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Why What Matters Matters

Mar 20, 2023


What matters?

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do?

For me, I spent many years doing what needed to be done. 

I could do many things and I learned how to do things when something needed to be done.

However, I didn't take time to evaluate what I wanted to do, nor what I was good at doing.

My family was the priority. But I never thought about it or did anything on purpose. 

I did what needed to be done to be a good wife and mother.

What difference does it make?

When you know what matters most, you are able to evaluate decisions and opportunities with your priority in mind.

I always struggled with saying 'NO'. And I was even told that I needed to learn how to say no and not do everything.

I didn't understand that at first but after many many years, I realize that when you know your priorities and what matters most, you can say 'NO' when things don't line up with that.

When you say 'NO' to something that doesn't align with who you are or what matters to you, you are saying 'YES' to your priorities.

it is easier to say 'YES' to your priorities!

Do not fret about what you are saying 'NO' to as that will be a wonderful opportunity for someone else.

When you do what you were meant to do you can have a greater impact.