Brendan Burns

digs deep into his success and failures. He is very open about his emotional journey and the struggles of addiction in the midst of his success. Brendan shares the freedom he has found in dealing with his issues in a healthy way. He has had great success in making connections and serving others to make a larger impact.

A little bit about Brendan...

Brendan Burns is a High-Performance Strategist, CEO, Top Podcast Host and former Wall Street Executive who transforms individuals and companies to maximize their potential in business and life. For over a decade, he has advised some of the world’s most recognized brands—from Fortune 100 companies, investment banks, top law firms and professional sports teams, to C-level executives, billionaires, pro NFL/MLB athletes, celebrities and politicians from over 70 countries on 6 continents.

With 3 Ivy League degrees, Brendan is Cornell University’s first-ever student to obtain both a law degree from Cornell Law School and MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School in 3 years total. Brendan’s career began on Wall Street as an Investment Banker at Lazard Freres and then a Partner and #2 at Hedge Fund Steamboat Capital in New York. In pursuit of a deeper passion, Brendan left Wall Street to pursue his calling as an entrepreneur and coach. Over time he developed a 360-degree business & life framework, which helped skyrocket him into becoming one of the most sought-after high-performance strategists.

Brendan is now the CEO of Burns International Inc., a rapidly growing professional coaching & consulting company that caters to those wanting an extraordinary path forward. Under his leadership as CEO, the company provides customized engagements, advisory services, group trainings, seminars and live events.

Brendan also hosts the “The Brendan Burns Show,” an Apple Top 100 Podcast for personal development, business coaching, life transformation, and high-performance growth. Hundreds of thousands have tuned in to hear his candid interviews with an eclectic guest list—from actor Matthew McConaughey to Jack Canfield and other elite coaches, executives, and self-made millionaires & billionaires.

A noted thought leader who has been featured in Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, Thrive Global and more, Brendan speaks on the topics of authenticity & purpose, business mastery, lifestyle design, overcoming anxiety & depression, addiction, and creating healthy relationships. He currently resides in San Diego, California.

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