A J Aluthwala

talks about the power of partners in business and how having a partner that was strong in areas where he wasn’t was powerful in moving their business forward. He is blessed to be living the American dream and he doesn’t take it for granted and wants to share it with others, including his son who is building a business and a YouTube channel.

A little bit about A J...

AJ Aluthwala is the Co-Founder and CEO of KallistoArt, an online marketing company specializing in websites, mobile apps and SEO for small to medium sized businesses. AJ is a specialist in discovering, planning, and executing customized online marketing strategies for businesses to attract massive amounts of online traffic. He has worked with over 200 companies around the country and with businesses in places like Dubai.

Given the massive success at KallistoArt, AJ launched ElleApps in 2021, a mobile apps development company and is currently serving clients from coast to coast.

As a result of AJ's deep reach within the local business community, KallistoArt became the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce 2020 Small Business of the Year Award recipient. AJ gives back to the community through non-profits Project Pop Drop, Upper Tampa Bay Education Foundation and Oldsmar Cares.

AJ has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America and has visited over 15 countries around the world. AJ and his family moved to sunny Tampa  Florida in 2014.

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Personal brand website: aja360.com

KallistoArt - kallistoart.com

ElleApps – ElleApps.com

 Ashane’s Island of Dreams original song from 2020 (when he was only 8!) /watch?v=9XJ6XXWmh4Q

 Sweet Child O’Mine from a recital in 2019 (red lead guitar) /watch?v=Yc6J8bteF2A

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A J Aluthwala
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