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Cultivating a Strong Culture and Decisions Guided by Core Values

Mar 27, 2023

Culture is the combination of shared beliefs, values, customs, and practices that comprise a communal identity. It is the collective behavior of a group of people and serves as an underlying factor that gives meaning to their everyday life. It can be seen in the way individuals express themselves through language, artwork, clothing, music, food, and more. Every culture has unique characteristics that are passed down from generation to generation.

Definition of a Strong Culture for Small Business

Culture plays an important role in the success of a small business. Developing a culture that encourages collaboration, creativity, and accountability helps to build team morale and create an environment where employees want to come to work each day. Additionally, a strong culture creates an understanding of the values that drive your business, which can help make decision-making easier and more efficient. A positive and cohesive culture also serves as a competitive advantage over other businesses as customers are drawn to businesses that share their values.

Why Understanding Your Culture Is Essential

Understanding your culture is essential for any small business, but it's often neglected. A strong culture can help to create an environment where employees want to come to work each day, and can also serve as a competitive advantage over other businesses. Additionally, having a clear understanding of the values that drive your business helps make decision-making easier and more efficient. Cultivating a positive and cohesive culture within your organization will lead to better communication among team members, higher morale, and improved customer relationships. Ultimately, understanding your company’s culture is key to helping you achieve success in today’s competitive market.

What is Your Business’s Mission, Core Values, Purpose, and Impact?

  1. What do I want my business to stand for?
  2. What is most important to me and my team when it comes to the way we do things?
  3. How does our culture impact how we serve our clients?

How to Cultivate and Sustain a Strong Workplace Culture

  1. Hire with Care

Hire and outsource based on shared values, not SKILLS! You can train skills, but you want team members who will honor your culture, honor your values, and make decisions based on those same values.

This creates increased TRUST and will bring A players to your team because they want to be a part of something that VALUES the same things.

  1. Foster Communication, Collaboration, and Respect

Encourage open and honest communication. Develop a listening culture where each team member can voice their opinion and be heard. This allows employees to work together with respect, understanding, and trust.

Create an environment that is welcoming, collaborative, and inspiring. Employees should feel free to take risks and express ideas without fear of judgment or repercussion.