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Our Habits and Routines

Dec 02, 2020

This year many of our routines have been broken or changed but it should show us the importance of our routines.

Over the last four or five years, I did a large amount of my morning routine while having breakfast at McDonalds. I know it is not the healthiest option, but it worked for me. In fact, with a great coupon card, my wife started joining me for free and we did breakfast together. We also did our daily devotion together and Bible reading. Then we would each journal or read whatever we were working on.

So with Covid closing dine in eating options, it made a dent in my routine. Admittedly, it does still frustrate me.

I had to focus on what was important in the routine.

I have read the Bible each year for more than 20 years, so that piece was pretty important. I enjoyed breakfast with my wife. So, we drove to McDonalds and ordered breakfast and listened to the Bible. This worked for a time. There were still some things missing.

Journaling was an important part of my routine, but it is awkward to journal in the car. I started to be frustrated and journaling when I did do it, was more rumination, something which I try not to allow myself. So I quit. I quit journaling. 

Turns out, the importance of journaling for my routine was higher than I gave it credit, and it took a while to recognize what I had lost. I mistakenly thought that journaling was negatively impacting me, when in fact quitting journaling was devastating. Journaling was where I asked questions, it is where I evaluated the good or bad of a day and what was accomplished. Journaling was where I was recording ideas and challenging myself to grow. 

Some of our habits are more important than we realize.

When the routine is broken or changed, it is important to try and keep the important aspects and be willing to change the things that can be changed. I am better off eating at home, spending time with my wife and having a table to journal on. The important aspects can remain and when we make a mistake we go back and recognize what matters most.

How have your routines changed? Is there an important element that you have lost? How can you restore what is important to you and to your growth?