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What do you believe by Noelle Peterson

Mar 06, 2022

What do you believe? Often that question spurs religious thoughts. But what we have things we believe to be true about the world, about ourselves and about culture should function. 

We grow up learning from those around us. We hear how our parents get along our don't. We hear how family's interact. We see how friendships behave. We see how people behave at the store. 
We learn what is ok and what is not ok based on how others react to situations around us. We learn that we are good, smart, wrong, beautiful, ugly, incompetent or talented by how those around us treat us. Not everything we believe is true.

We must evaluate what we know against truths and facts that we can prove. Look at what we think is true and prove it right or wrong.

These beliefs may or may not be helpful to our wellbeing as we grow up. When they hinder our growth or hinder us from progress we call that a limiting belief. 
We all have limiting beliefs. That is part of growth as adults. As we grow and desire more we must address these limiting beliefs.
We need to reprogram our brains with valid beliefs. If you don't think you are worthy of love or money or stuff or knowledge, you're wrong. Borrow my belief that you are worthy and you can have what you desire.

Dream of who you want to be, what you want to have and all the work to get there will make you the person worthy of having it.

Not working on ourselves allows those beliefs to take root and for us to prove that false belief true. It takes work, don't get me wrong, but it can be done.