Bernardo Moya

and Robert talk about becoming your best you. It is challenging to strive to be your best self everyday. Bernando really wants to help people achieve their dream and become better humans. I love his mission, his authenticity in sharing his journey and how love conquers all of our challenges.

A little bit about Bernardo...

Bernardo Moya is an editor, author, publisher, Founder of The Best You brand, chairman of The Best You TV, a TV  producer and editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine. He is the author of The Question. How to find your true purpose and his new book to be launched at The Love Event titled. An Evolving Man, confessions about passion, monogamy and broken hearts.

Bernardo Moya has been an entrepreneur for over thirty-five years, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer, and seminar promoter.

He has unrivaled experience in the world of self-help. He is the architect behind the UK’s biggest annual personal and professional development event – The Best You Expo – held in London and California and now virtually all over the world.

These global events feature speakers, workshops, and seminars from the industry’s biggest names and reach audiences of over 100.000.

His passion now is to help others find their way to achieve their dreams and become better humans through love and elevating consciousness.

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Instagram: /bernardomoya

Facebook: /bernard.moya64

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Bernardo Moya
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