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Stand Up, Take Action, Don't be Afraid by Noelle Peterson

Jan 06, 2022

We all have an imposter monster. That voice in your head that tells you you can't, no way that will work, who would listen to you, you don't know anything. The little devil on your shoulder. The lies that hold you back from taking the step you know you need to take. 

Heather Monahan says that the only way you can be an imposter is to show up as someone other than you.

I'm struggling this week. I know I'm a great employee, mom, and wife. However, I'm getting stuck on questions such as what skills do you have or what do you know or what can you do. 
So I got to thinking and asking the question who am I? If I want to show up as me, I have to know who I am. I don't want to be a fake or an imposter. I need to know who I am and go from there. 
I then asked based on those answers how can I use my passions to help others. 
I don't have all the answers but I'm searching. That is more than the imposter monster was allowing me to do. 

The imposter monster sits on our shoulder to find ways to keep us from growing.

To keep us from using our skills, abilities and passions to better this world we live in. 
I don't know how to kick the imposter monster to the curb but I invite you to join me in the journey. Let's stand up to him and choose to face fear. 
by Noelle Peterson