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Make Your Dream Happen!

Nov 21, 2022

As we come out of the pandemic, there is about 40 days left in 2022.

We are no longer in the pandemic and we cannot use it as an excuse to stay where we are.

Where do you want to go?

What do you want in 2023?

About a year ago, I was working through some worksheets Robert had printed from the internet. I was several months post trauma and knowing I needed a new direction.

I sat at the dining room table hoping to find my purpose amongst some random pieces of paper.

I knew I was not where I was meant to be. I had spent many years following the instructions and desires of other people. I filled in many roles and could do many jobs, but never evaluated, never truly evaluated what I was on this earth for.

Now we know post trauma to never take advantage of a moment. I knew I could do my job, my 9-5, but was that what I truly was meant to do? No.

I needed to find my WHY, my passion.

The reality is the worksheets didn't have good instructions, they seemed disjointed and were simply just frustrating me. As I explained that to Robert, he very simply said, "Then write your own."

Wait, what? Write my own. That is an option?

With that possibility planted I began creating a plan to figure out my own plan.

I spent several weekends at my computer, books and worksheets all around, trying to decide what was the write order, what were the right activities.

What really needed to be thought of if someone were to figure out their next year?

After I had put together what made sense to me, we had met a publisher and he wanted to publish this compilation into a book.

What? What would that look like? Why would someone buy this?

I had just put this together for myself. I had started to try to figure out how to use it as a lead magnet, but it was more than a freebie that you find on sites. Would people really want this?

We now how have these 20 activities available for you. You won't have to wonder how to process through these entrepreneurial topics. You don't have to hurt your eyes trying to see or understand the concepts.

You have a dream inside you, we all do.

What did you do at age 12? 

Do you want to be doing that now? or something similar.

You can do this.

You can be living your dream in 2023.

The Dream Life Planner can kickstart your action steps. You can be who you were meant to be.

Get your Planner today and be ready for the new you in 2023.