

Robert Peterson 33:21
Thank you. So Carl, tell us what you're doing now. How are you impacting the world besides running,

Carl Ficks 33:28
doing a lot of leadership training, which is really good one to many and talking about emotional intelligence, and the self awareness and self management and I'm able to embed some of my fitness principles and mantras in the self management area. So really enjoying it. Love that.

Robert Peterson 33:51
Love that. So tell us about running. Are you doing just marathons, ultra marathons? What are we doing running?

Carl Ficks 33:57
No, I'm, I'm not in the ultra marathon space anymore. I did one of those. And that was enough. So I'm looking at a fall marathon perhaps, but I'm cycling a lot. Okay. That's, that's easier on the hips. Yeah, but that makes sense. Yeah. And I'm, what's brought me great joy is I've been running a few races with my oldest daughter. And that has been really, really meaningful that we're able to share that time together. And it's just been wonderful.

Robert Peterson 34:31
That's fantastic. Carl, thanks so much. How can people find you?

Carl Ficks 34:36
Carl? fix.com ca RL fic. ks.com. All right, Carl, thank you so much for having me.

Robert Peterson 34:43
Absolutely. Thanks for being a part of our 300 episodes. And thanks for being a part of our celebration today. Appreciate you. Thank you.

Jeff west 34:52
When I get in the mood to run a marathon, I lay down until that mood goes away.

Carl Ficks 34:58
You're not alone. Oh,

Robert Peterson 35:02
man. All right. That was that was good, Jeff. I like it. I'm right there with you, Jeff.

Carl Ficks 35:08
Thank you. Bye now.

Robert Peterson 35:11
All right, Jeff WestEd. Lisa, you guys have been you guys were our first second guests. I don't know, what do you call it when you meet Ron individually. And then you came on together to celebrate, your book that you wrote together. And we have just of course, you have a copy of a copy. So obviously, we're friends and the podcast made it possible for us to meet Bob Berg was on the show and introduced me to both of you and you both graced us with your presence and your stories. And just we've really fallen in love with you and the stories you're telling him the things you're doing in the world and the impact you're making. So I just want to say I appreciate you so much, Jeff, you just missed John and Anna. So I'm gonna I'm gonna throw it out to you, Jeff first, and we celebrated John's new course we celebrated their book. But we also celebrated John's writing camp. And I know you were a big fan and you were telling people, man, this is the guy you got to get it. If you want to write a book, this is the guy to get on the show with and learn how to write a book. And he said he's got 14 people. And he's opening it up again in June. So So tell us celebrate that a little bit, then tell us what you're doing, Jeff?

Jeff west 36:28
Well, first off, congratulations to you guys. 300 shows is a big deal. And I don't know how many people who really are on podcasts or follow podcasts. You guys have done an awesome job. So congratulations, you are to be commended on that. Thank you. And yo, John's class, when John opened up his writing mastery mentorship class, I sent him an email as soon as it was open. And we had a discussion. We were like five minutes. And I said, John, how much does it weigh the fee I said I'm in and I know that spoils him for the sales process for his entire life that they didn't have to sell me because he is literally my favorite writer. Of course. He gave us some interesting statistics last night. And to my co authors credit here, she's an amazing marketer, she, I always refer to her as a direct sales legend. But she is but the our book has sold multiple times over what the average book sells of its lifetime already. And so that's that includes traditional published, self published. So at least I'll share that with you a little bit later what John told me, but what's going on in my world, I am currently working on another co authorship. My business model is now going to be a combination of me writing books for me, but co authoring with big name people and doing fees and this work is working. This is working for me.

Robert Peterson 37:57
I like it. I don't think you're gonna find another co author like your first one. But I'm interested to see what the next one brings.

Jeff west 38:06
Well, at least it will always know we were each other's first Co Op. There you go. But

Robert Peterson 38:13
I think you're each other's first threesome on a zoom call to

Jeff west 38:18
Jenny. I think I blushed more on that cup live call that night that I wrote in my life. Award co authorship that's a parable. And it's set in New Orleans and the story is good and the contents fantastic. And the person who co authored with it has got a huge, huge, huge, huge following. So that's gonna be good at the end they but also there was another parable I've been working on for a while and it's the main theme and it is time travel. And the original title is lessons from my father, the time traveler. And I made the decision last night after some good coaching from John and I made the decision last night I'm going going to make my first novel out of this it's not going to be a parable, it's going to be a full novel because the storyline is so strong so I'm excited about that. I'm excited about getting through my live show with my blue haired partner life is Grant

Robert Peterson 39:11
love it. Jeff, thank you so much for sharing. Lisa. We just obviously just love being in your presence. We love hanging out with you. We love having conversations with you. We love your Facebook feed and the fights between your dog and your cat. Things about you to love and yeah now the school fighting between you and Jeff I don't know. Just share with us what's on your mind today.

Lisa Wilber 39:37
Well, I'll tell you though, if you see me running you should start running too because that means something big bad and ugly is chasing me. I'm with yes just the way I'm gonna

Robert Peterson 39:47
get into running when Carl talks about running the only way I'm running something big.

Lisa Wilber 39:52
There you go. Yeah, I'm obviously in the midst of this awesome promotional tour in so The book which I intend to do for quite some time,

Robert Peterson 40:03
the book just we don't want to make the assumption that people know what the book was and what it's

Lisa Wilber 40:08
Oh, I'm sorry. This is the awesomeness thing that I said yes to in years and years and years. And it was Jeff and I, we met on the go giver success Alliance. And I literally told a joke about my hair. And the brilliant Mr. West put a comment in the zoo. And we actually got a book from it. It's amazing how that happened. It was like lightning struck us. And we just went with it. So it was a book

Robert Peterson 40:39
is definitely about more than your hair, but the hair was the trainer, right? The book is based on your experience in direct sales and the incredible impact that you've had in over 40 years of direct sales experience. And of course, direct sales network that you've created, and you call them your army, right? You're you have an army of followers, an army of people. And that's what makes you the marketing Maven. And so I want to definitely give you credit, because you won't give yourself credit for for that work that you've done. And that's really what the book is about is about creating a network of a direct sales army that can help you build and grow a business and help others build and grow their businesses. And that's really at the heart of what direct sales is all about. Now

Lisa Wilber 41:27
the thing that I remember is I of course, I love the story, I love the book. And I think it's going to help a lot of people The thing is, I didn't expect it to change me so much. So all I can think about is all the stories that went into the story. So you know, working on the book and meeting Mr. West and getting to work with him and the whole experience together is what I've you know, has come to be my reality, not just the story in the book, but I It's funny how you get into something thinking you're helping other people and who had helped the most was me. It's just one of those things.

Robert Peterson 42:07
Well, I love that and I love that it just continues to impact your life and make a huge difference. I'm going to ask you guys to stick around a minute I want to bring in Barry shore. And I know that you guys will enjoy having him Berry

Barry Shore 42:22
Berry. Good day beautiful bonds will be loving and gentle beings and good looking people now wonderful. Robert and Noel How can I make the categorical statement that all the 1000s If not 10s of 1000s of people watching this are all good looking. Because by definition they tuned in to listen to the transformation coach, this case coaches they're always looking for and finding the good in life. That's a good looking person looking for and finding the good in life. Congratulations on 300 amazing, wonderful, uplifting, beneficial episodes.

Robert Peterson 43:02
Man Barry, you know, so I got to tell a story because I did Barry's interview and I love the connection that very, very he's willing to get on the show. It blew my blew me away that he was willing to come on the show and have a conversation. But my wife and I were traveling in the mountains here in Colorado, we were staying at a hotel and we were using the hotel internet. And my connection broke and went away and I'm panicking, right? Try to get my phone out turn on the hotspot turn on anything pulled out the other laptop doing everything I can to get this connection back because I'd like in the middle of this great conversation with very short and he's gonna leave he's gonna get out of the cup podcast. No, I got back in it took me 10 minutes 10 minutes to get back into the conversation. And Barry was still talking he was monologuing to himself. He just had this he took over the show. And you was hosting and guesting at the same time provides one of my best episodes ever.

Barry Shore 44:03
It is a delight to be here with you. And with Jeff and with Lisa Zak A pleasure to meet you as well. So good beer. I just want to make mention of three things that I've been hearing from some other guests and again, it's it's a tribute to you, Robert and your wonderful wife of bringing forth really dynamic, caring people. Remember these shows are not about battery shore or Robert or Jaffa leaves intact. It's about you the people watching because that's what we do we channel our energy to bring about the best and that's how in Lisa's case, you can create an army I call them raving fans. Use this image of people running through the streets naked shouting out ambassador of joy.

Robert Peterson 44:57
Does it have to be naked I will

Barry Shore 44:59
is built on joy. If you didn't know that joy, joy stands for you're gonna love this kid's Joy stand for journey of you. Yeah. Write that out of you. Because that's what it's all about, isn't it and it's how we use the good Lord has given us on the journey. So I'm going to make a fun story for everybody. Just give you a little background and then I'll talk about what the person was mentioned about doing triathlons and bison and all kinds of other stuff. So imagine if you can, standing up in the morning Hale and hardy, completely healthy Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. And that evening, being in the hospital, totally completely paralyzed neck down, and what believes it for those people who know how to spell things. I could, it was not from an automobile accident. It wasn't a spinal injury, a rare disease, which I never heard of the day before it took over my body and caused me to be completely paralyzed neck down and communicate blinking my eyes. 144 days in the hospital, two years in a hospital bed in my own home and couldn't turn over by myself for years in a wheelchair had braces on both my legs, my hips, my ankles. That was progress. Thank God today Amelie vertical and ambulatory with the help of a seven foot walking one. So I'm a tripod, not a biped. I still walk up the stairs, my Mr. Silva can walk up herbal myself, and I've helped 12 hours a day, seven days a week. But you hear my voice, positive purpose with power from Pleasant It's all because of one word, five letter word. That word is Smile. Smile is one of the greatest acronyms you could have internalized utilize and leverage in your life. Smile stands for seeing miracles in life every day, seeing miracles in life every day. So you're watching me now is it Wow, he must be completely cured looking at his mom's and moving. And he got this great shirt, and he's so handsome. He has a wonderful 10. And I can't sit up from this chair. Because basically from the waist down, I'm still paralyzed. But here's where it gets amazing. You ready leads up, you ready to jump? Over knows the story. In the process of gaining back some of my upper body did something called aquatic therapy. It puts you in the water moving around to all kinds of things took years. One day I put my arms over my head and actually did a backstroke. Wow, I did three strokes. I hit my head against the side of the pool. I set up the move. Right? When I turned around and pushed off, back and forth 98 minutes without stopping. Oh, I did a mile because that people watching and they require that it was revelation to pre book in the Bible. So the reason I mentioned is because we're all this way. We're perseverant we go and continue. But you don't want to do it again. I did a mile twice a week, three times a week, four times five times six, nine. Now I swim two miles a day, six days a week. I've been doing it for over 18 years. I just passed 9054 miles because I was like oh wow. Soft and Gentle and your knees Hello. It's in the water. I still have to wear all kinds of stuff and weird things on my legs so they don't fall down floaties I wear paddles, my hands on clothes, I use local. I now can swim on my front. I unbuckled Michael Phelps, at least that's how I think. And it takes me 100 minutes to now do two miles. So it's pretty cool. So I just wanted to share with everybody that this is the nature of real life. This is what we talk about. It's the ability to never give up to work with joy. What I do in my work I've been thank God working with people for 42 plus years, is the ability to show people that this thing which is debilitating for most everybody, which is called stress. We teach people not only to mitigate it, reduce maybe eliminate it, but to leverage it for benefit. Can you imagine I leveraged benefit. So speaking of that, literally my latest book because you love books, everybody don't wait. Look at this book and you read it. Love it. And notice that it's done printed on the cover sideways, you know inside of it. But the reason I mentioned this with the that f is because I did serve. I've been working with people for more than 42 years. And we actually ended up recently it was over 1 million people. Wow. Yeah, that's what While and I can tell you 97.2% Of all the people I've worked with over the years, dropped the F in shift. The other stuff we teach you, we got to be effing careful with your F. Shift. That's what I am so honored, Robert, to have you invited me and to be here and to share. And I would just urge everybody that's watching. Please feel free to contact me. Lisa, you and I should be working together, as well as Jeff sack. I don't even know who you are what you do. But if you're on the show, then the answer is yes. Brittany, you're wonderful. I don't even know you. But you must be wonderful because we here and just reach the berry shore.com B A R R EY, sh O R E. Barry's co.com. And he has a special gift to everybody. My ebook of Oh shift, plus mild to books was the joy of living you deserve it. And the book acronyms. They have a book called a pocket fill of acronyms. 100 wonderful words, where we find the positive purpose of powerful, pleasant essence of all words. They're available at no cost. Why we sold for 1495. But we're making the ebook available at no cost. It's underwritten by a couple of get this is a couple of the put up the money to distribute 100,000 copies of my books. At no cost to people around the world. Why? So antastic Brittany says she can't hear me. Can you imagine not hearing me? So I'm offering this out. Yeah, I'm offering that to people. You want to do something good. And I'll tell you, because specifically about us. It's not a book on inspiration. There's lots of stuff out there inspiration. We all know, you inspired today and Wednesday, it's gone. It's not about information. There's so much information on the internet. Well, I call it Oh, information overload, right? This book, oh shift in my other books. It's about transformation. It's the T word. That's what we work in. Isn't that correct, Robert? Absolutely. And that's what people want. They want transformation. They want to make that shift. You know, keep it up in there. It's six inches. It's a shift in perspective. It guess what happens? Your world now can be changed because you've used the six most important words you'll ever utilize, internalize and leverage, right. And here we go. Six words that will alter everybody's life. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny. Amen. Choice, not chance determines your destiny. How you choose to respond in any given situation will determine the pathway and the trajectory of your life.

Robert Peterson 52:59
Barry, thank you so much for sharing. This was incredible, of course. Love you and love your stories. And I know people are gonna go and get your book and multiple books. So thanks for jumping on today. Thanks for helping us celebrate 300 inspirational books.

Barry Shore 53:17
Let's do a group hug. All right. Let me tell you a hug stands for hugs stands for heartfelt, unlimited giving. Oh, heartfelt, unlimited giving on the count of three. Are we ready? 123

Barry Shore 53:43
Thank you.

Robert Peterson 53:44
Thank you, Barry. Have a great day.

Barry Shore 53:46
That's best wishes. Bye,

Robert Peterson 53:49
guys. All right. That's a hard act to follow Zach. I'm sorry. There's a lot of prey.

Zach White 53:56
Yeah, I wouldn't have it any other way. Robert, what a man. What a rock star? I love that Barry? Sure I'm going to think about every word in the English language differently now that I know they're all acronyms for something awesome.

Robert Peterson 54:12
There you go. And he's got a whole book to get you started. So

Zach White 54:17
super fun, man. Well, it's great to be here, Robert. Yeah. Well, it's

Robert Peterson 54:21
great to have you Zack and tell Zach, what's happening in Zach's world what's happening with the happy engineer podcast, and what are you doing? What do you How are you making an impact?

Zach White 54:34
Well, I actually wrote a song for this just like Barry did so that I could. Totally, yeah, well, the happy engineer podcast since we've last talked is thriving and in no small part because people like yourself who just create such tremendous support and value for what I'm doing that you know, it's amazing. We're really blessed and the show is growing. But more importantly, Robert, what's cool is to watch the impact of the work actually hitting the ground in people's lives in their careers and seeing that feedback, which I know, for you 300 episodes in, you feel that too, when you get that email, you get that social media comment that someone says, Hey, that episode, I took action. This made a huge difference in my life. Thank you for what you're doing. Like, that makes it easy to do the hard work of putting out you know, for us, we just crossed 100 episodes had our 100th Episode celebration. And I'll tell you, Robert, I have a deep, deep respect for you getting to 300 because it is no small task to just show up, week in and week out and continue not just to produce amazing content. But to continue in that energy, that purpose, that passion that you bring to every conversation. Because I mean, I've done 100 And it was way harder than I thought it was gonna be to produce incredible content that people can use to change and transform their lives. So yeah, the work we do with engineering leaders is going super well. And it's awesome. So, Robert, congrats on 300. And I appreciate you inviting me to come back and celebrate with you, man. Well, I'll tell

Robert Peterson 56:18
you, mentioned the drive to do 300. And, and the work and effort it takes but the truth is interviewing great guests isn't work at all. And so as much pleasure as you get from seeing people get results is the pleasure that we get from having these great conversations with incredible, incredible people. And, and, and the really great thing is that we've been introduced by our guests to most of our other guests. And so because of those referrals because of those connections, every guest has been amazing. Like, in 300 episodes, I've recorded only two that we didn't use that. And I think that says a lot like no doubt. There's no, we haven't done any pre screening. We haven't done any, any filtering. And these conversations have just been amazing. And it's because of guests, introducing us to guests and making connections that have that have just impacted our lives. And I think for me, the greatest thing about today is coming back and seeing some of these people and knowing Wait, you were just on the podcast, I was on your podcast, and we've made introductions to each other. And I see you on social media and I feel like we're friends. I feel like we're having these conversations and we're involved in each other's lives beyond just the podcast.

Zach White 57:40
Well, you know, Robert, that's what you demonstrate in this culture of add value, you know, the add value to entrepreneurs, yes, absolutely, to go drive revenue and profitability and scale our companies and lead our teams and all of these pieces. But it's exactly that mindset that you just had like, because you're focused on leading with generosity and surrounding yourself with the right kinds of people who feel the same way. It's no surprise that those people want to aim other like minded value centered people to this community. And your episodes are awesome. And you're right, the actual interviews are no problem at all. It's all the other work that gets the production and distribution and all those things. But yeah, I loved our chat. And it's it is fun to host as well. And you're very did set a high bar in terms of all those things. But I did want to if anybody who's in the amazing add value to entrepreneurs audience, celebrating with Robert and the team for 300 episodes, is in the STEM professions and they may or may not know me if they haven't go listen to Robert and Meyers interview around you know, this idea of burnout and what happens in life and I coach and career but I wanted to offer a gift as well if that's okay, absolutely something I could do. So yeah, if anybody's you know, engineer science, math, you know, analytical career path. And you do want support to take that further. We have incredible tools to support you and your career and we'd love to share that with you just offer a free coaching session to anybody who wants to take advantage of it. So if that interests you grab your phone, text the word lifestyle, and okay, why lifestyle Zach? Well, our signature framework is called the lifestyle engineering blueprint is where we help leaders in STEM to create that career of your dreams in the context of the life of your dreams. So just grab your phone and send a text message. It's just that one word lifestyle to the number 55444. Just that shortcode. So lifestyle to 55444 will get you the information to get set up. ask a few questions, promise won't be too intrusive, and then we'll be happy to give you a free coaching session to go deep on what do you need? To be doing to accelerate your career goals. So

Robert Peterson 1:00:03
love it, Zack, I need you to stay now. Because what you just talked about is the world that Brittany and her partner are also creating life by design. And they actually call it the life architect. Oh, go ahead, Brittany, tell me, Dream architects life, Dream Arctic life. So Brittany, tell us a little bit about dream architect life and the work that you guys are doing from the financial services side and how that's helping create design life by design.

Brittany Anderson 1:00:31
Yeah, you know, it's interesting, Robert, because since the last time we talked, we've had monumental strides on this. So I'm so excited to be part of your 300 celebration. You know, one thing that we've done is, you know, obviously, our core business is in wealth planning. And we've helped a lot of people pursue possibility and pursue their dreams for the future. One thing that we've expanded upon is really taking it further than just wealth. And we've incorporated things like health and longevity, purpose legacy experiences, we had our first immersive event. It was in Dallas, Texas, where we brought in a health and longevity, a couple of different health and longevity experts. And we're able to help people really live a life by design in that way. So it's been an exciting several months. And we have a couple other events teed up for the future, to really create this all encompassing service for people that have kind of accumulated a certain level of wealth, and they're ready to fill the other buckets up.

Zach White 1:01:32
Nice. So good.

Robert Peterson 1:01:34
Yeah, love that love. I mean, obviously, I'm a huge life by design fan. That's what I teach entrepreneurs is helping them design the life you want. And then let's figure out how to build your business and in life to support it. And instead of running your business ragged and thinking, Oh, well, what I want will come get it. So it's, it's fantastic. Zach, thank you for staying for just

Zach White 1:01:59
Oh, absolutely. And hear what Brittany is doing. I love what you said, man. Clearly, your program and my program are cousins, architects and engineers always know each other. So there's probably some overlap there. Robert, congrats again, and Brittany, I just love what you're doing and wish you a ton of success. Keep going. That's amazing.

Brittany Anderson 1:02:17
Awesome. Likewise. Thanks, everybody.

Robert Peterson 1:02:19
Brittany, how can people find you and learn more about dream life architect and the programs that you're offering?

Brittany Anderson 1:02:26
Yeah, there's a couple of different ways. Well, first of all, I have anybody that wants to get a copy of our book, it was just released last June, it has still been going strong here, they can go to dream architecture book.com. That's a great way to grab a copy. You can also check us out it sweet financial.com and dream architect.com. Those are the kind of two sites that coincide and share everything that we're doing to help add value to the people that we come across.

Robert Peterson 1:02:52
Brittany, thanks so much for jumping on with us and celebrating and I hope that the dream life architect continues to impact lives and change lives not just for this generation, but for the next and I know that that's your goal, as well, in doing something so big and ambitious, is really right, seeing the impact of financial services, but recognizing that all the other areas of people's lives, they need support and help and so I really appreciate your holistic approach. And your and Brian's desire to impact lives in a meaningful way. Because it isn't just about the money. It's really about the life that you can offer people and then being prepared for retirement in a holistic way. And so love what you're doing love the impact you're making and love that we've got to be a part of each other's journey and in sharing those stories.

Brittany Anderson 1:03:47
Right back at you there, Robert, and I love what you're doing and super excited to see this all come to fruition to have a great day.

Robert Peterson 1:03:53
Yeah. Thanks for coming on. Doug.

Doug Cornfield 1:03:56
Hey, how you doing?

Robert Peterson 1:03:57
I am well, thanks for jumping on today. Man. We're so excited that we're an hour into our 300 celebration and this amazing, just amazing people amazing conversations. And so Doug, tell us tell us what you're doing. Tell us the impact you're making and how are you? Yeah, what's what are you working on right now? I know camps are coming back and

Doug Cornfield 1:04:21
several events are disability dreaming, do sports camps with professional baseball teams primarily although we will hopefully do a hockey one or two by the end of the year. So they're coming back we're getting you know, the professional players back on the field with these families. My camps literally I have to put a halt on the registrations, which is a good thing and a bad thing for the families. We have waiting list only for our heroes week Yankee camp coming up with disability driven do in Hudson Valley, you know, and it's really just a privilege to get to do what I do. You know, I run these sports camps. I bring in some what should be more celebrities, but they are celebrities, especially to the families with Dave Clark, the only professional baseball player that ever pitched on crutches. tenure career playing in the minor leagues. And most people have never heard his story until I share it. And Dave Stevens, the only a seven time Emmy Award winner with ESPN who was born with no legs and three sport athlete and, and get the I get to present these two men and others to our sports camps and let the families know that just because there's a limitation or a disability or something different about your child, that there's still room for a lot of success if if they go after their dreams and not just dream about to do it.

Robert Peterson 1:05:31
Oh, that's exciting, Doug, I'm, I'm so glad that camps are coming back. I'm so glad that you have the opportunity to continue making an impact. And the two Dave's Dave Stevens has been on the show and his I love his story. I love watching what he's doing out in the world and, and, you know, just because he doesn't have two legs doesn't mean that he can't do all these amazing things and he's inspiring so many and I know that your Dave is also inspiring people because that's, that's what they've chosen to do. And, there's too many people that have taken their handicap or their disability and allowed it to hold them back and allowed it to, to help them just get caught in the negative of the world around them instead of being empowered and so love your empowerment message love your your your message and giving hope to kids is priceless.

Doug Cornfield 1:06:21
Yeah and it's not just the kids and I don't think they chose it it chose them in both of their cases you know, because it's their inspirations whether they want to be or not just by just by living life and doing what they did and and you know, that's our whole pulling each other along theme we have a podcast called The pulling each other along podcast we're getting amazing guests. It's all about us helping each other and our business and our life and now we've created the pulling each other along collective people are adding to this collective right now joining us in a mini mastermind, so to speak, of people collectively helping each other in their business, but also supporting the impact that we're making with the sports camps.

Robert Peterson 1:07:03
Oh, that's fantastic. Doug, how can people find you how can people support the camps

Doug Cornfield 1:07:07
so d3 data calm, you know, is a good one to go to. We just updated our websites this year, if they want to know a little bit more about pulling each other along, pulling each other along.com, which was a book that I wrote last year, it's 31 inspirational stories of kindness, mostly people in the disability world, mostly people in sports, but it's not all sports, and it's not all disabilities. But it's all great stories of people pulling each other along.

Robert Peterson 1:07:30
I love it. Thanks, Doug for coming on and helping us celebrate and thanks for being a guest on the show. And just thanks for your

Doug Cornfield 1:07:38
thanks for having us. Thanks for doing the you know the little things that you did on your show with the with the little clips and the experts and the the expertise that went into that. And those are little things that matter that made that made your show it's probably what's making your show really, really shine as well.

Robert Peterson 1:07:53
Thank you. Oh, Daniel's holding up one of my pins I sent out I sent out a pin for our 100 celebration. Look at that, man. That's fantastic. Oh, got it, brother. I still got it. Man, that's pretty awesome. Doug, thanks so much for sharing with us. And I hope that the camps continue to grow, can't wait to hear about the hockey camps. I'm kind of a hockey fan. So just looking forward

Doug Cornfield 1:08:17
want to have a bring a camp to their area that's where they would want to get a hold of me the through the d3 data calm are pulling each other along.com. And, and there's quite a bit that goes into these camps. But the impact is really huge. And so and it's not just us for the participants. It's really everybody that's involved. I

Robert Peterson 1:08:32
love that. I'm looking forward to seeing a camp nearby. I know the Rockies held one prior to COVID. I hope to come back to Colorado. Very good. Hey, Mark, thanks for joining us today. We're still excited to my pleasure.

Mark Victor Hansen 1:08:45
I'm elated to be here because we're in the same place you are and 300 is good. I mean, you've done three or 19 books. You've done 300 energy you know Nikola Tesla said 369 Or that sacred numbers a universe that's what makes it work. So can we cool.

Robert Peterson 1:09:01
Oh, well, I I intended to have Brandon on here with us at the same time. And I know that that you and Brandon have well I just know Brandon's in cracking the millionaire code. And so I'm gonna take an extra moment here because I just got to know I know the story of your relationship from Brandon's side. I'd love to hear the mentor perspective from your side about your relationship with Brandon and mentorship.

Mark Victor Hansen 1:09:31
He was so he just we just did a giant seminar in here in Arizona. I didn't expect that question. Actually, I was going to talk something else but it went phenomenal he brings he's bringing you the who's who the world together to sort of make it work and he's got a brand new way to make HOAs home whatever they call those things that I pay rent on every month here to live in this extraordinary house. You know the theoretically guards our community. Theoretically I say Hey. Anyhow, so and I love Brandon. And he's got a way to get everybody into it and build one of the biggest, most powerful lists ever. And I'm on his board of directors, you know, as the advisory. What do you call a visionary advisory member? How's that? Yeah. He's great.

Robert Peterson 1:10:21
I love that title. All right, Mark. So I know you're you're launching a writing camp, helping people write books and trying to create a legacy of helping authors. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Mark Victor Hansen 1:10:32
Well, the cause of COVID, the whole publishing industry has gone from 90,000 bookstores to 400, which breaks my heart. So my wife and I, a year and a half ago started a publishing company called Mark Victor Hansen. library.com. Sort of a pretentious name, but we're library 3.0 library. 1.0 is exactly Alexander the Great put together the whole world of information and Alexandria. Then my hero, Andrew Carnegie, who was written about and thinking Grow Rich, of course, by Dr. Napoleon Hill, created libraries free in America, almost 3000 of them. And then I'm library 3.0, where I'm helping everyone get published and morphic transit library, and we're ghost writing or ghost editing people's books. So many people have great books, and they don't know how to edit them, write them and market them. And we're just taking it to the fore last year, we took 18 books to number one right now we got about 80. And until we're doing books that need to be done like we're doing John Paul DeJoria, his book, which is a monster, powerful book, that's going to change the world. But JP created Paul Mitchell, then he created patrol and he now has two AI companies that are going to change the world of music even I mean, I'm just the guy who's 80 years old, he's been my friend for 30 years, he's worth $5.2 billion. He's rebuilt the island of Barbuda, which is next Antigua in the Caribbean. And he's made it so it's hurricane proof. He's taken zero employment and brought back 100% employment. He's got everybody employed, that built a runway on the airlines an airport 7000 feet. He's brought back all the fish, all the turtle all the wildlife, and he's changing the whole Caribbean. One guy says one man that is passionately on purpose is dedicated to what you know, and crystallite. And I've been on David's show too. And I think the world of him I David, you know, we wrote ask because we said, Look, everyone needs to know how to ask because you got a destiny code inside you. And you got to bring it out. Well, JP is bringing out his destiny code and holding up. Here's how high we can go which is a no limit game, which is all of us that have been on your show, I think are talking about.

Robert Peterson 1:12:38
Well, I appreciate that. I'm still I'm rereading cracking the millionaire code and just looking at enlightened wealth and really it's it's Oh, yep. And yeah, One Minute Millionaire. Love that book. I had the privilege of I actually read that book on my way to a mastermind in Utah, and I had no idea who I would meet and, and Robert Allen happened to be in the room. And so I was able to go and have a conversation with him. He said, I just listened to it on the plane on my way over and in here you are in the room. And so let's have a conversation. And of course then Robert has come on the show and shared his stories and his inspiration but I love the collaborations that you've brought together obviously you and Robert Allen, you and Jack Canfield and, and many others that that you've impacted their lives by sharing stories and writing so many books, and such a prolific legacy that you're leaving through your books.

Mark Victor Hansen 1:13:33
Thank you for giving us accolades. But more importantly, the people get it. You know, Bob and I, when we wrote that thing, we wanted to create a million millionaires and it looks like we've done it based on the research of a guy named Tom painter who's his partner. And we said, look, we'd like one minute millionaires dedicated to making a million to 90 days. And it really started with a woman that came to our seminar we're doing in like million or seminars with 4000 people a weekend 40 weekends a year and this woman got fired by Pierre de como in Vegas and said, Hey, I got no money, nothing and I never expected to get fired because I was 60 years old. I said we're gonna make you a case A and then we did and we made her a million in 90 days. And then she talked to every one of our seminars forever. And it was just amazing because what it did is it said, Hey, wait a second. You don't have to wait a lifetime to get a gold watch. This is like a dumb ass squared idea. People want you to be a slave to a job which Bob and I said meant you're just over broke. We believe you need to have MSI is multiple. He calls it streams of income because I trademark with my other writing partner, Bob Proctor multiple sources of income. And you know, so I've loved all my co authors, but more importantly, I would like to go one more step and I don't want to take any time away from anyone else. But I'm on the biggest show in Europe on a podcast recently with a guy named Rob Moore and the first thing he says you is gold shaming. I said how do I do that? He said, My My teacher said you got to have five goals. No more and then I got not four out of five. So I get 90% Every year, you in One Minute Millionaire. And then I heard you talk to 7000 people here in London, we're going back on a full tour. You know, said you got to have a minimum of 101 then you write in purple victory never crossed out and add more. And he said last year, I hit 30. But I became worth $30 million. So this has really changed my life. So, you know, I'm really here to impact lives because we're here to make the world work for 100% of humanity. That's 8 billion people. And while I love the writing industry, totally, it caters to 17% Well, that's no longer okay with all the AI we got. I want to cater to 8 billion people make sure everybody and all of the people you have on our ever written a book and all of them are book sales should go up. Because if the tides really coming in like I think it is, and we've got to make sure that nobody can cancel us anymore. No, fuck. I'm a little on my bully pulpit. I can hear it the bad guys, you know, out there, the former communist foe anyhow. All those bad guys want to burn books first. And I want to celebrate books on your 300th anniversary. And congratulations to you.

Daniel Gomez 1:16:07
Hey, Michael asked you this What? How much percentage of your books are you turning into audiobooks?

Mark Victor Hansen 1:16:12
100%, because 70% of all books. Daniel are now audio books. And everybody listens while they're driving to work while they're exercising. While they're meditating while they're bathing, whatever it is that whatever they're doing, but, and book sales on audio are 70%. And they're going better. And now we're the first publishing company that's willing to work with a guy with no arms and no legs. I hope you've had him on my friend, Nick. You know, because he said, I'm limitless. And we just helped him do a book called Give me a hug. He's hooked 7 million people. And if you haven't seen him, he's amazing.

Robert Peterson 1:16:46
Nick has been on the show. So yes, absolutely. Nick

Mark Victor Hansen 1:16:49
is an AI genius. And what he's come up with is a way to take everybody's audio book and take their voice, their tone, their HDInsight switch it into 85 languages that quick, 98% accurate. That's what I'm saying. I knew that we're coming to this. These are pivotal times and impact times. And that's what the first thing he asked about how do we have impact we are here to change the world. And it's the few of us on this show that are the literati, the intelligencia the whatever, that are nonpolitical, that have the way to change it with entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurship takes a little problem, solves it, scales it and makes a vast profit, which I've done in lots of companies that I own. But I'm I'm at a beginning level. It's 75. But I'm gonna live by 127. So it doesn't matter. I got plenty. Nice.

Robert Peterson 1:17:40
Love it. Mark, thanks so much for sharing with us. Thanks for 300 celebration.

Daniel Gomez 1:17:45
D mark. Great having you on your show, Mark. All right,

Robert Peterson 1:17:48
Daniel, you're jumping in. So let's go ahead and tell us tell us what's happening in Daniels world,

Daniel Gomez 1:17:53
man, I'm just excited. We're getting ready. We're getting ready for our Millionaire Mind bootcamp. He says sign behind me right there on this site. We got amazing. We got about 60 people coming in from all over the country. For our monitor my bootcamp, we got Dr. Rob Kelly speaking on impostor syndrome, and why people don't reach that millionaire level in business and in life. And we got Brian Covey coming in. And really he took he's the one that took the loan depot from to a billion dollars in revenue he left there, he got a smaller corporation that he took already to a billion in revenue. So it's just as it's awesome, right. And of course, you know, my book The makings of a Millionaire Mind, I was able to speak that there with the odd achieve and, man, it's just who would have thought write a book, they would mark was saying the power of book turned into an online course. Now it's a live event a bootcamp and we committed to doing it six times, every six months, and it's just blown up and it just never underestimate the power of a book because it's just amazing when you really focus your energy and you really believe God for it. It's it's put it this way, I was looking at our revenue because I was you know, sometimes, sometimes we're so blessed. We don't realize it, Robert, to be honest with you. And I was kind of beating up myself. I went to bed last night. I was like, man, like I just it seems like I'm not as busy right? And God said, why don't you go turn on your old computer. So I go to my old computer just looking at the spreadsheets for last May May of 2022. And I literally had to get on the floor and repent and say I'm sorry. Because it doesn't feel like we surpassed right. Last year I worked harder to make less and now I already made more. But it feels like I have more downtime to say because now we got systems now we got employees, but the profitability is there and I'm just like wow, so I'm just I'm excited man if you would have told me five years ago that we're going to hit 2.5 million in revenue and just speak all over the world and people laughed at you me just never underestimate the power of your dream because with God all things are possible Robert in Amen. This is just This is just I kept it man. See he thought I was gonna probably chunk this right.

Robert Peterson 1:19:49
Hey, man, I decided I need to send you my grandson's because my grandson has his on his home depot apron. Yeah. He's gonna Share it with your friend when it comes to speed.

Daniel Gomez 1:20:02
Yeah, man, but it's been a good journey.

Robert Peterson 1:20:04
Daniel, I appreciate you sharing. I love life by design. Obviously, that's you know, the space we work in is helping people design the life they want and, and make the effort make the pathway right figure out what it takes. And that limitless dream dreaming beyond you know, your own understanding and trusting that God has something great for you. Appreciate that about your story. Appreciate that you continue to show your faith and, and honor God in all that you're doing. So thanks so much for celebrating. Thanks for so much for being a guest on the show and for sharing here today with us as we celebrate 300 episodes,

Daniel Gomez 1:20:41
man, congratulations to you. 300 you beat actually you beat me to 300

Robert Peterson 1:20:46
Watts because you're busy hosting events and stuff.

Daniel Gomez 1:20:49
I'll tell you what, I mean, people don't realize this, but most podcasts never make it 10 episodes. So the fact that you made it to 100 not just to under but 300 man like you, I'll hit 200 party by the end of the year this year. And right. It's just kind of we're doing this episode a week. But brother like really celebrate yourself. 300 episodes is no small task. So deserve it. Take it and you need to go get yourself to sponsors.

Robert Peterson 1:21:16
We've got a few and we're working on some more. And we're actually launching we're launching another podcast to reach our ideal audience. So So yeah, we're we got some great stuff happening, too. So thanks for coming on today and helping us celebrate. Thanks for sharing that you still have our pin. And this

Daniel Gomez 1:21:33
right here right here.

Robert Peterson 1:21:38
Oh, Leila, how are you?

Lila Veronica 1:21:41
Oh, I'm so good. Robert. Congratulations. So good to see you.

Robert Peterson 1:21:45
Thank you so much. It's so great to see you. I know. Exciting things have happened in your world. I think you've you bought a house and property in Florida and in doing some other great stuff with your Riverside movement, and just love to see what you do and share with us what's happening in Lila's world.

Lila Veronica 1:22:03
Yeah, we are growing Riverstone movement. And we're working with a lot of high performers all around the world. You know, they say sitting is the new smoking. Wow. And yeah, so I have a big passion to get people moving, and get people out of their head and into their bodies so that they can be felt more by the people that they love and the people that they serve. Because we all know that most people make their decisions based upon what they you know, in the first few seconds. And it's through body language, not necessarily through what people say. And so I've been hosting is 42 day challenges called the feel good rebellion quarterly challenge. I just wrapped up my fourth 42 Day Challenge. And yeah, it's been really good. So I like to say it's much easier right now to be kind of sad, angry, depressed, overwhelmed all of the negative emotions, right. And so it's actually harder to wake up and feel good every single day. And so I challenge my community to feel good for 42 days in a row. And what I love about it is I just we bring people together for 10 minutes at a time. That was big, you know, you got to show up and do hours and hours and hours of exercise or movement or meditation. It's just be mindful, be moving for 10 minutes at a time. And what's neat is it translates once they start doing Timmons they often want to do 10 minutes you know, three, four or five times a day

Robert Peterson 1:23:34
Wow, yeah, so powerful. And the truth is, we have so much influence around us right like technology and can't see it they're just and of course I'm I'm wanting to be anti technology but then I'm hosting a podcast and telling people listen to my podcast so you got to use technology to see me on YouTube and to listen to my show. So it's taking breaks right it's it's finding that time for yourself and allowing yourself time to shut down.

Lila Veronica 1:24:04
Yeah, every hour I say you know get movin every hour take a lap every hour. At a minimum get your body moving get the blood get the fluids moving clear the mind and then you come back and you have an even greater boost of energy when you come back.

Daniel Gomez 1:24:19
I need to join your community leader I need some of that boost every hour.

Robert Peterson 1:24:24
Sounds like a plan. Alright Lila How does Daniel find you so we can get in your community? Yes, you

Lila Veronica 1:24:29
can go to Lila are the th e the Lila veronica.com or feel good rebellion.com

Robert Peterson 1:24:38
I like feel good rebellion. That's pretty nice, Leila. Thanks so much for jumping on the show today and celebrating with us and just sharing what you're doing and how you're impacting the world in such a positive way.

Lila Veronica 1:24:49
Appreciate it, Robert, congratulations.

Robert Peterson 1:24:51
Absolutely. Scott. I'm seeing that background behind you and I'm just fired up like 300 We are valued does my word for For the year, so I love that 300 there, you just made exactly

D Scott Smith 1:25:04
who I thought, you know, when you sit send out the message. Scott, would you want to come and celebrate 300? Like, absolutely. And this is the first thing that came to mind. Right is

Robert Peterson 1:25:18
man I think

D Scott Smith 1:25:20
that's it's a magic number. And I love Lila's thing. By the way. I gotta get off this. Two pack a day habit. I'm in

Robert Peterson 1:25:30
two chairs chair in the morning chair in the afternoon. Movement. Yeah. Love it. Alright. Scott, tell us tell us what you're doing in the world? And how are things going?

D Scott Smith 1:25:44
Yeah, tell you life is good. So it was just over a year ago, and I was on your show. And we were talking about networking knowledge and inspiration. And gosh, let me just tell you the most recent thing that started in 2017. So it's been a while. Back in 2017, we started a nonprofit called Ed vocation. So Ed vocation.org. Because there's a lot of high school students, and I love working with the high school students, if anyone is concerned about the future, and that there's phrases out there like, you know, kids these days, if you're worried about the future, spend some time with some high school students, because they are remarkable. And so there are a lot of high school students that are not necessarily college bound. But in our society, you know, we focus a lot on four year education. But those students are not necessarily interested in that may lose interest in school, and are at risk of not completing their high school education. So at education, we connect up the students with pre apprenticeships apprenticeship programs, so that they can retain that interest, and finish up their high school in maybe go into an apprenticeship program and not be making $15 an hour at the burger shop, but making $20 An hour or more in an in an apprenticeship program on their way to definitely a living wage. So

Robert Peterson 1:27:24
love that Scott, talk a little because I mentioned that new podcast, and yeah, I'm targeting Home Pros.

D Scott Smith 1:27:30
Okay, where there is? Absolutely, you know, so we started this in 2017. And my partner, Dr. Wayne fanno, had a cyst noncancer on his spine, that basically degenerated the whole spine, they did a couple of surgeries on him to give him the robo spine. Two years of recovery, we're about ready to hit it and COVID Cam. So three years later, we just got funding from a couple of different groups, including the Bureau of Labor and Industry here in Oregon. We are setting up apprenticeship pre apprenticeship programs. And anyway, it's exciting. This is exciting stuff. And I'm happy to announce that here on number 300 Thank you for the opportunity.

Robert Peterson 1:28:20
Absolutely. Scott, I love what you're doing. I love the trades. I'm leaning as I'm focusing my niche for entrepreneurs, I've made the decision to target Home Pros, we're starting a home pro show, we're gonna have a home pro audience, and really building my coaching program around guys and gals running their businesses out of their truck, and basically spend their whole day you know, serving homeowners, you know, going from place to place. And so we're we're going to jump in and really focus on on serving those businesses. And so it's a great fit for vocational trades and the people that you're serving in the high school level, because the trades are a great opportunity for great pay. And I'm building a great business

D Scott Smith 1:29:01
and so the site, this society is in dire need of trained professionals, that it's not necessarily a four year college degree. And when the students go into these apprenticeship programs, they're getting paid instead of paying so they walk out of the school not with debt but with money in the bank and skills in their back pocket that

Robert Peterson 1:29:23
how's that not win win win, right?

Daniel Gomez 1:29:26
You know, you're saying that I need to do you know, Roger Wakefield the world famous plumber. No YouTube sensation. Oh, he Oh, there you go. He teaches at our sticker shock speaking Academy he's so he's he's a plumber turned professional speaker all over the world. You can't miss him. He has a mustache like yours. He's sponsored by Lowe's that we can have him read this on your podcast. Yeah, we'll

D Scott Smith 1:29:48
get we'll get connected up. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, books. I'm just gonna say books we released freeze joint with jointly wrote with Veronica jeans. I forget, I think that's Book number five or six or something that I've had joint. Definitely everyone needs to write a book. Daniel, I love the whole bootcamp. I've been a part of a mastermind, I'll give a shout out to Aaron Walker and iron sharpens iron mastermind. I've been in there just over four years now. Absolutely the best decision that I could make for my business for personal for spiritual. Absolutely, you've got to do that. If there's a book to read, or listen to, I recommend tribe of millionaires is gonna give you a great outline of what you need in a mastermind. Join one or create one.

Daniel Gomez 1:30:48
For sure, take a picture of me Scott, that way I can follow you.

Robert Peterson 1:30:53
People find you Scott.

D Scott Smith 1:30:54
Yeah. So go to D Scott, smith.com, LinkedIn, Instagram, whatever works for you. phone number or email. It's all there. The Scott smith.com. And we've got a placeholder website has that until we get someone to actually do some work. Advil, please. Thanks for your application

Robert Peterson 1:31:18
for thanks for jumping on the show today. gratulations. Yeah, I appreciate you making a 300 warrior background for us. You need to send me that image so I can use it in a post. That's pretty awesome. Valiant is my word for the year so I'm so excited about that. Thanks so much for sharing many blessings every day hungry gays. How are you doing today?

Gary de Rodriguez 1:31:42
I'm bumping up on fabulous about you.

Robert Peterson 1:31:44
I am well how's the weather in Arkansas?

Gary de Rodriguez 1:31:47
It is stunningly gorgeous. The rivers are flowing, the lakes are full of fish are jumping and they're walking through my property. So it's all good here. The fish are

Robert Peterson 1:32:01
summertime, I know. They should jump on the continent.

Robert Peterson 1:32:09
Love it. Gary, tell us tell us what's happening in your world? And How are things going? What are you doing to make an impact?

Gary de Rodriguez 1:32:17
Well, as you know, Robert, you know, my whole life has been about drilling down to the deep side of the pond, and going to fish metaphors for some reason. The deep side of the pond on leadership. So I trained deep leadership. I've been doing this for about 35 years coached over 30,000 people worldwide and my career. Wow. And so it's a lot of problems to listen to. And when I realized that there were patterns running through just about everyone's issues, and they always linked back to a very interesting kind of place that very few people actually go to and start to resolve it the root cause. And that is when we go back and we start looking at core traumas that originally occurred. Those core traumas develop constellations of beliefs, those beliefs become our filters, those filters become either our motivation, or self sabotaging aspects, and they run us like an aquifer under the ground at an unconscious level. So if we're right, you're actually going to remove the blockages to our full potential and our full capability of manifestation. If we don't address the neutralization of the emotions that hold those in place, we don't fly, we walk or we crawl, but we don't fly. So true. My whole deal is teaching, I developed a very simple technique that decodes your nervous system anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. And this is no puffing. It's actually true. That decode your nervous system from any trauma. So I've worked a lot doing volunteer work with veterans, they say it's the only thing that has ever worked for PTSD with it. And I've tried everything else. It's like, no more than a 30 minute process. So I'm my whole deal now is to train coaches, and people in the people helping profession to learn how to work at the root cause, so that not only can they do as much good as possible, but they can actually grow their business through word of mouth referrals because they will change a person's life and one session. My goal is to get that out there.

Robert Peterson 1:34:27
Love it. Now, I know you're coming to Denver soon and we're gonna be able to grab lunch together. And I just look forward to hearing you speak and to man, I'm making some introductions. I've got a group of people lined up to meet you, including some coaches that want to be certified as trauma specialist coaches and get into your program to really impact lives because I know what you're doing is making a difference and I love that you want to teach it to others, to be able to make a bigger impact and a bigger difference in so many lives. Yeah, I'm

Gary de Rodriguez 1:34:59
really looking for Richard, I promise you, I won't do any fish metaphors.

Robert Peterson 1:35:03
Hey, you know what Colorado is? About half of them understand fishing, we fishings a big sport here. So it'll be okay.

Gary de Rodriguez 1:35:10
I think I'll shift the moose metaphors because

Robert Peterson 1:35:14
there are a few moves. They're pretty rare to see. But we do have them still. Gary, thanks so much for coming on today. Appreciate you and I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. And I'm looking forward to it my friend. I'm just looking forward to the collaboration and in a long term relationship of changing lives.

Gary de Rodriguez 1:35:32
Absolutely. Get as many people trained up as possible.

Colleen Biggs 1:35:35
Love it. I say stick with the fish metaphors. It's unique, man. I love it. So different relatable.

Robert Peterson 1:35:45
All right, Steve, we're gonna jump to you are still in Hawaii. How's it what's the weather like in Hawaii, we're going from Arkansas to Hawaii.

Steve Rix 1:35:52
Wow, aloha to all of your listening audience that you fill out today. I literally just got back from swim in a run. And, and dialed right in. And Robert, I just want to sing your praises. You live up to your name, you're constantly adding value to others. And, you know, I didn't come on here to talk about me today came on here to celebrate you. And here you are letting everybody talk about themselves. But, um, I just want to say, I trying to remember how we met I think it was through Nikhil Hall, I think. But I'll tell you what, when we met, I sense that synergy. And I just very much appreciate you and want to celebrate with you your big your big day, a big episode, I guess you call it?

Robert Peterson 1:36:36
Well, I appreciate that I love obviously celebrating but your specialty is play. So tell us about play what's happening in the world of play.

Steve Rix 1:36:45
So, um, since I was on your podcast, our company play lab has finally finished its pilot version of what's called the playlab project. And we take that to corporations, and each company of say 50 or more is suited for a program like this. And the program is designed to take people literally on an adventure. That's an experiment with one outcome. How do we create more highly productive, mentally well, workplaces. So it's companies that have plugged into that, to start first party June, and through this information will help companies make the correlation that play is not the opposite of work. Rather, it's the propulsion for work. And so we're pretty excited about that. Yeah, it's a lot of fun. And on the heels of that this fall, we've listened to our audience that well was our target, because we have the greatest reach there. There. It's the hardest mountain to climb. So by the fall, we have a full program that we're going to make available to coaches, consultants, others to take the things we've learned the last 10 years and implement them as tools on their tool belt or toys in their tool belt, if you will, to support their work their way. So we got some exciting things. And it's a long road to get businesses to think playfully, because business is always driven by profit. But somehow, most businesses today still have not made the correlation between mental wellness and high productivity. They just have no clue. So it's a lot of opportunity up front of us.

Robert Peterson 1:38:42
Alright, I just got to throw a shout out to you because a while back you did a 24 hour. Yeah, so we're pretty excited. And that's incredible. So 20

Lisa Jimenez 1:39:05

Steve Rix 1:39:08
Now, you know, it was 30 hours and five minutes on a broken I broke a Guinness Book of World Records for swinging on a swing to launch the swing into mental health month back in October. And the damn piece of paper ain't worth anything anymore because somebody's broken already and I'm not gonna do it again. But it was a lot of fun and it brought a lot of awareness. Yeah. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not.

Robert Peterson 1:39:45
This is true, Steve. Steve, thanks so much for joining us. I appreciate all that you're doing. Colleen let's talk about fishing metaphors.

Colleen Biggs 1:39:56
I do not like to fish and I'm in Arizona. I don't really have any bodies of water really close to me that allow that anyway, although they just built a huge fishing pond in my community, and I have one son in law, and little grandkids that just love to fish and I just don't get it. I just don't get it. I was on an excursion one time in a mastermind. And we went deep sea fishing, and my luck, I was catching the most fish, and was so grossed out by it, I had to put my poll down and say, I'm out of here. I can't do this anymore. It's cruel. I don't want to catch any of these fish unless I'm going to eat all of them. And they were thrown aback and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, they're gonna die. Why would you do that? So there's a side of me that has this soft, soft, soft heart for animals. And I, especially fish because I love to eat them.

Robert Peterson 1:40:48
Alright, so tell us, tell us tell us your metaphor, then for what you're doing right now. And what's happening in your

Colleen Biggs 1:40:53
oh my gosh, I don't even know if I have a metaphor for what I'm doing. I'll tell you this. If you are not being seen being heard and be invisible, you might as well just be in a paper bag. Should I say that? Like you might as well just close up shop. It's like people are locked down in their houses, and they think people are gonna just come to them. It doesn't work that way. So I produced a community and have so many wonderful ways for people to be able to be seen, be heard and be visible and get out there, then you'll attract people to you, that will definitely happen. As you can tell, I have a lot of high energy. I'm always this way I attract people to this big personality. If someone doesn't like that personality, they're not going to be attracted to me, right? If, if they're not if they don't like that, I love to talk about peak performance. And I really am driven on high performing habits. And I do workshops on them. And I'm all about servant leadership and believe it's earned. And it's not something that's just given. Someone might think, well, I want to be just given leadership, they're not going to be attracted to me, Robert. So, you know, for me, I'm super blessed in the last couple of years that I have gotten the attention of some local companies that are very interested in doing workshops with me, and I've been doing a lot of keynote speaking. And you know, a lot of it happens because of podcasts like yours, Robert. So I just want you to know that the, you know, the adding value of entrepreneurs, podcasts. And you know, I've had you on mine, we I've done a podcast, we've promoted your podcast, I've sent several guests your way, the visibility, and the collaboration piece is so important as entrepreneurs and giving back to each other. And 300 episodes is like, freaking awesome, man, congratulations, it's really good. And then retiring your wife, and bringing your wife into the business with you like, Dude, you're killing it. I follow everything you do, by the way, don't think I don't Well killing it.

Robert Peterson 1:42:55
Well, thank you, thank you so much. I do have to credit referrals. And I'm gonna throw the word out there because Brandon's down there in the corner. But referrals have really made the difference from the very first episode, I've asked every single guest, who do you know, that needs to be a guest on the show? And if you enjoyed this conversation, who are you willing to introduce me to. And the reason that I'm at 300 so fast, is because every guest doesn't introduce me to one person. They introduced me to two or three. And I've mentioned it about an hour ago, I think every guest that I've been introduced to it's just been incredible. And, and I've only had I've recorded 300 episodes that we've published, and I've only had two episodes that really weren't usable. And one of them was because of their internet was bad not because they were a bad guest. And, the other one was just so I had one poor quality guests out of all the people I've been introduced to. And so it's just been incredible. The network of people and the relationships and the collaborations. And the love like this is this is about love. I've created something so amazing and all these connections. And podcasting is so incredible in that way. And so Kalina thank you for your show, I thank you for the impact you're making, and your giant personality that you're putting out into the world. You are the

Colleen Biggs 1:44:09
only one that came with a spreadsheet I'm telling you right now I just remember you saying all of the people you wanted to interview that you had and I was like I know some of these people on this list because I've interviewed them on my podcast and I was like, all introduce them to some of these bigger hitters that he thinks he you know, needs to meet and wants to interview. So that is it's huge, but you are you're answering the call to what every single person listening to this needs to know today that in order to build your net worth of your network, you need to be depositing equity and your social capital of who you know and who knows you. You do those two things. It makes all the difference in the world then you get to sit here and celebrate 300 episodes because of that. Yes, it's what it is all about.

Robert Peterson 1:44:55
Alright, Colleen, how do people find you?

Colleen Biggs 1:44:57
Oh, they find me at Colleen biggs.net Would you guys already go over to LinkedIn and find me and connect with me and say, Hey, I heard you on the 300 episode celebration today, and I'm streaming live right now just so you know, to my channels too, because I think it's important for all of us to be partnering with Robert and streaming this out live for him as well. So, Colleen Biggs dotnet or anyone can look me up on on the internet. I'm like the first five pages of Google's there's some other calling bigs out there, but my personality is too big. It just bumped them to page six.

Robert Peterson 1:45:32
Thank you so much for coming on. Thanks for

Colleen Biggs 1:45:34
having me. Like everyone. It was great meeting you. See ya. Bye bye. Hello. Hello, Robert.

Lisa Jimenez 1:45:39
How are you today?

Lisa Jimenez 1:45:41
gratulations my friend. This is impressive. 300

Robert Peterson 1:45:45
Thank you so much. Never such a big part of it.

Lisa Jimenez 1:45:49
I love it. One small flop. I hope that wasn't the Lisa J coaching.

Robert Peterson 1:45:56
You know it wasn't because you saw your episode it was it was out there. So love, love your episode. Love your book, love, love your retreats that you're taking people on for mindset reset, please tell us how you're making an impact. What's your next retreat coming up? Where wonderful place in the world? Are you going?

Lisa Jimenez 1:46:12
Well, in two weeks, we all leave for Vienna? Yes, my mastermind retreat is in Austria, Vienna. And we have just some phenomenal entrepreneurs, female and male entrepreneurs that are coming together with one goal in mind. And that is to create the mindset that can attract everything they want to create to have an impact on the world and to create the kind of income that they deserve and want. So we'll be partying Hardy with the mindset reset in Vienna. And then after that, we're going to Bali, so those next retreats. But Robert, what you don't know in our really, really big news is we have launched a publishing company.

Robert Peterson 1:46:58
Fantastic. Tell us more. Well, you know, I

Lisa Jimenez 1:47:00
love helping my clients write books, I think a book can truly change someone's life, a book, a book and change the world. So you have I have partnered with my daughter who is an editor. How apropos so you don't have to be the smart one. I can just be the engaging one. But she's the one that just makes it just each word sing and the book comes together, we have a full staff of seven people that helps people take an idea and bring it all the way down to a manuscript and then we publish that book and then teach them for six months how to market that blue so good. And it's called Hope Publishing House Publishing House. We want to bring hope we want to bring hope to the world.

Robert Peterson 1:47:43
That's fantastic. Where can people find them? Go to whole publishing

Lisa Jimenez 1:47:47
house.com Or for my retreats. Lisa J coaching.com.

Robert Peterson 1:47:56
All right. Lisa J coaching hope publishing.com Love it. Thank you so much, Lisa, love the impact. You're making love the fact that you're taking people all around the world to reset their mindsets, and, and just publishing a book is the greatest thing anyone could do. So if you're listening and you want to publish a book, reach out to Lisa and her daughter and get that done.

Lisa Jimenez 1:48:15
Thank you, Robert. And congrats again on number 300. Here 100.

Robert Peterson 1:48:19
Absolutely. Evans, my friend. How are you today, buddy?

Evans Putman 1:48:25
Hey, hey, Robert. Good to see you. Good to see you. I feel like it's been forever.

Robert Peterson 1:48:29
Yeah, like yesterday. Right. We were live promoting. I did a live episode we've this is actually the second Live episode officially because we recorded Evans episode live. Although the podcast world we'll get the recorded version, of course. But we did live together because you're promoting an event coming up. And we wanted to make sure we got the word out there soon enough.

Evans Putman 1:48:58
Yeah, yeah. And thank you, I appreciate you for that. That's one thing that I'm to come celebrate you first of all for 300,000. That just shows how amazing your Robert and so grateful for that, because you actually offered me you're like, hey, you're doing this thing. Let's do a live recorded podcast episode. And I'll you know, I'll open up my schedule. We'll do it this week. We'll get the podcast out ASAP to meet the timeline. And that just was so so kind of you and so I'm so grateful for that. I appreciate it.

Robert Peterson 1:49:30
Absolutely. Well, so tell us about your event coming up and what can people expect?

Evans Putman 1:49:37
Yeah, I'm excited. So it's called, as you know, it's called infinite impact live. And I'm going to be helping those and it's funny I posted the other day actually asked this question, who in my audience felt had a purpose and they just started pouring in. So I knew I was on to something so I'm working with purpose. Have an entrepreneurs who I just absolutely love to serve, and to help them get their message out to shine their light into the world to change the lives like they're meant to. It's their calling their life's calling, I'm sure everybody in this room has one as well. And I'm giving them what I've discovered is a proven blueprint to create cash infusion days in your business 567 figures in a very easy way to do it, where you've heard my story, Robert, I launched my first one and literally two weeks and committed to this system and grew my business over 400% The revenue over a 12 month period by focusing on one thing, so I try to I'm trying to get people to fall in line like don't do like me, don't spend 15 years of your career, chasing every shiny object chasing every tactic, every strategy that's out there and not giving yourself permission to not be good for a little bit before you get really good at something. And that's what I'm going to help is install that same blueprint that I've used with, with my own business to help these purpose driven entrepreneurs, because I know if they can create, you know, cash flow confidence in their business, it gives them a stress free relationship with their business where they can go out and really serve at a higher level. And my whole goal is to help create, create an army of impact influencers that are out there taking back that word influence, and, you know, creating a better world for each of us. So that's what I'm excited about infinite impact live. And, Robert. Yeah, I was gonna tell you real quick, I actually I should say, Noel, Chad, I created a special gift, just a video I'd love to share with people, that's gonna give them a three step roadmap to more freedom, fulfillment, income and impact in 2023 and beyond. And I wanted to just give that to the folks that are watching this, and they can get it really easy. I love how everybody's doing texting. And so it's the same thing. You just text the word video. That's vi d o video 233777. So it's video 233777. And you'll get access to that to that video.

Robert Peterson 1:52:20
Well, Evans, thanks so much for the great gift. Thanks for putting on such a great event. And I know people that are listening are going to jump in and check that out. And so appreciate you appreciate all the help. You've been to our podcast. And I know two other podcasts that I know you've helped along the way.

Evans Putman 1:52:37
Oh, thank you. Thank you. And congratulations again, and appreciate you, my friend and look forward to hearing everybody else's stories in the room too. So thank you all for showing up.

Robert Peterson 1:52:48
Andy Hoffman, how are you today?

Andy Hoffman 1:52:51
I'm fantastic. Thank you for the privilege to jump back on. It was great to meet you the first round. And I was very flattered to be invited back for this celebratory 300th episode. So congratulations. And fun fact, you're actually the first podcast I was on after going out on my own. So very delighted to be here.

Robert Peterson 1:53:10
Well, we're glad you're still out on your own. So I know you're doing financial work teaching people how to how to handle their money. So what's happening in Andy's world? What are you doing?

Andy Hoffman 1:53:19
Yeah, thank you. It's funny, I spent so many months building out a course to help people kind of automate everything in their financial life. And that's what you know, a little bit what we talked on our last conversation. I've since continued to grow, then, you know, doing kind of ads and all that fun stuff. But also, I've been pivoting into coaching. And that's been really fruitful for me and given me a chance to see things through a different lens and help people one on one. And I'm slowly rolling out a group format as well. And things are growing and going well. And so I'm just excited to be here and have the opportunity to hopefully inspire someone else's listening to might be thinking about going out on their own and taking the leap. And it's been a it's been a wild ride for me so far. And I'm excited for more to come.

Robert Peterson 1:53:58
Nice. So if someone needs some financial teaching, helping their finances and budgeting, Andy, how can they find you?

Andy Hoffman 1:54:04
Absolutely. Um, you can check out a lot of my free content on at Rogue dot finance on Instagram, and YouTube as well. I'm trying to put out a lot of video and just, you know, really think through this lens of what sort of abundance mindset right and giving it away for free and so I'm really trying to do that more and more these days. So that's a great place you can email me at Hi at Andy Hoffman.me Or check out automatic money flow.com Where the course is hosted

Robert Peterson 1:54:30
automatic money flow, man, I like that.

Andy Hoffman 1:54:33
Thank you. Thank you. We're trying. Alright, Andy, thanks

Robert Peterson 1:54:35
so much for joining us. They just appreciate you appreciate the work you're doing. And I love that you're going out on your own and hopefully you get on more and more podcasts.

Andy Hoffman 1:54:44
Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank you, Robert. Congrats again.

Robert Peterson 1:54:48
Thank you, Dr. Ilia. Hello. I'm not even sure we've released your episode yet but here you are. No, I

Ilya Skolnikoff 1:54:54
think you I think you did actually. Okay. Yeah, I got it and then I shared it. have people that I know I shared it with, you know, a few 1000 People, people love it.

Robert Peterson 1:55:03
Good. Well, I appreciate

Ilya Skolnikoff 1:55:06
hearing myself talk.

Robert Peterson 1:55:10
Really, who doesn't

Ilya Skolnikoff 1:55:12
know, I don't like it that much. But you got to do what you got to do, you know, I need to get the word out. And not a lot of people are, you know, when I was trying to figure out like, like, how this came to be like, I'm here. Now you guys are here, and you're having a 3/300 episode. I really, really appreciate your taking the time to not just lead me on but let all these people on to share their message in such a open way. It's making a big difference in the world. And I was trying to figure out

Robert Peterson 1:55:43
God, you were introduced to me by dominate domain ski and and so that's how you got on the show. And he's promoting your book. So tell us about your book.

Ilya Skolnikoff 1:55:52
Okay, so my book is about health and healthcare. And that's what I was trying to figure out was, you know, what, why, why do I need to write a book like this anyway, I mean, it's not like I was that excited about spending three years of my life to try to, you know, write a book about something that I could have just been, you know, hanging out at the gym, or traveling or something like that. But what I've come to realize, and what most people already know, is that, and the United States, especially, we're taught to be unhealthy. We have misinformation programs, and there's no other area of science that I know of, that has more misinformation than there is in health care. I mean, there should have been a clue. You know, a couple 100 years ago, when people were having their humerus healed, healed with leeches so that they could balance out how much blood was in their body. But I guess not everybody realized that that just doesn't work. And it doesn't work today, either. Now, they're just doing the modern, a modern way of doing the same thing. They've just been doing the same thing.

Robert Peterson 1:56:53
We searched for leeches to drugs. Well,

Ilya Skolnikoff 1:56:56
I mean, I'm not promoting or putting down drugs. But what they're doing today is really disturbing. So I admit, I mean, I got to come clean with you guys. I actually did write this book. And I put my name on the book for a reason, so that people could come and find me. So it's called the score McAuliffe method, new medicine for new you inflammation solutions handbook, I don't think you can really see the whole thing, but it's not bad. It's pretty good. I tried to get the lighting good. So my, my, what happened was was this I mean, again, I don't want to like be hiding stuff from you. So when I was young, my health was so so and then I had this really bad acne like a cystic acne. So I would be looking in the mirror and I was at this at this job. And I would see more than two eyes looking back at me, I think I saw like a good four to five eyes. And I thought, wow, you know, this just, this just doesn't, right. So I'd proceed, go look more carefully in the mirror, what was going on that I would push in, and an explosion would take place. And all this pus would then be applied onto the mirror, and then I'd have to wipe off the pus. And this process might continue, because there wasn't just like I said to I was there was about four or five. So after I finish doing all that, then I would apply makeup. And yes, I'm a male, obviously, even if my voice doesn't give it away quickly. And so the whole thing was just kind of like a little bit nutty. And there was nobody I could go to my father was a psychiatrist, my mother still is and was an anthropologist. And they sent me to a dermatologist and the dermatologist gave me different kinds of drugs. I went from something called everybody knows, like benzoyl peroxide. It's just this thing, you can usually get it like a pharmacy and then so then I use something else called stripe X pads, which is like a salicylic acid. I know you should be laughing. Kyle and Brandon, you guys should be laughing just like Robert here in case you're wondering what you're supposed to be doing. So then I used this other thing called retin. A, which is for women who have too many wrinkles. And then I did all I use all these different things. And finally they said, Well, you gotta use the big daddy of the Acme medications after you turn. So I use the Accutane right, I didn't know that this stuff was would later have like a clash at class action lawsuit against the company, and they would be paying out. I don't know how many billions or billions of dollars but sure enough, I use this Accutane and I'm making a very long story as short as I can. The opposite of what I'm doing. Usually I'm taking a short story making it long but yeah, the athlete chain caused me to have a toxic liver. So I would have symptoms that were similar to the symptoms that it said on the back of the label of the vacuum chain. Way, way, way down. Sorry, I'm confused. I had symptoms, I had the effects. No, I know I didn't have any symptoms. Actually, those were the known effects of the medication. So some people take Prozac, which is fine, but they don't realize 20% of the people that were researched before the clinical trials for Prozac before they let it out on the market. And you can read this and Dr. Peter Baggins, Best New York Times best selling book, talking back to Prozac, 20% of the people would get so depressed, they would commit suicide before they even let it out onto the market. That's not

Robert Peterson 2:00:42
so that's not good. Well,

Ilya Skolnikoff 2:00:46
it's just a minor effect. It was known before they put it out on the market. So anyway, I talk about all this kind of stuff in my book,

Robert Peterson 2:00:52
how can people get your book?

Ilya Skolnikoff 2:00:55
I mean, definitely get my book. You can get it anywhere books are sold. I just suggest going to school mcauliffe.com That's the Skol and I K O, F f.com. Perfect. You can also get it you know, on, you know, Barnes and Nobles, you can type in school McAuliffe, or you can get at it.

Robert Peterson 2:01:14
Well, Dr. Hill, yeah, one of the introductions I'm supposed to be making is to this young man, Kyle gray. And so I'm gonna let Kyle as I ask you to stay for just a couple of minutes. So Kyle can share what he's doing and the impact he's making in the world. He's living off the grid in Hawaii.

Ilya Skolnikoff 2:01:30
Oh, man, I want to be more like Kyle gray.

Robert Peterson 2:01:32
There you go.

Kyle Gray 2:01:34
Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate that. Well, I appreciate you. That was that was a powerful story. And yeah, excellent. Excellent, really putting us in the moment there. Anyway, Robert, thank you so much for having me. I was just looking at my episodes. I've been doing podcasting for almost four years, and I'm nearly at 250. And then I'm just 300 is an achievement. And you've been here already two hours, bringing all of these incredible people through, I've already been dazzled. I've been here like five minutes. And just the few people I've heard already, I'm like, Man, I would love to know that person, then I would love to know that person. And so thank you for this achievement, and for having me be a part of that.

Robert Peterson 2:02:18
Well, Kyle, I appreciate you. Would you share real quick, what you do in the world and where people can find you?

Kyle Gray 2:02:24
Yeah, my passion is working with leaders in many of the cutting edges, technology and science. I work with health. I work with a lot of experts like you Dr. Scott McAuliffe, as well as leaders in cryptocurrency artificial intelligence, and psychedelics for personal development and personal growth. And what these people all have in common is, they're incredibly passionate, they're incredibly talented, and they're incredibly steeped in experience. And because of all of that, it becomes very hard to organize and categorize and say just the right story, when you have 10,000 Really good stories. And so I help people take all of the brilliance that they have in their head, and use storytelling so it can land in the hearts of their audience, and really create the results that they're looking for.

Robert Peterson 2:03:21
I love that, Kyle, I know you do that through an interview process and really getting down to what's their heart story? And what is the story that will really reached their ideal avatar, and love what you're doing? Where can people find you, Kyle?

Kyle Gray 2:03:33
You can find me at the story engine dot C Oh, that is the title of one of my books. It is also the title of my podcast. All kinds of great resources on storytelling, incredible interviews, yours will appear there soon. And you can also find me on Instagram at Hey, Kyle Gray, I'm often posting reels that are either funny, at least to me, or useful for speaking and storytelling.

Robert Peterson 2:04:02
Kyle, thanks so much for coming on. Dr. Elia. Thank you for joining us for our 300th celebration. Love both your stories love the impact that you guys are making. And last but not least my friend Brandon. So excited to have you here. We talked to Mark earlier. I threw him off his game a little bit because I asked him a pointed question about you. So I put him on the spot. And, man, I just

Brandon Barnum 2:04:28
probably wasn't expecting that.

Robert Peterson 2:04:30
He was not expecting that.

Brandon Barnum 2:04:33
You took him out of his train of thought and now he's like, Oh, I'm gonna divert over here to this station.

Robert Peterson 2:04:37
I did a little bit but I love the mentorship and relationship that you've had the connection that you've had with Mark and the impact that that's had on your life, but also on Mark's life. And so I wanted to just you know, hear it from the other side. Obviously, you and I've been friends and having great conversations about the impact Mark has made in your life and so asking Mark about, you know, your impact. And of course, all he wanted to do was celebrate what you're doing with HOA and the impact you're making and creating communities that really matter communities in relationships and allowing homeowners to have access to resources without having to work so hard to get the help they need to take care of their home and their family. And so tell us a little bit about HOA and what you're doing and your big, big dream.

Brandon Barnum 2:05:27
Yeah, man well, so number one, we believe that there's a better way to Hoa most people don't love their homeowners association, but over 53% of all homeowners in the US live in an HOA. So we're out to completely transform the way that those organizations are serving their clients, because I think they forgot that they're actually there to serve their homeowners instead of just be the community cops. So really, at the core, what we're doing, we're creating next door meets Angie's List meets Zillow, and building online community pages for every neighborhood in America and then connecting those homeowners to professionals they can trust. And so that's why we're so excited. We're launching this year in the next six weeks. So it's coming up quick. And it's super exciting. We're grateful to have partnerships like yours, Robert, and I can't move 300 episodes, man, that is a massive, massive achievement. Congratulations.

Robert Peterson 2:06:22
Well, thank you so much, I appreciate you. And obviously some of the introductions that you've made in referral. So that you've made because you're the referral King have been so influential, not just in my podcast, but in my life. And I'm building my business and my future businesses all on referrals. And so it's, it's built on a foundation of the work that, that you teach the work that Bob Berg teaches, and I just really appreciate all that all that you're doing and all that you're teaching, and I appreciate our friendship. And so thank you for leaning into my life. And thank you for coming on and helping us celebrate 300.

Brandon Barnum 2:06:59
You know, it's my pleasure. And you brought up Mark Victor Hansen. And likewise, I feel the same way like, yeah, man has made such an impact in my life and hundreds of millions of people. And, Robert, that's what I'm committed to doing with you. As you know, I'm on a mission to uplift, inspire and empower every person on the planet. And I know you share that vision. And so together, we will go make a difference every day.

Robert Peterson 2:07:22
Well, that's the power of this podcast is the ability to uplift inspire, to today, we've had people in Germany, Hawaii, we've had a couple of people from Hawaii, jumping on our friend Laban was in India and just all over the planet. And we've had this two hour conversation celebrating our 300th episode. And if you didn't get a chance to listen to just the little snippets from these folks, you need to go back and re listen because this episode was fantastic. This was I mean, I man, I'm overwhelmed by the greatness that everybody just brought in telling us about what they're doing and the impact they're making in the world. And I'm just inspired to go out and record 300 More episodes.

Brandon Barnum 2:08:04
Let's go best is yet to come.

Robert Peterson 2:08:06
Absolutely. Thank you, everybody, for joining us. Thank you so much for coming on the show today and celebrating with us. Appreciate you and I will continue to make referrals and connections. I hope Kyle and Dr. Hill Yeah, I'll send an email just to connect you guys too, because I think you guys could do some great stuff together. And Brandon, thank you so much. And I look forward to seeing you in what eight days. Pretty soon. So I think you're coming to Denver and going to be a keynote speaker at an event here and I'm just looking forward to man hanging out and having lunch and making some more introductions.

Brandon Barnum 2:08:42
You got me for four days, man, let's make it a party.

Robert Peterson 2:08:45
We are absolutely going to fill those four days up with something.

Brandon Barnum 2:08:48
I look forward to it. Thanks, Robert.

Robert Peterson 2:08:50
Thank you, everybody. Thanks for helping us celebrate. Noelle jump in here. And we're just gonna say well jumped out. Just thank you everybody, for being a part of add valued entrepreneurs, our podcast, serving entrepreneurs, helping entrepreneurs find their way. And if you're struggling in your business, and you're not finding the happiness and the joy that you started your business for, reach out listen to some of these folks that have been sharing their stories about their businesses. We just talked to 30 influential people that all could help you and of course Noelle and I are available and love to help entrepreneurs that's who we serve and who we want to influence and so if you're struggling and you're frustrated, in your life and business, find somebody to give you some support, find somebody to to lean in on your relationship and, and your business. And entrepreneurship doesn't have to be hard. It can't be simple, necessarily. But it shouldn't make you miserable. And so we want to lean in and help people love what they're doing love the impact that they're making. I'm on a mission to end entrepreneurial and happiness and I help them I do that by helping entrepreneurs act like the CEO of their company and stop running around like a chicken with the head cut off. So lean in, and let's grow Let's grow some amazing businesses and make some big impact in the world. Thank you everybody for helping us celebrate 300 episodes. This has been amazing like I am fired up and overwhelmed and overjoyed with the blessings I've received over the last two hours.