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The Value of Generosity

value Oct 22, 2020

Abundance and prosperity come as a part of understanding flow. Flow is not only a mindset, it is a heart that knows it has something to share with the world and it gives more than it gets to have that impact. Giving in money and service are ways to keep the flow and to serve the world. Giving is a great way to show the world what is important to your heart and where you want to make a difference.

One of the values that has had a financial impact on my life has been tithing.

My wife and I started early in our marriage and ministry to always give as an acknowledgment of the source. 

We believe that the personal development teachings are pretty clear of the value of being focused on others and on sharing the good that we receive. We give of our time, we give of our abilities, talents and we give of our finances.

As our income has grown it has been exciting to be able to do more with what we have been blessed with. The idea of having more, is more exciting because we know that we can give more. I want to be one of the largest tithers in our church. I want to be able to support ministries and start ups with significant contributions, like the kind of contribution that provides relief and makes a difference, like their annual salary or support an entire team for a mission trip. 

It is clear that to do greater things we need more resources and that is a driver for us.

It is also about who we hang out with and fit with. Our teams value making a difference and they each have their own dreams of who they can help and support.

One of the exciting ways to make an Impact is to surprise someone. I have committed to giving someone a trip, an experience that they have wanted and can’t or won’t give to themselves. Maybe it is front row concert tickets, maybe it is an all expense paid trip to some great vacation spot. These kinds of gifts are only possible when you have the resources.

Generosity is better suited to the wealthy.

Jesus said you will always have the poor among you, he didn’t say that you were to be the poor.

Giving of my time and money has always been a huge blessing and our company will continue to reflect that kind of generosity. One of our goals is to take a group of our clients to work with business owners in a developing country and spend a week teaching them the business skills and mindset things we have learned. If we can share our knowledge of abundance and help others in developing nations learn these principles and apply them to their lives and business, it is exciting to think of the change that will bring about.