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A Time for Giving

Dec 23, 2020

Christmas brings to most people’s minds a time for giving. For most, it is a wonderful time of year, because of the energy created through giving. It is sad to me that this giant focus on giving for many people is narrowed down to this one time of year.

Giving should be an attitude and a part of everyday life.

How motivated would you be towards your work if it felt like Christmas? As you consider your plans and goals for 2021, take some time to think about what you want to give away. Make giving a priority in your life. 

For me, giving became a priority in my life when I became a follower of Christ. I believe that the greatest gift given was the gift of Christ. God sent Christ to live among us, and be an example for us to follow. Christ sacrificed his life so that we might have a connection to God the Father. Of course, that is where Christmas started and I recognize not everyone believes that Jesus was God. Even if you don’t, trust me the example of giving that started with the life of Christ changed this planet. Much of the world now celebrates this holiday and even if they don’t understand a faith or spiritual element, the joy they experience is from giving.

I encourage you to consider the joy of giving and make giving a part of your goals and resolutions for 2021. Make giving a part of your business plan. Giving changes our purpose, it helps us to focus on others and it creates a flow for money and resources to circulate. 

I hope that this holiday season brings joy to your life, family and business.