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Reflection - Doesn't everyone see what I see?

Jan 16, 2023

The holidays can bring out old memories, old photographs, old stories.

Isn't it funny how we remember things differently?

We can acknowledge in these settings that we have different memories. We can all look at the same family photo and tell different stories about what was happening. Sometimes they might be similar but not always.

When we get into an argument or discussion with a loved one or friend, we tend to forget that we don't see things the same way.

When we got married, we went to marriage counseling and discovered that husband sense wasn't common sense.

We were raised in different households, different parents, different cities, different schools.

Nothing we did was very much like the other, but yet we expect the other to act, react or think like we do.

Policemen like to get as many eye witness stories as possible when there is a situation because each perspective will show a different story (different perspective.)

Think about a simple conversation between two people, either at home, work or out with the girls. Each person walks away with what they think was said. 

It is so important to reiterate what is said, especially when there are any expectations. This is valuable, so that both parties know what the expectations are, but also so that no one is assuming anything.

Acknowledge that other people involved do not see through your eyes. Behind your eyes is your own personal filter in which you see the world. It has the interactions you've had with the world. It has the influences you've received. Your limiting beliefs are a different combination of others. No one has had the combination of life experiences that you have had, good and bad.

You are special.

You are unique.

Expect others to be as well.