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Non Negotiable Habits

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In talking about developing new habits as entrepreneurs there are some habits that I would consider non-negotiables to success.

Those are pretty strong words. The idea that every successful person would have the same habits seems like a stretch but give me a chance.

I’ll narrow it down to two.

A morning routine and an evening debrief.

Obviously, those two can have many elements but...

If you build a morning routine and an evening debrief you will be setting yourself up for success.

I have had a morning routine for more than 20 years. I read every morning, typically I read the Bible and journal. As an entrepreneur. over the last 3 years I have added some elements to that routine. I drink a 32 oz glass of water. I meditate for 15-30 minutes. and I try to write each day what I hope to accomplish. This can be an entry in my journal as simple as what meetings I have that day, or what I need to get done on my task list. 

This leads to what can be the more challenging task and that is the evening debrief.

If I made myself a task list for the day, the end of the day is the best time to check in and see how I have done. I have struggled to do this regularly, even though I have proven how effective it can be in execution and celebration. Yes, I will admit frustration at my own failings in execution. Rather than beating myself up for failing to do what I know if good for me. I try to simplify it so that I can execute.

Did I do what I said I was going to do today? What am I celebrating from today? What can I do tomorrow to do better?

This can be challenging to hold yourself accountable, but its value in growth and progress far outweighs the stress. If you do this for just a a few days you will start to see how far it pushes you.

You can add details to your morning routine, maybe include exercise. Movement first thing in the day really can make a big impact in how much you accomplish. My winter routine has me walking at lunchtime, so I don’t consider it part of my morning routine. It is when springtime rolls back around.

Morning is also a great time for your affirmations or as I teach people your I AM statements that help set you up for a great day. 

I am creating multiple streams of income

I am easy to work with

I am helping people today

I am growing and learning as I go

I am a trusted advisor and I listen and help people see themselves growing and living the life of their dreams.

I easily access my abundant nature

I am grateful for the abundance in my life

I am smart energetic and organized

Another area that can be added to your morning routine is diet and exercise, how are you caring for your body today? What is your commitment to fueling your body and creating movement?

You can see how developing the habit of a morning routine and an evening routine can really help you stay on task.

The details you choose to add, that is up to you. As an entrepreneur, you run your business and it can be as simple as my morning routine is when I start working and my evening routine is when I stop working. For some of you even that simple is complicated because you never stop working. We all know that is not healthy.

I encourage you to organize your routine to create habits that reinforce the person you are becoming in your life and business. The two habits of a morning routine and an evening debrief are the most powerful way to make progress.

Write a habit below that you consider non-negotiable.