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How Can a Business Coach Help Me?

Nov 11, 2020

Let me admit my bias, as a coach, and coaching client, YES! 

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about coaching.

1. The coach should be an expert in my industry.

There are industry specific coaches and they can have value, but they also have limitations. They have a system or process and will expect you to use it. There is typically not much flexibility in their program. If you like being told what to do, when to do it, then an industry specific coach can be helpful. Based on what I believe to truly be coaching, this is not coaching.

The value of coaching is the coaches ability to draw out the very best in you. A good coach asks the right questions to draw out your expertise and challenge your limitations. 

Tom Brady is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in history. He has had a multitude of coaches. Including a quarterback coach who has not played near as many games as Tom or won as many Super Bowls. If Tom is a better quarterback than his quarterback coach, how can that coach add value? The quarterback coach works on Tom’s form and can ask questions about what worked and what didn’t. He can help him with the things that he can’t see and challenge Tom to think about things as he is doing them. 

The head coach who orchestrates the plays and from the sidelines typically can see the needs of the game. The fitness coach who works on his body and guides him to keep his body prepared. The nutrition coach who focuses on his eating habits. Many professional athletes also have mindset coaches who help them stay focused mentally on what matters most.

2. Coaching is expensive.

Yes, quality coaching can be expensive, but it also elevates your game and can quickly solve problems and bring your business to another level. 

A good business coach should be raising your value quickly and it should be measurable. The investment should be bringing results either in your bottom line or in your thinking and mindset. Obviously, the mindset should lead to financial results and the coach should be willing to measure results. 

3. My business isn’t big enough for a coach.

I believe that you can have a coach at every level. For some people that can be the same mentor for many years, some people change coaches and find a coach to meet different needs at different levels. A quality coach will challenge your assumptions, push you higher and farther faster. A good coach is an accelerator at every level. Coaching helps you see blind spots, face obstacles with confidence and keep you focused on your vision. My earliest coach, mentor has been a part of my life for more than 20 years and I still check in with him and call him to get advice or share success. 

Entrepreneurship is hard and lonely and sometimes our coach will be our only advocate who believes in us and our dream. They will be the one that keeps us going when we want to quit and help us through the difficult moments. I believe that all of us should have a coach. Coaches will come and go in our lives and we will sometimes need to change coaches, but we should always have someone supporting us and challenging us to achieve that next level.