Dan Gomer

is a teacher, turned realtor, turned entrepreneurial teacher and speaker. He has written his first book and is working on his second. He learned the value of human connection through his journey and the value of learning from those who have gone before. His goal is to always play with life, to live it like an experiment, try new things, be willing to ask questions. Finding out what doesn't work leads you one step closer to knowing what will work.

A little bit about Dan...

A teacher turned entrepreneur. After leaving the middle school science classroom, Dan turned his sights to real estate as an investor, broker, and team leader. After a decade in the real estate game, Dan has come full circle as he looks to leverage his life experiences and once again teach and inspire others through writing, and speaking. His purpose in life is driven by a passion to help others discover their most successful self so they can create the life of their dreams and make the world a better place in their own unique way. Dan lives in Highlands Ranch, CO with is wife and two kids.

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Dan Gomer