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Do you know what you want to do in life?

Jan 29, 2023

What do you want to do in life?

Do you know?

I have spent the majority of my life saying "YES." It may or may not have been the right answer.

I made the most of every opportunity. But I never sat down and evaluated what I wanted in life. I didn't think of my gifts, talents, passions, desires. None of it. Could I do the task, sure, should I? that was the unasked question.

I realize that life is busy and we tend to do what needs done, especially as moms. We want to make everyone's life easier so we do anything and everything we can toward that end.

Is it the best for them? We don't ask that.

It is time to look inward, maybe for the first time.

What is important to me?

What really fuels me and gives me energy to keep going?

This is different than your why? My why is to be available and healthy to be a part of my grandchildren's life.

My passion is helping women have healthy relationships and interactions.

I have done different 'jobs' and 'roles' over the years. I can do many things. But what I do well and what rejuvenates me aren't necessarily the same thing.

I have found that there are certain tasks that while I am doing them and afterward, I just have this posture and stance and energy that is unexplainable. I am overjoyed to be able to share words of wisdom with a friend or to write a paragraph or story that just verbalizes my thoughts well.

What do you do that just lights you up inside?

This week I spent 3 days with some of the best in the area and some flew in. We got to listen to, talk to, learn from and be with some amazing coaches, speakers, authors, and those who will be soon. 

Try something new and see how it feels? What is the result for you and those around you?

You also have to listen to those around you. We hear that we need to accept and even seek out feedback. We always assume this is negative and what we can improve on. 

However, we need to listen to the positive words as well. I, for one, let those positive words roll off my shoulder.

Ya ok, whatever.

I'm learning that I am those things. Those positive things really are me. I am good at that!

What are people telling you that you need to listen to and allow to shine?