Alan Taylor

shares his journey from helping his dad market his artwork on the internet. They built a successful brand but after his Father’s passing he transitioned to creating a way to replicate his father’s work without his father’s talent. He shares about the changes in digital marketing and the value of building your own email list.

A little bit about Alan...

Alan started to help his dad top up his pension more quickly than the oil portraits he was currently selling.

When Jim (dad) died suddenly, Alan (who is NOT good at drawing) had to figure out a way to fulfill the 4 orders still in the pipeline.

And figure he did. Pretty soon he'd developed a way for ANYBODY - regardless of *artistic ability* - to produce impressive cartoon portraits using 1 free program on their computer.

He developed this into a course marketed by Canonbury Publishing in the UK.

When Facebook first allowed Messenger automation, Alan jumped on board, believing conversation to be the future of selling.

With Instagram recently opening up their DM system to automation, he sees this as a golden opportunity for *influencers* to collect their followers' contact details and own their own audience - breaking free of Instagram's unpredictable algorithm.

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