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The Value of Relationships

value Oct 07, 2020

Humans were made for purpose, they were also built for relationships. These relationships are how we grow and serve, from our family, to our work community, to the impact we have in the world. We can grow and have a larger impact when we connect with the world around us.

We value relationships.

Family is the foundational relationship. All of us should be spending the majority of our time with our families. The reality of work is that we spend the next largest amount of time with our coworkers. So we should enjoy being around each other and be seeking to serve each other and add value to each other.

Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

How important is it to choose those relationships? How much do you want to nurture and care for those relationships?

We believe that family relationships are the most important and we want family involved in all the work that we do. We believe that our team relationships should be as close to family as possible. We also value our client relationships and will care for our clients the same as we would our family and team. 

Relationships are more important than transactions, we will never sacrifice a relationship over money.

What relationships get the most of your time and energy? Do you need to adjust your relationships to match your priorities?