Dr. Barb Hughson

shares about the power of dance and movement in personal development. She shares her personal acronym for DANCE as a leadership development tool. Dr. Barb shares about infusing play and creativity into life as a part of the growth journey to freedom.

A little bit about Barb...

Dr. Barb has been a dancer, a therapist, an educator, a mediator and a leadership coach all woven together for the past three decades. Bottom line, she has worked with people for a long time and understands what lies deep within people to help them make changes.  

Her passion for leadership includes guiding leaders to center stage where they belong so they can lead with confidence and receive the standing ovation they deserve. Her model, The Leadership Dance© (Developing Self/Others, Action, Network/Connections, Communication, and Empathy/Emotional Intelligence) is what guides her as she teaches leadership courses and works with her coaching clients. Being a leader is much harder than people realize and it is often a lonely position. Understanding who you are as a leader is critical to guiding others. Dr. Barb coaches new and aspiring leaders as well as seasoned leaders of all levels to dive deep into their vision and truly tap into what gives them spark and allows them to impact others. Once a leader feels the flow, they can finally dance confidently in the limelight on that stage!

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Website: DrBarbHughson.com 

LinkedIn: /drbarbh 

Facebook: /drbarbh

Instagram: /drbarbh 

YouTube: The Leadership Dance

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Dr Barb Hughson
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