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Take a look inward, it'll do you good - by Noelle Peterson

Feb 04, 2022

Have you ever thought of evaluating who you are? Why would we do that? What difference does it make?

Well looking at who we are and how we are doing in different areas of our life can give us perspective. It can show us where we can improve, what we can work on.

Oh that's a four letter word. We don't want to work, especially on ourselves.

But yet we want to achieve great things. We want more money. We want to help others. We want more stuff.

How can we get more?

More time. More money. More friends. More things. More support. For most of that we can try to work more hours but that is an hour for dollars game. We only have so many hours we can function in a day.

What if you could get more for what you offer? Is that possible? For many when we learn more we can with our way up the ladder at work. For others we can charge for what we are worth when we grow who we are. Either way, we gotta look at who we are today and then can evaluate who we want to be.

Who are you today?

Get a handle on who you are today. This may seem unnecessary but when we try to say who we are it is not always an easy answer. I personally struggle with this question.

I guess I don't like thinking of or admitting that I'm not good in any area. But in order to grow in anything, I gotta know where I stand.

I encourage you to think of the different areas in your life. Are you being your best you? Are you giving your all? Could you improve?