Cathy Reilly

shares the shine as she spent 20 years using her gifts and talents to support lawyers, she decided to shift and use those gifts for others. Her journey of discovering that the world needed her voice and she wanted to be a role model for her daughter. She shares how she works to empower and encourage others.

A little bit about Cathy...

Cathy Reilly is the CEO and Personal Wellness Specialist at Sharing the Shine. She is a keynote speaker, facilitator and advocacy specialist. After two decades of advocating for others in the litigation arena, Cathy realized most people, including herself, lack the faculty to self-advocate. Cathy used her research and fact-finding skills to learn, develop and master tools to shift her advocacy. Cathy now mentors others on self-advocacy focusing on three critical areas: mind, body, and environment.

In her spare time Cathy can be found paddle boarding, running outside with her puppy or romping through the hills of Colorado on her horse, BeauJo.

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Cathy Reilly
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