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The Value of Fun

value Sep 23, 2020

Business is serious, but there is room for fun and joy and we hope that we can always keep growing fun and not take ourselves too seriously. Isn't the goal or a part of the dream to enjoy time with family,  how can we enjoy business if we don't enjoy life?

All of us enjoy having a good time, but sometimes there is this impression that work needs to be not fun and after work is fun. I feel very different about that and feel that most people will do better work if they feel like they can let loose a little bit and have some fun.

Fun creates an unencumbered sense of joy.

I believe that joy is a positive state of mind that allows the brain to function at a higher level. 

I haven’t done any scientific research, there may be some out there, but I know that for me, if I can joke a little bit, not take myself too seriously, I am more willing to make mistakes and more willing to feel a little silly. This makes it easier to try wild and crazy ideas that we might not try if we are too serious.

We can accomplish all those business tasks, take care of the spreadsheets, have the meeting and complete our task lists all while having a little bit of fun. 

Start with a smile, it will bring a bit of joy.