Bill Fairman

shares how the journey of life left him wanting control over his income. He had an understanding of the loan numbers and learned how the money works as an investor and loan provider. Building relationships and hanging out with people who have done it and are willing to share their wisdom. His biggest success has been in the ability to give back to the community and help others. 

A little bit about Bill...

Bill is a co-founder of Carolina Hard Money, a hard money lender that specializes in short-term purchase money loans with a construction component for real estate investors/builders in the Southeast.

Also, a managing member of Carolina Capital Management, the manager of Carolina Capital Reserve Fund I, a Private Pool Mortgage fund created to raise capital from accredited investors and deploying it into real estate secured loans.

He is responsible for raising capital and managing the day-to-day operations of the fund and management company.

A regular speaker at real estate investor and private lending events around the country, Bill has 30 years of mortgage experience that includes residential and commercial, the vast majority of that time spent in the whole sale space.

He has had a unique opportunity to be involved in literally thousands of mortgage transactions, and thus has seen almost every type of scenario play out, both good and bad, giving him a unique depth of experience in the real estate investment space.

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LinkedIn: /company/carolina-hard-money/

Instagram: @/carolina_hard_money/?hl=en

Facebook: /carolina-hard-money 

Youtube: /UCYzCFOvEt2n9TchgECLwpww

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Bill Fairman
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