Caitlin Drago

and Robert talk about her journey from stage as an actor to stage as a keynote speaker. How the tools of improv create great team building and communication strategies for teams and leaders. Caitlin shares some great tips for listening and supporting conversations. 

A little bit about Caitlin...

Caitlin Drago is an LA-based actor turned upstate NY-based certified leadership coach and facilitator. Acting taught her to be present, self-aware, empathetic and to prioritize connection with others. Improv taught her to listen, trust her gut and deal with the unexpected in a positive and creative way. She now works with leaders and teams to help them to listen to one another, communicate and connect, using improvisation as a platform for interactive learning.

She spent 10 years studying improv at places like the nationally accredited Upright Citizen’s Brigade and has spent the last eight years working with leaders and their teams. She’s been featured in Medium’s Authority Magazine and has spoken at a variety of conferences, including the Talent Development Think Tank, the International TWA Conference and CPSI.

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 Instagram: inspire_improv

 Facebook: /InspireImprov

 Twitter: @CaitlinDrago

 LinkedIn: /in/caitlindrago

 YouTube: /channel/UCffBcRSv-vK0S6KzgPfkO3Q

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Caitlin Drago
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