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What is discipline?

Dec 14, 2021

Often times what comes to mind is reprimanding or correcting a child. 

But today we want to talk about being disciplined. As adults we must make daily decisions to do the right thing, to go to work, to clean the house, to get up in the morning. We become disciplined in our thoughts and actions.
As a mother, I had to get up every morning and take care of the family. It was my job to have everyone ready for school or work in the morning. It was my job to have the house ready for the day whatever that meant. I learned to make the best of my time in cleaning and working and cooking, and whatever else was going on.
As a matter of fact, when I was a young mother of one, with another on the way, I decided to go college. Oh and we were missionaries living overseas. I was going to Spanish Language school 5 hours a day, raising a 2 year old, pregnant and a wife. I had to learn to be disciplined in order to get my homework done on top of the duties of a mother and wife.

Being disciplined means taking the time and energy to choose to take care of the things that matter and on a daily basis.

I enjoyed the time with my family and focused other times on homework. I kept the family to as much of a schedule as the day allowed. This meant the kids were always in bed by 7pm.
After 8 years, I had received my Bachelors and my Masters degrees as well as raising two wonderful children in a multi lingual and multi cultural world. 
By Noelle Peterson