Andrew Cordle

shares all about the money and he wants entrepreneurs to be about the money too. They need to know how money works, they need to know how to use it for their benefit. He talks about how most entrepreneurs are playing the wrong game and think they can achieve wealth. Wealth is a money game and it can’t be won if you are focused on just being great at your craft.

A little bit about Andrew...

Andrew Cordle is an acclaimed author and international speaker, with over 350 million dollars sold—from stage alone. You may know him better as CEO of Money Is, a show where he hosts today’s leaders and influencers in authentic business conversations about money. He has interviewed hundreds of experts, including masters of the industry like Kevin O’Leary, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Grant Cardone. Andrew also contributes as partner in a billion dollar enterprise with twenty-three current companies. Passionate about the benefits of mentorship in business, he founded Power Room, a CEO mastermind where today’s top thought leaders combine forces to help teach entrepreneurs how to achieve success.

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Website: AndrewCordle.Com

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Andrew Cordle
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