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The Value of Integrity

value Sep 30, 2020

Integrity is doing the right thing. Some might add even when no one is looking.

It seems that integrity is just a basic business building skill, do the right thing and yet you look at many company mission statements they add the word integrity. 

The challenge is that our mind rationalizes our lack of integrity.

95% of students will say that cheating is wrong and yet more than 50% will admit to cheating on an exam or project. We are quick to justify or rationalize like getting a test answer is not cheating or everyone else is doing it and that makes it okay. 

The challenge of integrity in our expanded world marketplace, is that different religions and cultures view these choices or definition of what is right differently. In some cultures there is an expectation of doing a favor, in others that favor is viewed as a bribe and an unfair advantage. 

It is clear in business that many feel that cheating is necessary. In some workplaces or industries it feels like the cheaters, the liars are the ones that are moving up the ladder. There is a right choice and it can be summed up in this way.

“He must give to every man a use value in excess of the cash value he receives, so that each transaction makes for more life” Wallace D. Wattles

Napoleon Hill states it this way, “I engage in no transaction which does not benefit all who it affects.”

Making choices that benefit everyone involved will change your business and the world. 

The second area of Integrity that became a challenge for me in business was Integrity with myself. As an Eagle Scout, a Marine, a Husband, a Missionary and Pastor I was proud of my integrity, letting my yes be yes. If I said I would show up, I was there. If I said I would do something I would get it done. 

When I started my business there came a time when I realized I would tell myself that I would do something but then let it fall by the wayside. I was out of harmony with myself. I had a list of things I knew I needed to do for my business and yet I was willing to ignore them. 

Restoring that harmony with myself was a huge step towards success and getting the things done in my business that were necessary. 

Integrity is an important value to me, because I believe our word is all we have total control over and we can lose it by not doing the things we say we will do, for others and even for ourselves.