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Make It Happen by Noelle Peterson

dream manifest positive vision Jun 13, 2022

Do you dream of more in life? More money, more time, more happiness? We all do.

But do you also feel that more is for other people and that you need to figure out how to be happy with what you got? I don't believe you do.

I don't know you, that's right, but I believe you are made for more.

I believe that you can make a difference in your life and start obtaining more with one thing.

Yes I believe if you did this one thing you'd be on your way to your dream, whatever it may be.

Manifest it.

What does that mean? It is believing it will happen. Tell yourself it has happened.

Talk about your life as if it has happened.

For example, when I was looking to quit my day job, I made the password to my computer the date I wanted to resign. So every time I logged into the computer or any of our software, I was reminded of the fact. Subconsciously I made it happen. I resigned that very weekend.

Your subconscious wants to work with and for you. Let it. Give it something to work on.

What are you dreaming of? A new car? A vacation?

Describe what you want. Better yet, describe how you'll feel and act once you reach that dream.

Write a statement or document of who you are and how you act once you reach your dream and read it each morning.

Then when you start becoming the person worthy of that dream, let us know and we'll celebrate with you.

Be excited, your dream is around the corner, I can feel it.