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Chips on a Plane by Noelle Peterson

Jan 28, 2022
Robert and I were flying home from an amazing weekend trip. Granted it was a long weekend.
We had bought snacks for the trip, but we were so busy we didn't even open some of them.
So time came to pack, I put the brand new bag of chips in the carryon and then carried it onto the plane.
As we were ascending, we heard a pop. Now this was not a normal airplane sound.
We looked at each other and the light bulbs came on. The chips had been tucked under the seat as our personal item.
They were now ready for consumption. They had opened on their own.
Just a reminder when going up in a plane, oh and up in altitude like to the mountains, be cautious of air pressure on your snacks.

Do you have a pressure relief valve?

Something that releases the pressure built up inside your stress bucket?
We can be like the bag of chips if we aren't careful. We don't want the world to pop our bag of chips. 
I love comedy. When I was recovering last year, a friend had posted a video on Facebook of people playing a song that surprised those around them. This scared their family members or friends and for some reason was hysterical. 
I sat at our dining room table in tears I was laughing so hard. This was a great relief for me. Actually it was funny to Robert watching me crack up. It was so bad he video taped me to show our kids.

Take time to laugh. Take time to release the pressure that life builds.