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Time Management

Aug 02, 2021

Time is a resource that for many feels out of control. Time, like money and other things, is really a matter of how you think about it. If you get your thought life about time correct, it makes it easier to use time for your benefit, rather than feeling like you are being controlled by the outside force of time.


Either you’re using time.

Or it’s using you.

You can watch the clock, but if you do, it’s watching you.

Clocks have an agenda. They aren’t a part of the human condition–they’re fairly recent. They enabled industrialism, and the very fact that they have an ‘alarm’ built in is a clue.

It’s definitely possible to put time to good use.

But if we’re without a compass and a goal, we can find it using us.

By Seth Godin

We have this problem and for most people it applies to the resources of time and money. “I don’t have enough time is very similar to I don’t have enough money.” 

We feel like there is not enough time. That is because we are looking at time in the wrong way. Time is not an outside force controlling us, we control it.

Think about the time you are working on a project in the house and your child says, can we go outside and play ball. Your response is, NO, I do not have time.

The child goes out and falls and scrapes their leg open and it is bleeding. 

Now the situation is different, that same time you claimed to not have, you suddenly have to take care of the child.


For me, the wake up call was the comparison of the language we use about money, and the language we use about time. When parents say we don’t have money for candy, they are really saying candy isn’t a priority or a part of our budget.

When a parent says I don’t have time to play, they are saying that this work I am doing, is a higher priority than playing. 

“We control time or it will control us.”

Time becomes a resource that I need to budget. Budgeting time, like budgeting money, is choosing your priorities, and then putting them in priority order. 

The truth about time, like money, is how we think about it.

  • Perception “How we think about time.
  • Attitude “How we feel about time
  • Actions “How we use time as a tool

Time management tools

Pomodoro system

This is a mind focus tool. The mind is able to focus more at the beginning of work or study. So you create more beginnings by taking breaks. Study or work for 25 minutes and then take 5 minutes to do something away from the work, walk away, rest your eyes.


Anything that can become part of a routine, will help you accomplish the tasks without thought.

Morning routines really do set the stage for success throughout the day by creating success in the morning.

Celebrate success

This doesn’t seem like a time tool, but the truth is you, and your brain, like celebration and you get more of what you celebrate. So when you accomplish something, even the small habits you want to check off that list, have a small celebration, a Facebook post, a high five with a co-worker, or just scream it to the universe “I did it.” 

Power five

My evening routine is where I declare my power five. The five things that I need to get done the next day. These are the priority, no matter what other meetings, calls or workload is on the calendar, to WIN the DAY, I must accomplish these five goals.