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The Power of Boredom

Mar 18, 2021

James Clear in Atomic Habits says, “The biggest threat to success is not failure, it is boredom.”

That line hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been thinking about the last six months and the roadblocks that I felt were holding me back, from building my business, and I realize it is what I am doing when I am bored.

Like most of you my TO DO list is plenty long. I know things I can do today that will help my business and I sit back wondering why in the heck am I not getting them done.

Of course, some of the things on the list I am not ready to do yet. Some of the things I obviously don’t want to do at all. Then there are the things that I should be passing on to my Virtual Assistant to do and I haven’t been organized enough to do those things. 

In the moments of boredom it is easier to check for comments on Facebook, “Oh, there is a news story about something sad and tragic to distract me further.” Worse, I just feel tired and go lie down for a quick nap. 

What we do when we are bored will determine the success we create.

We need to find ways to trick our brain into enjoying the activity, or making a rule that we find a fun activity to reward ourselves with after we complete the boring activity. For me the accounting is a drag and while I outsource some parts of it, I still have pieces that need to be done. So I do the accounting before one of my group calls. This can be a challenge because if I don’t do the accounting, I still have to show up for the group call so I can’t let myself cheat. To me the best time of my week is leading my group calls for my Inner Circle members. I also can take advantage of the time after the call to do something that isn’t quite as a exciting, riding the wave of energy from one of the group calls.

I encourage you to find the activities that you are avoiding and look for ways to reward yourself for completing them. Look for ways to spice them up and make them more exciting for your brain. The most important thing is to keep it simple, so that you can repeat it and it can become a habit rather than a frustration that keeps moving down your TO DO list as you ignore it.