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I had good times, You have your own path

Jan 01, 2023

Some talk about living vicariously through others. Sometimes through friends traveling to places we'd like to go. Others have relationships we'd only dream of. And then there are times our children are growing up and we try to enjoy the times they have, maybe we didn't have that type of opportunity when we were their age.

We can enjoy the fact that our friends and family are having wonderful experiences. We should not envy them or feel bad that we are not in their shoes. We have had our own journey and it was amazing and it is what brought us to who we are today. 

When our children grow up, we must allow them to grow and learn from their own mistakes. We have to let them experience life the way it has laid out for them.

It is not our role to interfere, nor to try to live their experiences with them. They are adults and will have a different life than we had, and that is amazing.

We want the best for them, and therefore must allow them to grow. 

Think about when we teach them to drive. We don't give them the keys and let them figure it out. We guide them along the way. 

As my adult daughter learns to drive a truck with a trailer, what better way to learn then to have an experienced driver next to her.

But as they learn, we do give them keys and allow them to live their own lives.

They can trust our input without us hovering over them at all times.

Moms who learn to let their children grow up are able to give them the independence they need in order to flourish. It can be hard to let go, but it is worth it to see your child succeed. Moms who learn to let their children grow up also tend to have closer relationships with them as they get older. This is because the child knows that the mom trusts them and that they are capable of handling things on their own.

Eventually, all moms learn to let their children grow up. They realize that as their children get older, they are capable of handling more and more on their own. The relationship between a mom and her grown-up child changes, but it can still be just as strong. Moms who have learned to let their children grow up often find that they are able to enjoy a new level of independence and freedom themselves.

As they grow up and live on their own, if they trust our desire for them to live their own life, they'll seek our input. 

When adult children ask our advice, it is encouraging that we are building a great relationship with them.

There may be times they ask for advice but only want confirmation of the decision they are planning on making. We can still attempt to guide them, but ultimately it is up to them to decide and also to live with the consequences.

Once they become adults, we are not responsible for the decisions and choices that they make.

We do not live out their consequences, we had our own when we were there age. 

Raise them in truth and trust that they will live the life they were meant to live.