Angela Gentile

and Robert and Noelle talk about what happens when life duct tapes you and shoves you in the trunk. What happens when you train for a career and you jump in excited and enthusiastic but you hate it and are miserable. 

It took Angela seven years to make the leap into her passion, but her pain was her message and she used her zen rage heal process to help others who felt the same about their lives.

A little bit about Angela...

Angela Gentile is the founder of the Sweat Remix wellness brand.

With an undergraduate degree in English from Fairfield University and a graduate degree in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University, she traded in her decade long public school teaching career to launch a business helping folks change their body, mindset and life through movement, meditation and mental health coaching. If you’ve been stuck and feel ready to move and grow, this trailblazer creates opportunities for folks to live strong, authentic and EPIC lives.

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Angela Gentile
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Show Notes


Robert Peterson 0:31
Welcome to the add value to entrepreneurs podcast, the place where we help entrepreneurs to not hate their boss. Our mission is to end entrepreneurial unhappiness. If you dream of changing the world, but you're not sure where to start. The Add value entrepreneurs podcast will help you transform your life in business. This podcast is for entrepreneurs who want more freedom and fulfillment from their work so they can live the life that they desire. You deserve it, and it is possible. My name is Robert Peterson, Farmer passer turned CEO and the smiling coach. I believe that success without happiness is failing. But there is hope. Join us each week as we bring you an inspiring leader or message to help you. Thanks for investing time with us today. Today's guest motivates you to start and sustain physical exercise guide you towards greater self awareness and provides keeping it real life coaching. With a variety of online fitness classes and her signature Zen rage heal process. She and sweat remix provides folks with an intentional approach to fitness with sustainable results.

Noelle Peterson 1:39
Her life coaching sessions and inner compass course deliver a full mind body and spirit transformation to help folks be the badass they were meant to be. And so Gentile is the founder of the sweat remix wellness brand.

Robert Peterson 1:52
Angela Gentile and Robert Dwelle. Talk about what happens when like duct tapes you and shoves you in the trunk. What happens when you train for a career and you jump in excited, enthusiastic, but you hate it and are miserable.

Noelle Peterson 2:06
It took Angeles seven years to make the leap into her passion. But her pain was her message. And she used her Zen rage heal process to help others who felt the same about their lives.

Robert Peterson 2:18
If you're an entrepreneur who started their business with a purpose and a passion that has been lost in the busyness of the daily grind, we get it. That is why we've opened up our free strategy calls. A lot of entrepreneurs probably including you just want a sense of clarity on the barriers holding them back that you need to overcome in order to accelerate your growth and achieve your dreams. These short 30 Minute Calls give you a chance to work with one of our coaches without any commitment or pressure. Scheduling is easy, just go to smiling Let's jump on a call and get you the help and clarity you need. Select a time and let's build your business. It's time for you to add value. Well Angela, thank you so much for joining us today. We're excited to have this conversation and just look forward to sharing your journey.

Unknown Speaker 3:07
Yeah, thank you so much for having me. I'm excited. I love being able to connect and you know, have my story show up in someone's lives to take a little piece for their own survival guide. So I appreciate it.

Robert Peterson 3:19
Love that and and we're just gonna put it out there you are absolutely our first podcast interview with a snow hat. So

Unknown Speaker 3:28
I love this. Thank you. That's it. That's the end of the podcast. Yeah, well just just for some context there. The boiler is broken in my in my studio. So they're fixing it today. And I'm still coming in I have work to do I have things going on. So I got two space heaters on either side of me a blanket and muskie hat. It's fine. We're fine. Everything's fine.

Robert Peterson 3:52
Boston, whether it be darn Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 3:54
yeah, he's not gonna break me. You know, I'm not gonna let it

Robert Peterson 3:59
alright, fantastic. So we we just typically start each episode with the entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial journey.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Okay, well, I know that it's probably a, you know, 45 minute podcast. So I'll try to give you the abridged version because I think every every entrepreneur has some roundabout way of how they became an entrepreneur. It's never this like straight line of how we get from A to B, you know, it's kind of a tornado effect. So yeah, I run an operate sweat remix, which is a mindful wellness brand that remixes meditation and fitness and life coaching to help people break through emotional barriers that block them from really taking ownership and responsibility into their life so that they can show up badass and powerful and in control of their time and their energy and of their goals. You know, so that you're like in the driver's seat of your life. So, how I got there is quite a story. So you I was a high school teacher, a public high school teacher in Boston for about 11 years. And I think seven of those were I was very unhappy and miserable. I started teaching when I was 23. So basically like a fetus, you know, I was like a young kid. You know, I didn't know, I was just, again, like, you just kind of like go to college, and you don't know what to do. And like, what are you most closest to when you go into college? Like, school? You know, and I think the women around me who were educated were teachers. Like, I didn't, I didn't see a lot of other stuff happening. Yeah, so I, I went to school to be a teacher quit for a little while, and kind of moved to LA and had a great time, and then decided to go back. But when I graduated, I didn't I wasn't really like, Oh, I love this, but it was sort of what I thought I should do. I think that's kind of how you spend a lot of your 20s is you know, putting on hats that that please other people and make make everybody you know comfortable? Because you don't know yet you don't really have the life experience yet to tap into what it is that you really want. Yeah, so I was just unhappy. I was starting to get like the worst sides of me were coming out. Because the longer you stay in situations that aren't for you, like your your energy can only handle so much and it's trying to give you course to dislike give you a little taps like this isn't right. And and I think the less you listen to that, the more your bad habits and your triggers and your things come out. So, um, yeah. And the moment that I had, where I was like, I don't think that this is right. I went to I went back to grad school. Yeah, I was like, Yeah, this will fix it.

Robert Peterson 6:53
So I started to fix everything else a school fix it?

Unknown Speaker 6:57
Yeah, totally. This is my thinking was my thought process at the time. So I went to school to be a principal. And I think a few months into this program, I was like, Nope, I hate this. I hate this. So when it came time to write my thesis, I was like, if I have I was an English teacher. So I'm, I already have like four feet, stacks of paper, that papers that I have to grade. So I was like, I don't want to look at any more student data. Like I can't correct another paper I physically like cannot. So I was like, I'm going to start a wellness program. So that was my graduate work was creating a wellness program for teachers to help teachers like maintain some semblance of self care, and how that can impact student learning and performance. It was quite like as well, some of my best work, you know. And when I was done with the collecting data, and I ran this program with a bunch of teachers at school, I was like, Alright, guys, thanks. gotta write my thesis. Now. I'm taking a sabbatical. So I can write this thing. And then a little bit, can we can we keep doing this? I was like, so you guys want to work out with me? You want to? And they're like, yes. So I started running like an illegal fitness class like wellness program, like in my classroom, because they were paying me, I was now getting paid to do this, to teach fitness classes with mindfulness. And it was like, shut the door. Move the desks were like using microscopes for bicep curls and stuff. Yeah, it was. It was awesome. It was awesome. And I was doing this and I was like, I think I'm onto something. But I was scared. I was really scared to take the jump, because like I did, my whole world was in this concrete classroom. From the time I was like, 23, to 34. You know, so like, you know, this was my life. I couldn't even fathom like, there was life outside of this. But the world decided to make a decision for me. And I lost my dad, suddenly, he passed away from an aneurysm just dropped it. And that rocked me and shook me and, and really gave me the perspective that like, nobody gets out of this alive. This is this is it, we get one shot. And if you're not living the ever loving hell out of your life, like what are you doing, you don't ever get time back. So that was sort of the catalyst that pushed me off the cliff that I just jumped with or without a parachute. I was like, I'm not happy. This, isn't it. I have something that I'm passionate about. So just like jump, and if grief didn't break me, if this wasn't the thing that knocked me down, like please, I can I can quit my job and start over again. So yeah, that was sort of how sweat remix came to be. It started in my classroom. And then I started doing it with teachers and other schools. And then I was like, this isn't about teachers. This is about the brand. This is about like the process. This is about the mindfulness and the workout in the central nervous system connection than it is about the type of job that the person is doing. So yeah, fast forward and from 2016 to now here we are Oh, here we are. Awesome. So yeah, that's like that was not the abridged version, I apologize.

Noelle Peterson 10:07
There's so much value and truth in me, especially as women we want to do what needs to be done and take care of everybody else. Yeah. And I can see that totally in teachers and, and whatnot in the group that you've put together that we, we've got to focus on ourselves so that we can give to each other, regardless of what the job is.

Unknown Speaker 10:27
Yeah, life mask first, right like that. That is significant in so many ways. Like if you are not overflowing, like you're not even giving the best parts of yourself to help people like overflow. And what that overflow is, is what you share. Don't pull from the red, don't pull from your goodness, overflow with your goodness,

Noelle Peterson 10:45
you know, so much easier when you've got a full tank to give.

Unknown Speaker 10:50
Absolutely wouldn't go on a journey on hit the road with your tank on IE, why would you do that in any other aspect of your life, fill up, fill up, take the time to go to the gas station the night before. And be ready and be ready to go on your journey and to give you no limit?

Robert Peterson 11:08
Well, I'm so sorry for your loss. But I'm glad that you've used your loss as a trigger as a as a leaping leaping off point. Absolutely. My Noelle here had an aortic dissection. Last year and and survived because she didn't, she didn't take the little pain and go take a nap. She chose to take the pain. And we said, No, we're going to the hospital and, and it took them two hours to figure out what was going on. And of course, then they went straight into open heart surgery and saved her life. But she also has a 32 centimeter stent in her aorta. I was gonna ask them, I got one of those bad boys happened. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 11:50
how are you feeling now?

Noelle Peterson 11:51
No, we're good. It's totally life changing. I mean, the first six months was definitely different and recovery. And it's, and life will never be the same. But you use it to build up where we go. And we just talk a lot about, there's more to do. And like, just like you said, there's we're here for a reason, let's use it and do stuff. We're passionate about the gifts we were given to make a difference.

Unknown Speaker 12:19
Yeah, absolutely. I think it can be such a powerful redirector. Because, you know, we just get like what you're saying I think it's I can only speak on my experience as a woman. But I think sometimes I was forced down path and roles and expectations were forced upon me by just generational limitations at the time. And you know, it isn't until you have some take, take a brave stance and say like, I think that I want more for myself. Like I think I want something different. And sometimes it takes people will learn from the pressure of bricks or the touch of a feather. I'm a bricks kind of gal. Like I need I needed things to be catastrophic for me to get the message. But yeah, whatever it is, that gets you to understand that this is temporary, all of this temporary. So

Robert Peterson 13:07
let's dig into this brand. A little bit recognition of the brand and and who, who you really are created to serve

Unknown Speaker 13:17
the US. Yeah, so you want me to talk about like what sweat remix is a little bit? Sure. Yeah. So the brand really is what I created during a time when I was stressed out, overwhelmed, burnt out confused, like overwrought with emotions that I didn't know what to do with and where I had to put them or what they even were. I was just like, you know, you know, the peanuts character Linus, and he's got like, the smell things around him. That's what it was like, but it was like, like, chaos. Me I could just, like, I didn't feel grounded, I didn't feel centered. I just felt like on edge all the time. Like at any, any moment, I would have to throw down or defend myself or protect myself. It just it was a really toxic way of living. And I was looking. I was I'm an athlete, I love to work out. I love to move and I was looking for something. I was looking for a place that allowed me to be human.

Robert Peterson 14:17
You really, really stuck in, in fight or flight, like 100% your body and brain were in fight and flight mode 99% of the time,

Unknown Speaker 14:26
point 990 9.9 That 1% was when I could get a full night's sleep. Yeah, yeah. And and I think grief just exacerbated that. Like I and I think it also was such a gift because I couldn't fight anymore. I had nothing left to continue to fight. So it just it allowed me just a little bit of a perspective shift to be like, Alright, I need to do something about what I'm like with what I'm feeling and I was looking for a place that allowed me to cry. And also like, like beat the hell out of something, you know what I mean? Like I wanted, because I would go to boxing class. And I would like I would I had so much emotion in me that I was like crying in the boxing class. And people were like, the hell she are right. Like, is she okay? Because somebody but I just like I needed. There was a release happening, you know? And then I'd go to yoga class and I like wanted this this peacefulness, but then I couldn't sit still. You know, so I was like, okay, where, where's the happy medium for me to connect to my central nervous system, but also honor, my bandwidth right now. Because grief is all things all the time every 10 seconds. It's schizophrenic. It's chaotic, you know? But how do I learn to understand this a little better. And I was looking for a place that allowed me to do something yogic. And also something hardcore, and I couldn't find it. So I created it. I created it. Yeah, yeah, I was like, I know that I'm not the only person who is like suffering in this right now. Who has energy seething through her body, but doesn't know what to do with it. And I don't know if I want to cry, or I want to scream. Or maybe it's both. Maybe it's a cry scream, I don't know. So it got me conscious about what I needed to do to be able to regulate my nervous system and come back home to myself. So. So that's where sweat remix was born. And the Zen regional process that we use, and all the classes came to be, Zen is like, just sit, right if you're coming in from whatever your job and your your kids and your pain and the fight that you just had, and the divorce or whatever it is, and you're coming into the space, everybody's coming with something. Everybody's cumbersome. What kind of work are we going to do? And we're all not on the same page? What kind of energy and magic are we going to create together when we're not focused on we're not here. So at the beginning of every class, I just sit, and we do some deep breathing, and we do some meditation, and we do some visualization about intention setting. What are we letting go of today? What's in the body that is surging through you that you need to release? What are you being called to let go of? And then at the same time, what do you want to welcome in? What are we trading out. And I think when we get really clear about what we want our workout to be, what we are welcoming, and what the vision is that we are connected to, beyond ourselves, it makes everything we do just intentional and effective. So if you're starting your workout being like, Alright, I'm going to release this anger and shame I feel and I'm going to welcome in a vision of myself feeling aligned and in control, then everything we do for the next 45 minutes a class is directly connected to you being that person who is in control to you being that person who was powerful. How are you showing up with these 32nd intervals to show yourself that you are who you say you are. So you also become regulating in your central nervous system because you're in control of your breath. You're in control of your stress. And the stress is designed here for you. So you're like I had 30 seconds from my greater good 30 seconds of burpees when my greater good. So taking that challenge. And yeah, I'm seeing your face right now. Totally.

Robert Peterson 18:18
I'm not buying I'm still not buying the burpees for the greater good yet. I'm still.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
But after you do them after you do them, you're like, Yeah, I did that that's later like you're proud of you're proud of yourself like you, you sat in the challenge. You sat in the suck. You sat in the discomfort and you're like beating on your chest Braveheart style being like I did that, you know. Yeah, and I think after you have that, like, emotional exhaustion release, and you're breathing heavy, how you get back home to yourself matters because that's the part that's missing from a lot of fitness classes is that you just like crush a workout, there's a push at the end. And then it's like Alright, guys, see you later, your heart rate still like a 160 fiber? And now you're in this like adrenaline filled state. What do you do with that? How do you tap into that and hone that back in so that you can use it to be more powerful, not chaotic in your life. Chaos breeds more chaos until you control it. So at the end of every class, we heal, and close down with a guided meditation to regulate the central nervous system to gain control back into the breath to be still and that's where the conscious awareness comes in. Of Hmm, what can I do today? How did that feel? I can do hard things. I can push through some of my emotional Can I swear? Shit, I can move through some of my because right like it's this is what we're talking about. I can move from through my emotional shift and what I just did in this class I get to mimic outside into the world so that when I'm faced with an emotional challenge, I can sit in something that's uncomfortable for 30 seconds for a minute. I can control This elevation with my breath, and I can come back home to myself anytime that I want. So it's just a process that I think doing it in a controlled environment, with someone guiding you for 30 seconds of intervals and burpees gives you the power to know that you can do this outside in your life with whatever else that comes comes your way.

Noelle Peterson 20:17
Well, I think the the concept of working through the emotional side, as well as the physical and your training, incorporating all the different aspects of who we are, is something that I have not heard of, you know, in my history, and I feel like women are people are unsure how to communicate those feelings and those issues. And yeah, this sounds like a great way just to open up that conversation and idea to have that transition and change emotionally as well as the physical.

Unknown Speaker 20:52
Yeah, thank you. No, I mean, it's so true. Think of think of our emotional vocabulary. It's like a Dr. Seuss book. Mad. Sad. Glad. And that's about it.

Robert Peterson 21:06
And you're not allowed to be any of those things. So right, right. You just mad? Don't be sad. Don't be angry. Don't maybe it's great. Just, just be glad. Be just be

Unknown Speaker 21:16
just be glad. Right? So yeah, we tell

Robert Peterson 21:19
our we tell, especially in business, we tell people, you know, that their emotions aren't welcome, right? That their emotions aren't those those feelings, you just at least for men, you've stuffed those suckers down right and hold, hold them inside your body, which creates all kinds of fun health things. Instead, I'm saying the more people you know, leads the more people living in that state of fight or flight and they don't understand. They get comfortable with the drama on television, including fake drama. Right, but your body, your body and brain react to the fake drama on Netflix and other things the same exact way. The Nightly News and, and people are comfortable being miserable.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Yeah, I don't know. I gotta I'm gonna argue that but go ahead. I love it. Let's,

Robert Peterson 22:10
let's let's do it. I just think so. So they, they like the this is that victim mindset. They're down in those lower emotions they're living in, in grief and guilt and shame. And they hate their life, they hate their things. But they don't think there's any way out. They don't think that there's an option, they don't think there's a safe place for them to to cry and scream without everybody thinking they're crazy and going to lock them up in a white suit. And so they just keep going through the motions. I love that you've snapped out of it. And you're providing tools for other people to snap out of it and make a different choice. And and I think for some the idea of using fitness to get there might might be challenging, and yet it's so natural. Yeah, as the body and brain connection is so valuable, that it really does give you a space connected. Give you

Unknown Speaker 23:07
what do you mean everything in my life is connected? No, no.

Noelle Peterson 23:13
That's just my perception and what I hear and feel around the world is there you feel over here you have the motions are disconnected and you can't ever relate the two and it just foreign to many of us to actually have those conversations where you can

Robert Peterson 23:29
well that's why we have a mental health crisis like this is it this this is is is people living in this space and thinking they don't have an option. Or worse in some cases they go to the doctor and say I feel sad. And the doctors give them some great pill that does all kinds of Carfax CRASH CRASH traffic's?

Unknown Speaker 23:48
Yeah, and then and then we're going to need another pill to take care of the pill effects on this one and pill on pill on pill on pill I'm telling it's designed this way. So that someone not you will make a profit off of it. But I feel like that is a whole other podcast, right?

Robert Peterson 24:06
That's actually a conference series.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
So they do have these conferences actually. So I'll see you at one of them I'm sure.

Robert Peterson 24:13
But the truth the truth is for those that are willing to do something different for those that are willing to try something else, for those that are willing to recognize that their mind body and spirit work together. And when you when you give them opportunities to connect and work together. That's a fantastically powerful thing to open up yourself to possibilities and to yeah to freeing yourself and allowing your mind to feed your body the chemicals that it was designed to give you on a regular basis. When you work out and when you free yourself emotionally and those endorphins of our brain are designed to to support us and sustain us and help us experience It's those upper level emotions of joy and peace. And the most important of all that you're opening people up to is love. Love who they are love.

Unknown Speaker 25:12
Yeah, absolutely. Like, everything you just said, really like it. We are in control of our own suffering. You know, and we get like you said that drama cycle right of victim, persecutor Savior. I, you know what I'm talking about the whole triangle of the drama cycle that we vacillate in between, and I, I think so many people are in this cycle. But when you're saying they're comfortable, true, I think a lot of people can get comfortable but I think a lot of people are on conscious. How do you how do you know what you don't know? Until you realize you don't know it? How do you know that the life that you're living is what's like the the way in which you're living your life is actually causing your suffering? If you don't know that you're in charge of your life when everything around you is telling you not to? How would you know

Noelle Peterson 26:10
so much? Well, it's just you're just

Unknown Speaker 26:13
unconscious. Yeah, you're just unconscious in your life when everything around you, is feeding you this this regimented box that you're supposed to be in? How would you know anything different?

Robert Peterson 26:25
We will be right back after this short break. This episode is sponsored by perfect publishing a different approach to publishing a book. Perfect publishing carefully chooses heroes of Hope, who exemplify living a life they created through faith, hope, patience, and persistence. No matter what page you open to in this mini cube of hope, you will find a leader with a big heart, you will see you are not alone. The authors may share similar challenges that only hope and action could resolve. Get your free ebook at get a dose of Welcome back, let's get back to more greatness. Well, it's heartbreaking because there's people listening that are being abused that are going to have other people turning them into victims in and they think that there's no other way they think that this is life, this is what life is supposed to be. And, and that they can't break free. And, and I think some people are slaves to themselves, their comfort zone is holding them in this space. And, and it's a weakness in our human brain that says, Oh, this is comfortable. This is what we're used to this is this is just okay. And the brain says this is just okay. And we've got to not be satisfied with just okay. Yeah, body and brain recreated for so much more when we can tap into it. And we can experience I think joy is joy is the most powerful thing. And, and when the brain is experiencing joy, all the other functions of

Unknown Speaker 27:50
the brain and body are, are multiplied and align and harmonious and like floating with more, right, what you what you spend your energy flows, where attention goes, you're constantly like, walking in to whatever situation looking for something to be wrong, you will find, of course, many a thing to be wrong. Just as when you walk into a situation being grateful as hell, that there's something cool here and something unique, like you will find more of that too. But again, you condition your brain and you solidify those neural pathways over time. But neuroplasticity is neuroplasticity for a reason. So you can easily redirect and change. Well, I don't want to say easily. The more that you've tread, like your negativity cycle of like, like Debbie downer, wow, like everything's wrong. It's going to the amount of time you spent conditioning not like it's just going to it's going to take some time for you to redirect and shift but it is not impossible. As long as possible to find joy in the

Robert Peterson 28:56
brain. rewire and joy is a rewiring tool. Oh three. Yeah, science is just absolutely. Yeah.

Noelle Peterson 29:04
So you mentioned gratitude being grateful. Can you expand on how powerful that is? It for your for your life?

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Yeah. Nothing's wrong. I think that's the thing. Like I don't Sure sure. There's there's a lot wrong. There's a lot where I would like would I love to be like making a million dollars. Yeah, I would love the boiler to be working right now. I would love to be able to get my hair cut, but I just like haven't made the point, right. There's a million things that I could be like, this is not working in my life. But when you feel really connected to your, your purpose, and you feel really connected and aligned with your values, your life is pretty frickin magical. I used to hit the ground running from a place of fear from place of resentment from place of anger, because as soon as I hit the alarm I just forfeit my life to somebody else's expectations. And the minute that I got control of that, I was like, Holy shit, like, I am so grateful that my life my very simple life that I've created my not six figure salary anymore. My, my, my health, my mental health, like peace. I'm so grateful. I walk into my life in my studio, and it's freezing today. And I'm like, that's mine. So grateful. You know, I don't look for things that are wrong anymore. I don't, I don't even it doesn't. It doesn't, doesn't compute. You know, there's always a moment for joy. And there's always and I think when you're talking about, like, how does that work in your business? So? Or how does it work in your life? Like, John Kim, the angry therapist? Yeah, I loved him, loved him, like I too used to be a miserable, you know, totally. So he talks about to me, for me, and through me attitudes. And if you are in that victim cycle, everything is happening to you. It's just happening to you. Like you feel powerless. And I think the moment that you can make that shift, and you're like, this is happening for me. And you can choose to get out of that cycle and see that there is something here, too, that it gave to like my dad's death was a gift. That is the greatest gift that he gave his daughter was to teach her how to live. He taught me how to live, he taught me how to change course. My pain brought up the fact that I wasn't living and I chose to see his death as a gift. And now through healing and experience in life and a new decade. And, you know, new perspective shifts. I'm starting to allow things to happen through me. You know, sometimes I feel like I've figured a few things out. Like I might have reached some kind of promised lands and I'm like, Hey, guys. Come see what I can see. Like just making up the mountain and I'm throwing down like provisions and stuff for you guys to come up. Like, I think when you when you recognize that your own power, and you recognize the beauty of what is possible. There is you don't go back your Oracle back. You know, just looking forward. So I hope Yeah, yeah. Well, what's the point? What's the point? If I could sit down and talk about everything that was wrong? Well, awful.

Noelle Peterson 32:39
That'd be the same conversation for sure.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
No, no, it's just like, well, what are you doing about it? Yeah, all of these things suck. And, and what? And what do you and what what is in your power to control? What do you you don't like it? Shift. That's it?

Robert Peterson 32:58
Yep. One of my favorite lines. Well, that sucked. Now what?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
That's exactly. That's up. Now. What boilers out? That sucks. What do I do? What I do? Yeah,

Robert Peterson 33:10
I mean, life happens, right? I mean, stuff happens, all of us are, all of us get flat tires, all of us have, you know, the shit to deal with. But the ship can either be in charge, or we get to be in charge. And I'd much rather be in charge than letting the ship be in charge. Because we know what that's gonna lead to.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Yeah, yeah, exactly. That's what I'm saying. Like when you wake up in the morning, and your feet hit the ground. It's like life just duct taped you and threw you in the trunk. And now some other ego, some Wounded Child is like peeling out doing donuts in the car, and you're unaware and not in control of what's actually happening. You know, and at some point, you're gonna have to like get yourself out of the trunk and like, hug that Wounded Child, hug that ego, embrace all of that shit. And start doing your work so that you can permanently buckle up in the front seat in the driver's seat, you know, great analogy. Like help in your own life.

Robert Peterson 34:10
Yeah, it's so true. All right, love that. You talked about throwing the provisions back throwing the rope down. So let's talk about connection and building your business. You started out connecting with teachers because you were a teacher. And then you realized, Wait, maybe there's maybe there's more maybe there's other people that aren't just teachers that feel stressed out overwhelmed, and, and and they're stuck. They're stuck in the trunk of their car duct taped up, and I've got the knife, so let's go cut them out. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:40
yeah, I'm the Olivia Benson. Oh, this whole situation. Okay, that's, that's, yeah, I think I just suffered for a really long time. Like I'm in my 40s now and I look back on like my 23 year old self who started teaching and just suffered. I suffered for like, over a decade. A lot of my life, you know, probably into my teens, so maybe two. And I missed out on a lot of opportunities, a lot of opportunities of joy, a lot of opportunities of love, like relationships that didn't work out, not because of them. Because this girl, right here, you know, and I missed out on some beautiful opportunities in time with my dad, that I'll never get back. He doesn't. It makes me emotional, because he doesn't get to experience this now. I was miserable. When he was on this earth, I was miserable. As negative I was nasty, as angry, held a lot of resentment. And this joy that I experience every day, he doesn't get to experience with me. Help. I know, that's

Robert Peterson 35:58
because of him. You're experiencing that joy

Unknown Speaker 36:00
and so, right, right.

Robert Peterson 36:03
You're multiplying it,

Noelle Peterson 36:05
and he would be a win

Unknown Speaker 36:06
is that he lives like his goodness, and his kindness and his gift gets to live through me, man. No. Yeah, yeah. And I, I will always give him that legacy. And that, that purpose. But yeah, I don't. I don't want anyone to have to miss out on this.

Noelle Peterson 36:29
There's so much so there's so much good here. Yeah, look for it. And

Unknown Speaker 36:34
yeah, do our part. If you get one minute, one minute to just spend it with somebody you love. That's one minute that I don't get to get, you know, that I don't have. So enjoy the hell out of that minute and do your work, and start becoming in control and start taking the steps that are uncomfortable, brave as hell, to really embody the full joyful life that that you're seeking. Just do it. Do it. People waiting for a sign? Here it is. Do it. Amen. Do it. All right,

Robert Peterson 37:07
do it. Angela, with all the business success you've had since 2016? What's your biggest challenge? Ooh.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
Staying authentic, staying authentic, because there's a lot of things that go on. There's a lot of mainstream stuff. There's a lot of formulaic shit, lot of coaches who want to make you six figures and stuff. And I think there's value wherever you want to find value. But I think at the end of the day, it always is a requirement to be intentional, be connected and be grounded in yourself so that whenever the storm comes around you you're not just carried downstream by somebody else. And that's happened a few times, you know, I bought I was like, bought into the glitter. I bought into the promise and

Robert Peterson 37:53
shiny objects,

Unknown Speaker 37:54
shiny things. Yeah, I was like, I loved it thing. And then I lost myself, I lost myself, my business suffered. The Vision suffered, you know, like I made the I derailed it, I derailed it, because it wasn't authentic. So to be able to show up on social media to be able to be in spaces that are right, to host events that can curate the right energy, just staying authentic and trusting the fact that like, I always know, best for this brand, because I've built it. So it's not about what anybody else thinks or what they think I should do. It's about trusting that instinct of like, is this a hell? Yes. Does this feel right? Or is this to hell? No. And to always, always honor that. That's the hardest part. That's,

Noelle Peterson 38:41
I mean, we've got to stay true to who we are. And I think when we know our values and our purpose, it frees us to be able to make those decisions that know that doesn't fit and be okay with it. We're not we've we often I think as women, we feel bad that we can't do everything. Yeah. But it's okay. We're not meant to do everything.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Right. Well, that's just the indoctrination of the patriarchy telling us that we are not enough doing all of these stupid tasks that we should be doing without much stuff. So I think a lot of that is Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But I think the more that you can get control over what really matters, because it probably is a small list. It probably is a small list of three to five things that are truly important in your life. And if you spend time, really giving to those things that matter on that short list, that's what's up all those other little tiny, secondary, peripheral things don't they're just insignificant and think of how much energy there you're draining by trying to, you know, curate and manipulate all these things outside of yourself, rather than let me just spend my time money, energy resources, on what matters to me. It doesn't matter to you and it doesn't Bring you like Marie Kondo doesn't bring you joy, throw it out, say thank you, and let it

Noelle Peterson 40:04
go, you know, physical or emotional? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:06
all of it all of it. This doesn't serve me and you're like, oh, I don't want to go to this dinner party. Don't Don't, don't go. I don't want to go on this date. Don't Don't, don't do it. You know, I don't, I don't want I want to get don't do it.

Robert Peterson 40:22
So good. I mean, I think that their challenge is we get sucked into all of these other opportunities, right? The menu is frickin loaded, and it's wide. And it's hard to choose from. And I love what you said earlier. Because you when you were talking about gratitude, aligned with your purpose aligned with your values, and that's really about designing your life, knowing what it is that you really want. And then building your business to support what you want. Instead of your business becoming the thing that duct tape shoe and throws you in the trunk of the car.

Unknown Speaker 40:56
And it can it can, you know gonna go?

Robert Peterson 41:01
Well, because everybody else tells you what your business is supposed to do. Oh, it's gotta grow. Oh, you got to get six figures, oh, you got to do this, you got to do that. And, and you don't have to do any of those things. You get to choose what's most important. And maybe what's most important is that Angela gets to spend more time on the beach instead of instead of stuck in Boston. Right? What? That's actually the

Noelle Peterson 41:22
goal, guys. That's

Robert Peterson 41:24
right. And I think so many people don't choose. And when you don't choose somebody else's choosing for

Unknown Speaker 41:31
you choosing for you, you're in the trunk, you're duct taped in the trunk. Yeah. It, it's hard, it's hard. But once you become conscious of it, and once you know it, you can't unknow it. You can't unknow it, and now it's on you, now that you have figured out God damn, I am doing this to myself, then the only way out of it is by your actions and your responsibility and you're taking radical responsibility for all of the things in your life, the great things, and the shitty things take radical responsibility for all of it. No one house is gonna not one person. Not one person

Noelle Peterson 42:11
is Robert Robert wrote a book this year. And the second chapter is called own your shit.

Unknown Speaker 42:15
Own your shit. Love that. All of it, all of it, all of it. Why does this suck? What's the cause, like, when you when you I tell my clients when you know, we're working together when people kind of like move out of the fitness realm. And they're like, Ooh, I need a little bit more. Now I'm ready to really dive into like, what's happening? I work one on one, do life coaching and all that, but I talk to them and we say we have to have a yard sale. We often have yard sale like all of these things need to come out onto the yard and you need to start looking at what's the common denominator? What is it that's yours? What is it that was bestowed on you that like you don't want to take with you. But you have to start having these conversations of like, what is yours? What what was given to you that's no longer working. But regardless of where it comes from the thing moving forward is that it's your responsibility to own all of it and do something about it moving forward, because we can't change what's happened to us as children. And some of us have had really horrible traumatic experiences that I would never dismiss or gaslight anyone out of that is it's I've had my own. And I can't control what someone has done to, to me as a kid. Right. What I can do is not choose to give it life anymore.

Robert Peterson 43:37
Right disempower it,

Unknown Speaker 43:38
I disempowered, I take control of it,

Noelle Peterson 43:41
I take control. I love that analogy might use it.

Robert Peterson 43:43
You can't Yeah, you can't go back, you'll never undo it. It can never be undone. But you can, you can decide whether it's a boat anchor or motivation.

Unknown Speaker 43:52
Yeah, and allowing grace, because there are versions of ourselves, who were victims of situations. And they were also victims of themselves. We didn't I didn't I didn't know what I didn't know at the time. And I know that I am the villain in a lot of people's stories.

Noelle Peterson 44:12
And I just didn't know what they didn't know. No,

Unknown Speaker 44:15
no, I'm still like seeing the ramifications of this, you know, and I'm like, this is where I get it from, you know? So? Yeah, like you just you. You don't know what you don't know. And so to allow grace and compassion for a version of yourself. You don't have to own that. Like when you say that I was a monster. I was mean or I was abusive. Yes. That version of me absolutely was angry me. But I don't take that now. I'm not I don't even identify with those those things that you're saying those personality traits

Robert Peterson 44:48
and it's an opportunity to make things right, right. It's to ask for forgiveness, the opportunity to forgive yourself which is important, especially for kids that have had stuff happen in their childhood and forgive yourself and let it go. That doesn't mean forgiveness is a you and you deal. It's not about the other person, it's not at all about when, you know, it's about letting go and changing the conversation that you're having with yourself about that. Because the problem was so many of those events is the victim continues to think that they're a victim, and they continue to identify as a victim, and they continue to blame themselves for what happened to them. And you've got to change that story and absolutely recommend therapy for folks that are stuck in there. And, and, and, and recognize that your future depends on you being able to take responsibility and love the Yardsale analogy. It's a great tool. We're definitely going to borrow it in some

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Yeah, go ahead, please. Well, TM, Gentile TM after that. That is the freedom. That's the freedom like you forgive, not to absolve, right, you know, I don't give you I don't give you a free pass to treat me like garbage. I don't, I don't say that. That was okay. But I'm giving myself freedom, that in the moment, this was the best that anybody had. And I will never allow anything like that to happen to me again. And thank you so much for teaching me what I now need to be aware of, and how I now need to show up and where I can gain control of my life. Because I'm always in control. And it's it can be a powerful, empowering opportunity to forgive for freedom, not for you. No,

Robert Peterson 46:28
absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. And, and it also helps you in deciding boundaries. Because this is this person hurt me in this way. Because I didn't, I wasn't allowed to have boundaries at that point in my life. But now I have boundaries, and you want people to treat me like that person treated me. Hell, no, they're out. And Anthony, I am absolutely intentional about who I choose to influence my life and who I choose to allow to be a part of my life, and who I choose to give my energy to? Because my life, exactly, I'm responsible for it. And guess what? I'm taking full responsibility. And that includes like you said, I don't want to go on that date. I'm not going I don't want to go to that event. I'm not going. Because when I go, I'm all in.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
Yeah, yeah. And then you start to dishonor yourself. And then you're repeating the same habits and the same things, and you will get a guarantee. Some version of the same result?

Robert Peterson 47:25
Well, yeah, because you're, you're you're integrity in your brain. Your brain is going well, you show up on time, and you do all these things that everybody says is integrity, but you're lying to yourself. Yeah. And you're treating yourself the way you tell others not to treat you. And then what? Hello, your brains gonna be right back in it. If you don't keep your word with yourself, you're not going to keep your word with anybody else. Why would I get you the results that you want?

Noelle Peterson 47:55
Yeah, you've talked about the influences you've had. And we all have these influences as we're growing up. What about mentors? And what did they mean to you in your business in your life?

Unknown Speaker 48:04
I have a whole team. You know, I think at some point in my life, you know, when we're still angry, and we feel resentment, I did all this myself. Now, I do this myself, you know, I did a lot of it with vision that I've created myself, but I have an incredible, like, Soul Sister life coach, who I and I think there is power and intergenerational friendships. I think it's necessary. I don't, you can't be what you can't see. And you can't know what's down the road. So it's, it's beautiful to have someone giving you a perspective of where they are, so that it's possible for you to be there. You know?

Noelle Peterson 48:52
So generations below

Unknown Speaker 48:55
100%. I mean, that's why I stay hip and relevant. And I'm on a tic tac, you know.

Robert Peterson 49:01
We're dragging our feet, but we're trying,

Unknown Speaker 49:04
oh, just do it's fun. It's not serious, like at all like, you're just doing stupid, like dances and some ridiculous. Yeah. So on both ends of the spectrum, and I have a business coach, who helps me with the creative stuff that is up here. And I'm like, Oh, when I do all these things, and she's like, Angela, reel it down, reel it down, and let's create, like content strategy. Let's look at like, how we're going to plan this out. What is this going to sound like? What's your copy? How are you going to do you know, email drip? How are you collecting OPT? Like, what are you doing for opt in? So she's really like, the logical side to what I'm doing that I don't naturally do. Yeah, and I have so many entrepreneur groups that I belong to Just to tap in every week of what are we doing? What's going on? Hey, you're not alone. I think that those things are, are so necessary. I work with a website developer and an SEO company that, again, helps me do some of these technical things. And, you know, definitely on the technology end of it, this elder millennial is like, I don't know what the hell and so they sort of, I have a whole team that helps to sustain the foundation of what I'm doing so that I can continue to evolve and pivot and be the face of the brand as we're hiring people. And as we're expanding, so yeah, I have I have a whole back end team that I don't think I don't think they get enough credit. So I should probably talk about thank you for that. Thank you for that. I should. Yeah, there's a whole it's not just me doing all this. I may be the face of it like Beyonce, Beyonce, but Beyonce be a Beyonce solely because she's Beyonce. There's a whole team that makes Beyonce Beyonce, you know? Yeah,

Robert Peterson 51:04
I love how you just made a metaphor that put you and Beyonce at the same spot. So that's good

Unknown Speaker 51:08
to see. Do you see what I did there?

Robert Peterson 51:11
Alright, agile, what's the big dream?

Unknown Speaker 51:14
I just want to change the way we look at movement. I want to inspire people to be in control of how they move their bodies, their emotions, their life, and to champion their own badass rage to kind of throw their middle fingers up at what doesn't serve them. What's conventional, what was force fed to us and start taking control of their life and trailblazing into places that set their souls on fire? That's the vision.

Robert Peterson 51:43
That's fantastic. Yeah. All right. So you've been chatting with our audience for 40 minutes, 45 minutes, and you want to leave them with Angeles Words of Wisdom, what would you share?

Unknown Speaker 51:53
Oh, gosh, a little animalism. Um, yeah, you're in control. It might feel overwhelming, and it might feel heavy. And just know that that is the greatest gift that the world could give to you is some heaviness right now. Because it's making you aware of what needs to change and where you need to grow. And that embrace of your growth and of your challenge will level up your life in ways that you didn't think possible. So please bet on yourself, bet it all on yourself and choose to be brave, to take responsibility, get yourself out of the trunk, and be in the driver's seat of your life to do what makes you happy. And to know that you are responsible for your joy, and there's so much more joy out there for you. Amen.

Noelle Peterson 52:40
Where can they find you?

Unknown Speaker 52:41
Sweat is the website, you can take a class, you can also book a breakthrough session with me, which is we just sort of talk one on one about what's happening, maybe ways that you're in the trunk and create just a simple action plan for you to start taking more control of your time of your money, your energy of your resources of your choices. So those are the easiest ways for people to reach out and connect with me. And you can find me on Instagram, that's where I'm most active. At sweat remix, I also have a Tik Tok, which, you know, I'm still figuring that out. Also sweat remix, and Facebook as well. So every week, so all all there. So please, like reach out, come, come take a class come give yourself permission to release some of the the negative energy that's happening in your body and make space for all of this possibility that we've been talking about, about being in control about being in a joyful life about being grateful that can't thrive until we make space and release the shitty stuff.

Robert Peterson 53:44
So good.

Noelle Peterson 53:45
Thank you so much for joining us, Angela. Yeah, appreciate it. Amazing story and impact and just ideas on her. Thank you so

Unknown Speaker 53:52
much. I appreciate this, y'all. Thank you. Thank you.

Robert Peterson 53:55
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