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The Value of Purpose

value Sep 16, 2020

Discovering our purpose is interesting like there seems to be an element of freedom, in that we can choose what we want to do in this world, but does that satisfy? Many people feel like they were made for something more, like they have something else to do, something that would fulfill them or make a bigger difference in the world. 

I believe that feeling is universal and when we look within ourselves we know that there is something within us that longs to make an impact on the world. There is something that just fits our experience and our gifts and talents. The Japanese call it ‘Ikigai’ a word that means, reason for being.

I think most of us feel like we were created for something

maybe it is finding that perfect partner, making a difference in the world, but inside each of us there is something.

What do you think happens to that feeling? 

I think many lose their way and just take what comes to them. They might start out looking for a job that they want, that they feel suits them but when they don’t have the training or experience, when the world tells them no, they give up and settle for something else. For most people it feels like they don’t have a choice to change their conditions and circumstances, they are stuck and they take the job that they can do because they have to take care of their family.

Obviously, caring for your family is important, and working leads to work, but working where your passion doesn’t lie quickly kills the dream, takes away the possibility and we feel further and further away from our purpose.

How does someone who has lost their way, find their purpose and get back on track?

John Maxwell talks about your interests lead to your talents, your talents develop passion and passion leads to purpose. I believe that each of us has a purpose inside us, the seeds of a dream, the seeds of the bigger impact and influence on the world.

I believe that all human beings exist to take care of each other, to make the world a better place, to add value.

Discovering your purpose or allowing it to rise back up out of the place it was sent to die empowers us and frees us to try new things and engage the world in a new way. Purpose can be the driving force of new dreams and open the doors to greater possibilities.