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Love and Adventure by Noelle Peterson

Jan 23, 2022
Robert and I have been adventuring for over 30 years. As we have grown and adjusted to life's situations, we have maintained an element of fun and playfulness in our marriage and family. We attribute this to one of the reasons we are happily married.

Love is a commitment, not just a feeling.

We committed to each other in 1993 that we would make it work, we would serve and love each other til death do us part. We went to marriage counseling to learn that common sense isn't universal. We were coming into the relationship with different backgrounds, baggage and perspectives.
Now some may think it's odd but we don't celebrate Valentines Day. It is not that we don't like it, we just work to celebrate our love all 365 days of the year. We don't focus on love just on February 14. However we have had some major adventures in February. 
In 1996, we decided to become missionaries. Robert finished college and we went to Costa Rica to learn Spanish. Then, with two kids in tow it was time. We flew out of DIA on February 14, 2000 with almost everything we owned to live in Bogota, Colombia. This may not be romantic, but it is very memorable and the beginning of some amazing adventures for our family.
In our 10 years over seas, we learned how to scuba dive, traveled to cities in the Caribbean and saw some amazingly beautiful countryside. 
After our Latin adventures, we settled in Denver and Robert led mission trips around the world. One  year, Robert was able to take me to Kenya to visit friends and go on a Safari. And guess what? We traveled on Valentines Day again.
I count it a blessing to be able to travel with my best friend, see amazing places and adventure through different countries, states and landscapes. Adventuring together gives us time as a couple to stay connected and experience new things.

Having fun together is vital in life and in a marriage.

We have some big adventures and we work to make small time together. This could be lunch out spontaneously, ice cream for dinner or a weekend away. I value time with Robert. I relish the chance to brainstorm business ideas, talk through a book one or both of us is reading or just sitting to watch a comedy special.