Chelsea Haines

and Robert have a mind blowing conversation about the impact of the mind on gut health and how so much of the diet industry is based on scarcity and fear. Chelsea shares incredibly powerful mind and spirit tools to help people take control of their health. Chelsea extends so much grace in the freedom to enjoy food rather than have this good and bad relationship with food that creates guilt and shame which are not helpful emotions for finding success.

A little bit about Chelsea...

"Recently featured "The Gut Health Coach" by Yahoo! Finance, Chelsea Haines has a unique way of helping high-performers heal. She doesn't claim to know best. Her mission: to remind you that YOU are the expert on your body, only you know precisely what you need, and you are not "crazy" for feeling how you feel. Her expertise stems from personally healing autoimmune disease paired with formal degrees in psychology, gut health, and mindfulness. She’s the Founder of The Gut Health Agency, where a team of health coaches & Registered Dietitians merge health coaching with clinical gut testing for increased patient compliance and lasting habit change - a needle-moving combination not otherwise seen in the gut health space. Her motto for peak performance: Trust Your Gut & Digest Your Life.

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Chelsea Haines
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