Dan Gordon

Robert and Noelle chat with Coach Dan Gordon who empowers audiences and clients to believe in their own inner power. He challenges people to face their fears on a daily basis and change their thinking, change the way they react to NO.

A little bit about Dan...

"Coach Dan Gordon is an international trainer, executive coach, and three-time author on conscious leadership and authentic sales. 

For over two decades, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs obliterate their limitations by freeing them of the fears that block their success.

On stage, Coach Dan is a master at engaging his audience. People roar with laughter, are touched with emotion, and enjoy participating in his interactive style. He entertains while inspiring the room to embrace bold new ideas.

Organizations Coach Dan has served include The Women’s Economic Forum, LeTip International, The ManKind Project, Teen Cancer America, and many others.

Whether you engage Coach Dan as a personal client, in workshops, or large-venue speaking, you will absolutely come away with an inspiring new perspective on living life unlimited!

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TikTok: /@coachdangordon1

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Dan Gordon
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