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Are you living or dying, without purpose people perish by Noelle Peterson

Jun 20, 2022

Do you have a goal? A dream?

What gets you up in the morning?

Napoleon Hill spoke of definiteness of purpose in Think and Grow Rich.

Do you notice that when you want to accomplish something nothing else matters?

When your heart is set on a goal, you do everything in your power to reach the finish line?

Do you feel like you're wandering aimlessly otherwise?

We were created for purpose. We all have dreams and desires.

When we place that purpose on our heart, our conscious and subconscious does everything to make it happen.

The universe pulls for us when we desire something so strongly.

I'll ask you again what gets you up in the morning?

What is the dream you've put on the back burner?

"A definite purpose, backed by absolute faith, is a form of wisdom and wisdom in action produces positive results."- Napoleon Hill

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