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Have you given up on resolutions?

Dec 26, 2021

The last week of the year is when most people consider a reset, start to dream of something new or different for their lives.

For years I would utter New Year's Resolutions

- I want to lose 10 pounds
- I want to read 12 books this year
- I want to be a better dad
- I want to be a better husband

The majority of resolutions are outcome goals. There is not anything wrong with outcome based goals, but an outcome based goal by it self is incomplete.

There are two problems with outcome based goals.
1. Thinking about the outcome doesn't intuitively give you the solution.
2. We have to let go of the outcome to achieve it.

Thinking about outcomes just reminds us of what we don't have and doesn't help us in achieving it. We must use the desired outcome to figure out the steps.

We need to focus on the process.

When I want to lose ten pounds, it is easy to focus on the ten pounds. To stand on the scale each day and hope that it will change.

The truth is unless I change a process, change my daily behavior, stepping on the scale each day will do nothing but frustrate and discourage me.

What happens when I set a process goal? I will run a mile three times a week. (Burn more calories) or I will eat 1800 calories each day.

The great thing about a process goal is you don't have to track the outcome.

You don't have to step on the scale each day, if you do the process, you will achieve the outcome and more.

So this New Year as you consider resolutions, think about the outcome that you desire but only use it to determine the process, the new behavior that you are committed to for the coming year.

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