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I love how annoying you are

Dec 28, 2022

As children go through their teen years, there are times it seems like they hate us. 

We can take this differently depending on how we are handling our own emotions or things that are going on in our own world.

We go through life wanting people to love us and to like who we are. Having someone we love so dearly not like us in the moment, it can reach us to the core.

We must acknowledge that children are growing and learning. Their brains are transitioning from this is all about me to who are my people and what do I care about.

They are finding their identity in this great big world. We must love on them and give them positive feedback and point out the great things that they do.

Have you had a time in life where someone pointed out something in you that was amazing and you didn't notice it prior?

We need people around us to point out the good things in us. 

We talk about how we take feedback and criticism, but those around us who love us will also tell us what we are good at.

We need to listen to them.

Children, teenagers, need positive input as well as the constructive criticism as they learn who they are and what they are meant to do on this earth.

Adults learn to handle feedback. We may not take it well, but it's something we know we have to learn to handle.

Teenagers just know that their parents are mean and don't understand, right?

Remember they are selfish children by nature. Their brains are about them until they learn differently.

Teenagers start to build identity with the people that are influencing their lives. They need to be loved. They need to be encouraged. They need you to care about them.

They may not realize it. They may not acknowledge it. But they will love you for it.

Parents need to be consistent in their love.

Parents need to be consistent in their demeanor

Adults need to be consistent in their integrity.

Children will thrive on consistency.

Children learn by what they see, not what they are told. remember actions speak louder than words.

They may find you annoying, but they will love you for being you and being there for them.