Billy Keels

talks about his journey which includes tons of travel and culture and working with elite fortune 50 company leaders. While he learned languages and cultures, he hadn’t learned about money even though he was making a bunch of it. He committed himself to learn about money and now he wants to talk about money to help others learn. We definitely need to make it okay to talk about money

A little bit about Billy...

Billy is just  a  regular  guy  from  a  middle-class  family  from Columbus,  Ohio, who  grew up knowing nothing  about investing.  When  he started to become  successful  in my career, he had no idea how to invest his high salary. He was too  embarrassed  to  ask  because he felt  like he  “should’ve'' already known.  Billy was faking it in front of colleagues when they talked about Äccredite investors.

From that point on he gave himself the challenge of learning everything he could about all things money and investing. His  mission  was  to  turn  my  high  wages  into  financial freedom. 8 years later, he achieved it: he created a monthly passive income that met all of his expenses. He no longer had to work if he didn’t want to. Now, his mission is to guide you to your own freedom.

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Billy Keels
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