Chris Johnsen

discusses the compound value of relationships and viewing relationships as an investment. Side hustles are good and most everyone should have one. The entrepreneurs break away from the employee paternal mindset and find freedom where they thought security was the priority. 

A little bit about Chris...

Never trust a business lawyer (who doesn’t understand business).

When you’re ready to launch a company, you could seek out just any business lawyer or you could partner with a lawyer who will get down in the entrepreneurial trenches with you. Someone who’s built multiple companies from the ground up across multiple industries with BigLaw experience. That person is Chris Johnsen.

The first business he ever built — and successfully sold — paid his way through law school. That was more than a decade ago. He’s learned a lot along the way, tapping into strategies that pass true value onto his clients.

Starting and running a business is roll-up-your-sleeves tough work. Having airtight legal counsel from a proven entrepreneur who’s walked the walk will help you sleep better.

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Chris Johnsen
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