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Confessions of a business coach

Feb 20, 2023

The truth is...

I am not a business coach. I don't know shit about business, I mean really. 

I am about people. I know people.

I help with mindset, habits and relationships and the choices that those things impact.

I have been trying to be a business coach, because I started out trying to serve the corporate business space with leadership development and teamwork. I can do leadership and teamwork.

Then I found a connection to entrepreneurs and tried to help them the same way. I can help them LEAD themselves and I help them think differently about their business but I am not qualified to help them make business decisions.

The profit idea is so enticing. I can help you increase your profit. It is measurable. It is easy to communicate about. Yet, I can't really help with profit or business decisions directly. My expertise is people.

The mindset issues that impact business leaders are the same.

So following sales and marketing advice, based on the PATH that I had chosen led me to choose a niche, and looking for a niche that is targetable, has a problem I can solve and the money to pay. My current advisors were excited, yeah that is a great niche, but it wasn't, it isn't.

It is a niche that is SLAMMED with experts, and people trying to get in their pockets. They have gatekeepers, they ignore their email, they ignore their private messages on LinkedIn. When they do open their eyes, they want someone with a proven track record. They want the success stories and evidence. I don’t have evidence because I have been trying to be the WRONG thing. I have been trying to be a BUSINESS COACH. WTH? Can I help them? Of course. But not in the way I was promoting myself. I am not a business coach and never was. Will I be? Maybe.

A mentor called me out and I felt devastated. For two days, which is a lot for me, I was stuck in my head. Like I know what I am doing. I make a difference in people’s lives but WHAT IS IT? Why am I struggling so hard to define it?

I am a life coach. I have been life coaching for 25 years.

I have a 20 year history of life coaching in ministry, improving lives, helping people change bad habits for good habits. I help people change their mindset from negative thinking to positive. I help them improve their relationships and understand the power of forgiveness.

I am a LIFE coach who helps business owners, entrepreneurs with their LIFE, not their business.

Of course it will impact their business. They will feel better, they will improve their communication, they will have better relationships, but I won’t help them with their finances and their business plan. That isn’t who I was made to be. I help them focus on what matters most. I help them when they struggle with work life balance. It isn't about balance, but you know when it is out of whack in your life.

I help them make their somedays... today.

If you identify with what I am sharing. Let's chat.

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