Laban & Anna Ditchburn

stop in from India to share with Noelle and Robert. We talk about designing the life that you want. They both wrote characteristics of their best MATE and within weeks discovered each other on the street and instantly connected and recognized that they had ALL of the qualities they were looking for. When you put your desires out to the universe, higher power rewards you.

A little bit about Laban...

His journey began with a childhood badly affected by divorce and dysfunction, leading him to seek validation and escape in all the wrong places. But through self-discovery, asking for help, and hard work, he conquered addictions to alcohol, sex, gambling, drugs, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

Today, Laban is physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in charge of his own destiny. He reshaped his body, swapping sixty pounds of body fat with thirty pounds of muscle and bone, and found a cure for his seventeen-year battle with an “incurable” autoimmune disease in the process. He now gets his highs from the world’s toughest ultra-marathons and searching the planet for the world’s best steak. 

Introducing Laban Ditchburn, the World’s Best Courage Coach, and a true exemplar of transformation. 

A little bit about Anna...

Anna is known affectionately as the world’s best life-optimization coach. She empowers others with her ultimate courage, stories of healing and forgiveness. Systemic sexual abuse, two forced abortions by a stepfather and then sixteen consecutive miscarriages were once Anna’s only story. Now her story is that she has reclaimed her power, freed herself from the tether of shame and pain, and has made her life-purpose to help others to do the same to live the life of their dreams.

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Laban & Anna Ditchburn
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Show Notes

Robert Peterson 
Laban and Ana, we're so excited to have this conversation. We've been waiting quite a while to chat with you guys. And I'm just so glad that it's worked out for today.

Laban Ditchburn 3:14
Well, big nama SCADA from India, and thank you so much for having us. And we're very excited to be with you guys today. Because who knows where this could go?

Robert Peterson 3:26
Well, one of the big things that we work with our clients in our programs is designing the life that you want, and then building your business to support it. And I know that you guys have made major shifts in your life over the last three years. So could you share a little bit about how you've chosen the life that you want? And how you're using entrepreneurship to make it happen?

Anna Ditchburn 3:53
Do you like to respond to this? You go first. So

Laban Ditchburn 3:59
Anna, really sort of kicked off in September of 2021. And we were Anna and I were living in Australia and Melbourne. And it was still in pretty strict lockdown to that point. Even that late in 2021, can you believe, and Anna had a family emergency that required her to go to Russia. Because we weren't married at the time, it's quite laborious to get a Russian visa to go visit. Once you're married. It's a lot faster, but I was effectively stuck in Australia and because of the rules with the Australian government at the time, they said a requirement that you had to be out of the country for 12 weeks. If you were going to travel overseas, and when you did come back here to go into one of those quarantine camps. And so I was like, well stuff that I don't know I had basically been at the hip ever since we got married ever since we got together and and I needed to figure out a way so I ended up in Germany after my publisher It demanded to the Australian Government that I'd been made available as part of my work to go to the Frankfurt Book Messer, which is the largest book fair in the world for those that are curious. And it took a couple of attempts. And on the third attempt, the government approved it. And then I shut off to Frankfurt. In the meantime, and it was sorting out her stuff. And for anyone that knows me about our personal story, we've gone through a significant number of challenges around making babies and aiding miscarriages and a bunch of other stuff. And there was an opportunity to see the local gynecologist and the medical care and stuff were entered from in Russia was world class. So I said, I'll come and meet you. And I'd never been rushed. So it was exciting for me. And I so I shipped my passport via Express post back to Australia, the day after I shipped it. And I'm still in Germany at this point, right? After I shipped it, they shut the borders, the Russians shut the borders to the rest of the world because it COVID And then a few days after that Germany shut their borders to the rest of the world. So here I am, at this point in Berlin, with no passport, and I'm stranded there, right? I get my brother to ship my other passport, because I'm a New Zealand and Australian dual citizen. But that's still going to take about three weeks to get here. So I'm like, Where the hell are we going to meet up, and I remembered fondly a trip that I did with a bunch of rapscallion friends of mine back in 2011, where we drove from Mexico City to a place called Playa Del Carmen. And it was it's in the Caribbean, it's on Eastern Standard Time. It's paradise, right? For those who don't know. And and I was like, let's meet in Mexico, and a number of challenges logistically not being able to go into certain countries because we weren't vaccinated. There was a whole litany of challenges we finally reunited. And, and we've been there ever since we're recording this from India, because we've been traveling for the last three months, which ties in beautifully with the theme of the show. And how we were able to do that, to answer your question was just brutal necessity. And they say, like, necessity is the mother of all inventions. And we didn't have family in Mexico, we didn't have large savings at all, when we left Australia. In fact, we left with the suitcase and the shirts on our back. And we just made it work. But a big component of that was visualization and writing things down.

Robert Peterson 7:37
Nice, so So Anna, you want to give us your perspective

Anna Ditchburn 7:45
think I everything, to be honest, started even earlier. Because Laban was in was a recruitment agent. And he hated his job. He was very good at this, but he didn't really like it. And it wasn't his passion. But the when COVID-19 happened, he was made redundant from his job. And he was literally pushed into his Passion, which was starting his own podcast in and talking about becoming your own superhero, you know, the transformation that he went through. Because if just just a brief story, he he was a former alcoholic drug taker, gambler, and he conquered all those things. And that was his passion. Because, you know, when people ask themselves, what is my why? What is my purpose on this planet? It usually comes from your biggest struggles and challenges you went through your life. And so that's how it led Laban to become a coach, the world's best courage coach. And as for me, I was working back in Australia in Melbourne for one of the biggest banks. But I, I love my job. It was really amazing company. But inside me was something missing. I had it all, but I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I wasn't feeling like I'm doing something valuable in this world. And so prior COVID I was asked a question what do I want to do? What makes me happy? What makes me fulfilled? I had no idea to be honest. And I was very stressing out about this, like what is my purpose in this life? But, you know, once you start asking those questions, the right people the right place the right time. They are opportunities start coming into your life. And what was laying on that is talking about all those challenges, they will not challenge it. They will, like very powerful path that we have to go through to finally figure out what is our purpose in life. So that's how I became a coaches and I am happy to share my journey. But I also found myself in the hypnotherapy helping people to overcome their traumas, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, any roadblocks that are preventing them from living the life of their dream.

Laban Ditchburn 10:41
And she helps women find their ideal partner is their real superpower. I don't know why you don't even mentioned that. She found me and she basically around that. Yeah. That's a true sore.

Anna Ditchburn 10:58
I think there's part of it in us women, that at least me it's similar in our situation that I don't like saying things. And I don't tend to say things about me the way Robert would. So he'll introduce me totally differently than I would say, I get it.

Anna Ditchburn 11:17
It feels like the most passionate about what we do.

Laban Ditchburn 11:23
But let's see, we shine, it's why I see where your real sweet spot is, and I think probably rubbed us the same for you know? Well.

Robert Peterson 11:30
Absolutely, I think it's it's a little bit of that borrowed belief. I don't know that she believes in herself at the same level that I believe in her. And we're working on that and trying to encourage her to, to believe in her greatness. And that the impact she's going to have, because she does have greatness inside of her. And so love, love empowering that and, and bringing that out. And it is a lot about limiting beliefs that we still hold ourselves back, right? So after Mexico, you made it to Las Vegas a year ago and something really incredible happened for you guys just a little bit over a year ago. So tell us about Las Vegas and what brought you to Vegas.

Laban Ditchburn 12:18
Well, the the amazing thing was Rob that I we stayed at the Virgin hotel via which is a casino down the bottom. I walked in and out of that casino countless times it didn't lay a single bet after being a degenerate gambler fee but now I'm just joking. I I haven't it'll be seven years since I quit drinking this coming August. Long longer for gambling longer for drugs and philandering. So, the magical thing was the we after many years of being engaged and being locked down, we were able to get married. That's what it was.

Anna Ditchburn 12:57
Definitely, congrats on that. And it's it's a long journey and a great relationship and

Anna Ditchburn 13:03
belief. Can you believe Laban actually has a fear of marriage, which called homophobia

Laban Ditchburn 13:11
homophobia is the fear of marriage and commitment. It's a real thing. And the reason I know about it is because I was I used to be really close to this guy. He was back in Australia so we don't speak a lot now but he he had a gamma phobia and his last name was Gammage good English guy. I was like that's very fitting.

Anna Ditchburn 13:32
But to be honest guys, we literally pooled our wedding together in three days. We bought the rings, like two days before we we organized the wedding church. Yes, three days before the wedding. Got our certificate, like literally two days before and picked up our outfit, our wedding, my wedding dress and his wedding outfit two hours before

Unknown Speaker 14:08
celebration. It's lovely. I guess.

Laban Ditchburn 14:10
What's even more amazing. What's even more amazing is the fact that we pulled the money for about a week just destitute and I managed to sign on a coaching client and we're able to fund the whole expedition. So you know, we got engaged, maybe a year after, after we got together and and and I was woman I knew I wanted to be with wildlife but was beginning to think I'd never meet her and I finally did in 2018 and you know we wanted to bring our families together and and but just with what happened with the lockdowns and family being in New Zealand and Russia and that was just a physical impossibility for all those people so we just got married it the little church of the West I think little chapel the West in front of three dear friends of ours and the rest they say is history.

Anna Ditchburn 15:01
Nice i I've created him guys, the reason I'm the relationship and feminine energy coach is because before we met, I was married. I was married previously. But my marriage didn't go well, which is the greatest blessing in disguise. And I remember I was really depressed in this marriage, because I literally married it. He was he was a nice guy, but the relationship just didn't go well. And I remember I was so depressed, I just, I felt like a failure. I didn't want to leave this family because I was in a foreign country. I didn't know anyone. I was stuck. And plus, I was so afraid that people will judge me, you know, for not being able to hold the marriage. And I just to be honest, I was I was ready to kill myself. Because I didn't see any exit from the situation. And my mom called me out of the blue. And she knew what was happening. And they said, Mom, if you won't hear from me, just know I love you. She said, Okay, what's happening? And I told her, she said, Anna, before you do anything to yourself, I want you to promise me something. And I was like, what is it mom, she said, I want you to write the least and explicitly list of your ideal men.

Speaker 5 16:40
And I was like, This is so obvious, I don't believe all men are the same.

Anna Ditchburn 16:47
She said, Just Just promise me. And I did. And I started to write my list of my my ideal man. And check this out. I've wrote, he's bald.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
He's a New Zealander.

Anna Ditchburn 17:05
Because I went to New Zealand, a few few months prior to this, and I fell in love with those people. And they wrote, he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke doesn't do drugs. He's very honest, very loyal. He has an amazing sense of humor. He loves children, he loves traveling, we travel every three months, all around the world. And we are building an empire together, tick, tick, tick tick. A week and a half later, a bold New Zealander who doesn't drink doesn't smoke, and doesn't do drugs. Stop me on the streets of Melbourne, in the middle of the day. And he looked that in my eyes, and he said,

Laban Ditchburn 17:52
excuse me that you are stunning. And I wondered if you have a drink with me one time. And

Unknown Speaker 18:00
I said, you look good, too.

Anna Ditchburn 18:05
And I you know and what? You know what's happened when I saw this man, the whole my be my heart started to pounding. And my intuition told me, he is the one. He's the one. And in September this year, we're going to celebrate five years, as we are together.

Robert Peterson 18:28
Love that. I mean, there is there is power in in writing things down and creating your own miracles.

Anna Ditchburn 18:37
Envisioning and we we literally, exactly. It's intentionally creating your life. Because what so many people they just don't understand that they literally create their life with their thinking with their thoughts with their feelings. Right now, right here, wherever you feel. You're creating your future. And we use this technique, writing down things that we want to do and want to experience when you often and I think when we were in Melbourne, we also write the list of our ideal country we want to leave.

Speaker 5 19:16
And so far Mexico tick the whole all boxes.

Anna Ditchburn 19:24
No, it's there's so much value in understanding the the concept of manifestation and thinking, planning and writing down and just acknowledging what you want. Because if you don't put it down on paper and think through it, the universe will give you what it wants, which isn't what you want.

Robert Peterson 19:44
Well, in our brain, our brain is just so programmed for the negative, right? We're just so attracted to seeing the things that we don't want. And we spend so much time thinking about the things we really don't want, and helping people make that transition to stop thinking about what you don't want What you don't have, and focusing on what you do want, and creating it.

Anna Ditchburn 20:08
And gratitude as well, gratitude for what you already have. Because you know, they say, the poor gets poor, the rich, rich gets richer, if you when you are grateful for something, it means you you are sending those wives that you are having it already. And guess what's going to happen the universe gonna 10x whatever you have. But when we, when we want something when we acting from the place of luck, we are getting poor because it takes more out of us. So true.

Anna Ditchburn 20:51
So what has been what has been the impact of hosting your own podcast?

Laban Ditchburn 20:58
That's a loaded question. You No, no. Well, I'm still trying to fathom the seismic ripple impact of the podcast. Because in the time that we last spoke, you know, the new Rob, which wasn't that long ago, the ridiculous things that are happening in our lives as a direct and indirect result of having that platform is really not it's you can't quantify at this point, what I have worked out though, and when I was creating this podcasting heroes movement, and the associated costs that we created, where I teach what I did, I worked out that it's in excess of a million US dollars worth of stuff we've been gifted, given, introduced to mastermind invitations, courses, coaching, like you name it. And that alone, like given how challenging it was to try and you know, because I'm, this is only my third year of being an entrepreneur in this space. And for anyone who's an entrepreneur out there who might be just starting out, like, unless you've, unless you struck it lucky. And when you create your own luck, right, or you had a big chunk of change to kick it off with. If you're starting from nothing. It like you go through the mill, it's unbelievably rewarding. Don't get me wrong, but like it's challenging if, and it's given me a skill set that I've monetized, and I teach. And then that has evolved into another skill set around a lot of the people that are coming to my life that want help that are. So what I do is I teach people that have a podcast how to land ageless guests on this show, not just get them on the show, but to foster relationships with them, to have tenure with them. And inevitably, by the law of reciprocity, and operating from a place of what value can I add this person's life, they've turned into joint ventures and other introductions to other incredible people. So that's the fundamental part. But what's happened now is it's because it's been it was I celebrated my three year podcasting anniversary a couple of weeks back, and we've done 200 Plus episodes, now. These these relationships have been around long enough for the know like and trust factor to really kick in. And now I can teach other people that want to platform the man over podcast that C suite executives or people that have have a message, a big positive message, like Evan Evans, Putman says, to, to get invited on to very large platforms without having to pay for it. And they're not that there's anything wrong with pay to play options, but I just think the energy is very different. And Rob, you know, with with the, with the podcast, when you invite someone onto the podcast versus them asking you to be on the podcast is a different energy, right? Absolutely. And, and, you know, it can be an icky energy for people that are like, Hey, I'd make a really great guest for your show. And, you know, unless it's unless it's one of your idols. And as far as I can tell, there's nothing on the market that that is teaching anything close to what I'm doing. So that is a direct result of the major adversity that I had to go through to get to where I am with the podcast, and I don't even know how to have that big an audience. I got about 1300 subscribers on YouTube. And I think I've had about, I don't know, 60,000 downloads over the course of the whole three years, which might sound like a good number, but it's it's not. It's not right. When you think about Joe Rogan interviewed Dr. Peter McNally had 44 million downloads in one episode, right. So hopefully that sort of formulate some of the some of the questions but the very reason we're even in India At the moment no well is because of the podcast. So that could go on for about five hours. I reckon that answer.

Anna Ditchburn 25:08
It's just so valuable the ability to meet people and make the connections and relationships, like you said.

Robert Peterson 25:16
I'm gonna throw it in a little different direction because of who you are in India or who you took to India. I want to talk about the power of love and making miracles.

Laban Ditchburn 26:25
Did you have a specific question?

Robert Peterson 26:28
I was just gonna throw it out there and let you talk about making miracles, and how that's how that's transformed your life over the last three years just being able to create from nothing?

Laban Ditchburn 26:43
Is this question specifically for me or for either party?

Robert Peterson 26:46
It's for both of you.

Anna Ditchburn 26:49
Do you have anything that's come to you that you want to share?

Anna Ditchburn 26:54
You know, in terms of creating miracles, I just want to add, I just want to go a little bit back. And I won't, I won't play Vaughn to tell the story when he just started his podcast. And he was he had probably about eight subscribers. And half of them were the family members on YouTube. And he, one day he decided to call Les Brown, like literally out of the blue. And as a recruitment agent, he found his phone number on the internet on software. And he called Les Brown. And you want to say

Laban Ditchburn 27:41
a glass brand picks up the phone and says we're speaking and that beautiful chocolate voices. And I said Les Brown. He said yes, it is like it was going to be any other list. And I said Les Brown. It's Labor ditchburn from Melbourne, Australia. Yeah. He said, we are going to help you boy. And I said lace. I'm a huge fan of you and your work. And I'm also the host of an incredible podcast series called Become your own superhero. And I'll be honored if you can share your amazing story with our audience when he available. And he said to me, Well, what do you think and boy, I said, to be honest, less whenever works with us probably good with my schedule. And we scheduled it, scheduled it for Tuesday, midnight, my time. And if I'm totally honest between you, me and the fencepost and the huge audience listening, I nearly mucked up the time I nearly because it was at midnight, right? And it was only an hour saying I think this interview tonight because I was beside myself with excitement, right and very nervous at that time I managed to get it on on a 13 year old Toshiba laptop that could have easily blown up at any point. And he gets on and the first question I asked him, before we even start the recording the podcast, I said, Hey, Les, what do you think of the name of the show? Become your own superhero. And for anyone that's heard less speak, you will know exactly what kind of language he uses and how he just shows up. And if you haven't heard of him once have finished watching this get on YouTube and just type Les Brown. And there's about a million videos that will just change your life forever. But he just absolutely encapsulated everything I hoped anyone would ever hear when they heard the name become your own superhero it's all about we always have these you know Marvel characters that we look up to and Superman Spider Man and you know the Hulk or whatever. And I'm like stuff that What about me being the hero for one's work? And that's so that's where that came from. I mean, it's about the most self explanatory podcast name in history, but there's the context. And I was so indeed by the way less showed up and delivered that message to me that I just felt so comfortable and I just verbally diary had my story of transformation to him, which which Anna touched on which included a lot of heavy drug use in my earlier days. And that must have resonated At least because I didn't know at the time, but he'd overcome a prescription painkiller addiction that his doctor put them on when he was in hospital for prostate cancer. And he went cold turkey for three months to overcome that. Incredible. And he just waited for me to finish. And he just said, Congratulations, labor and I said, Thanks, lists. He goes, Do you have a book? And I go, No, I don't. He goes, if you're going to be a speaker, you need a book to help with credibility. And I go, okay, he goes now, who was the most influential person in your life, and you were five years of age? Now, I'd never been asked this question. No, I thought about it. And given the relationship I had with my mother, which was incredibly toxic. I came to the conclusion after trying to find heaps of other relatives that she was super depressed in my life. And he's like, what, what influenced what were the attributes she had on you. And I was like, Man, she was unconditionally loving and tenacious, and spiritual. And he's writing all these things down, he finished his writing. And he looks up at me. And he says, labored. This is a God moment. He said, I'm going to show you how to monetize your purpose. And then for the next seven minutes, he reads back to me this blueprint for this book that he wants me to write called bet on you. And he says, Laban, you're going to write this book, you're going to turn this book into a keynote speech, and you're gonna turn this keynote to a three day retreat. And even if you muck this up, you're gonna make multiple six figures this year. And when you finish it, I'm going to interview you on my platform with 4 million followers. And I'm going to write the foreword to your book. And this is in mid May 2020. And I said, in a moment of complete and utter insanity, I said less. If you're going to write the foreword to my book, I'll have it to you by June 3020 20. Now, I didn't even finish high school, I never went to college, I never wrote anything in my life. And what made me think I can do it in six weeks, I have no idea that because of that declarations are less. And he said, I'll hold you to that boy, I pumped out 30,000 words of the first draft and delivered it to his inbox, as promised on 8:30pm on June 30 2020. And that, that is the power of love. That is the power of a declaration. That is the I felt a love from less on that call. And I recall, besides still have this footage of what went down, by the way, it's it's unbelievable capturing a miracle on camera. And in terms of the kickoff effect that that had for both of us. It gave me this undeniable confidence which you've experienced and how I am day to day that just allowed me to continue leveling up and forge a path for other people to follow through that want that want help. And you know, NLS and I remained friends to this day, we even shared a beautiful meal at his home and Lana last year and and, you know, where he wept, and how did held him and it was one of the most remarkable days of my life. So and he you know, he wrote a killer foreword for the book as well. And, you know, you know, a lot of authors will get a write the foreword, and the person endorsing it will just sign it, he crafted something truly magical. And I know you've read it, Robin, and if you haven't know well, it's a good read.

Anna Ditchburn 33:25
And I would like to tell the story is because I can see that he goes into every single interaction with a question what value can I add to this person's life? And he comes with a completely loving and you know, non judgmental attitude and the miracles like literally happening on a daily basis. And the reason why we are in India is because Laban was talking to one of the coaches here in India, his name Rajan coach Rajan. And he asked him Rajan, what do you need the help with? If you would have a magic wand or prayer prayer? What would it be? And he said, You know, I, my my dream, I want to organize this event in Mumbai with Steve Hardison, who is one of the greatest coaches in the world, who will also know personally and labels like, right, what is holding you what is stopping you? And Rajan was like,

Speaker 5 34:37
Well, I don't know Steve, personally, who am I?

Anna Ditchburn 34:41
You know, he wasn't believing in himself. And after conversation with Laban Laban gave him so much confidence and courage to literally call Steve Hardison and ask him to come to India from Arizona, Arizona to in Yeah,

Laban Ditchburn 35:01
I bullied him. I said, I said you're not getting off the Zoom call until we we call Steve Hardison.

Robert Peterson 35:11
And here's his number

Laban Ditchburn 35:13
is his number. So he called him on the Zoom and then they, they later reconnected later on that day and, and to conclude the story. Yeah, Ron John said Lavan, like, I want I want to acknowledge you for the prompt. Personally, I want you to be in the audience in India. And that's the so that's the excuse that we used to come in to be in India for the last two and a half months.

Anna Ditchburn 35:38
And they literally call this this event, I recall in Mumbai.

Anna Ditchburn 35:48
So awesome to see the stories play out and how different people were part of it and, and gotten the universe working through it.

Robert Peterson 35:56
Yeah, so obviously, Steve is a mentor Les Brown is a mentor and and influence in your life. Share a little bit about being open to that mentorship and being open to share sharing your authentic self.

Laban Ditchburn 36:16
Do you know what it's one of the one of the quotes that actually I've read from studying lessons work because I have been following his work for three, four years long before I ever got a chance to meet him. And one of his very famous quotes, he says, Ask for help. Not so that you appear weak, but so that you can remain strong, and keep asking for help until you get it. And one of the pivotal moments in my journey was on January 2 of 2020. And I got a hold of Brene Brown's cell phone number. And for those who don't know, Brene, brown, she's pretty big in this space as well. And this is before I had a book before I had the podcast before I knew what the eff was doing. And I called her and she picked up the phone and said, Hi Renee speaking in that self control, and I said Brene Brown? She said yes, it is is it Brene Brown is lead and ditch going from Melbourne, Australia, you can take theme recurring thing with the geographical location that I penned to help give a visual, I think for the person at the other end of the phone. And she said are highlighted, like, how can I help you I said Brene been instructed by all of my coaches and mentors, which I probably only had one to surround myself with people that were much further along than I and I was wondering if you were interested in sharing some ideas was the language I used. And she said, Well leaving, I'm about to sit down and have New Year's Day dinner with my family. But if you send me an email with what you had in mind, I'll come back to you. And you gave me your email address. And I recorded what in hindsight is a horrendous one minute long bio video and wrote this bio about me that that added very little value to Bernie's life, I think. But hey, she responded. And she said, Laban, thank you for your email with what I have committed with college university and my family. I can't give this the bandwidth that it deserves. You'll do fantastically Brene Brown. And so that was one of those moments where I chose to ask for help. And that, you know, had she not responded in that way. It might not have given me the confidence to later call less in in May. So isn't it interesting how one little thing like that can can have this amazing ripple effect? So I don't know if that answers the question quite correctly. But yeah, you go

Anna Ditchburn 38:52
see, with all the success you've had Laban Anna, what is your biggest challenge?

Laban Ditchburn 39:01
We've only got an app for this show.

Laban Ditchburn 39:08
Well, I'll start and then I think you can finish this. I think one of the big misconceptions about NRI being on a platform like this is people look and they go, oh, man, the life's incredible and they're in India and stuff. Life our life is not without its challenges, and like it, but it's how we choose to handle the adversity that I think might confuse people a little bit because Anna and I, collectively, like I mentioned have gone through 18 consecutive miscarriages and three of those were ectopic pregnancies, one of which nearly claimed in his life and then January 2019. I have nearly gone bankrupt about six times in four years. And we we've been for was to leave our country of citizenship because of our to protect their medical freedoms. You know, like, there's, there's been plenty and run out of money seven or eight times, like I'm talking if it was like, I've got no money like, and Rob knows this because we've had conversations in the past, like we were, we've had moments where we're down to our last $60 in a foreign country with no prospects, right like, and no family to call either because they ain't got no money. And, and his family are in Russia, where the annual salary is about 10,000 USD, so they can't exactly sling yet six months salary to fail yet, you know. So that's, and we're very transparent about this as well, by the way, it's really important, I think, to be completely in integrity, because there there is people out there that say, you know, life's magical on social media, and I never want to portray that. But I also want to focus on keeping on keeping on moving forward. And in this entrepreneurial space, as you both very well know, using those negative experiences as your fuel source. And then being able to deliver these powerful anecdotes in the future on a platform like this. It's all part of it. So don't ever think for a minute that we don't go through challenges and adversity and stuff. We experience that constantly. But it's just the decision that we've made on how we show up and how we deal with it that I think the difference.

Anna Ditchburn 41:30
You know, they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, you can choose whether this, those kinds of situations are gonna break you down, or make you really stronger. And use these stories as anecdotes, you know, to learn the lessons, and to help others as well, in the future to go through this.

Robert Peterson 41:57
So, obviously, you guys have traveled a bunch, but how important is playing fun in your marriage, in your travels and in your business?

Anna Ditchburn 42:09
Think it's, it's one of the most important things, because you can get caught up in all these everyday life, working, visas and so on. But it's very important to really stop to have your own time, and to do things that you are enjoying in life. Like for example, here in India, we went to see a cricket the IPL game, it was so much fun. I didn't know Indians is so passionate about creature. Because that's what brings your vibes your energy up, that what makes you more resilient to the things because you need to have something to look forward to.

Laban Ditchburn 43:05
Yeah, and I would say that there's two components to this question, right? I found my purpose when I was 40, and 42. of let's call it 39. Right. And when I started out, I turned 40 in June 2020. So I was 2039. But that means and I was working ever since I was like full time ever since I left high school, which was a nice 17 That means I was doing a job that didn't fulfill me for a very long time. And when I finally found my purpose, it no longer became work. So it finding something that you adore doing as challenging as it is, for me doesn't feel like work. And so there's that part. So if you're doing something that you hate, Forget trying to set aside time to play golf, because you're probably going to play golf just to forget the fact that you got a shitty job for a bit right? Get rid of that. And then the the question around play. I often wonder if the reason that we hadn't had more money is if I'd spent less time playing and more time focusing on the business. Because I when I'm when I'm coaching or when I'm creating and doing podcast interviews. I'm fully committed to it and it depletes me of my energy, not of my lifeforce. It's very rewarding what I do, but I give all when I'm when I'm engaged by someone to work with them. And I need space to be able to recoup and for me just sometimes being by myself reading a book watching some garbage on on my iPad or whatever, is a real catalyst for rejuvenation and recovery. Nice.

Anna Ditchburn 44:47
So what is the big dream? What are you thinking of? Long term?

Laban Ditchburn 44:53
Possibly my phone died? I'm going to read it to you. I had a shitty experience So recently, we call it challenging, right? Where I was engaged by someone who will remain anonymous to do some work for them, and then they got cold feet renege. But it was the way that they did. It was just poor behavior. And I was like, This is my fault. This is my fault. And I take full ownership for it. Because when I wrote the list of my ideal woman, two weeks later, I found it like this is the crazy thing about how we got together, we later found out that we've written these lists that we had the list to refer back to it was crazy. But after that experience with this lady, I was like, I need to write a list of my ideal client. So this is what I came up with. And then I'll read you what the plan is no, well. So my, my ideal client is this fast acting, indecisive action taker. high integrity, says what they mean and means what they say, understands and submits to the power of the law of reciprocity, believes everything is possible, knows what their purpose here on Earth is, invest in themselves financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually open minded to the fact that they don't know everything super receptive to ask for and receive help, is okay saying no or not right now. abundance mindset, deeply connected to source, what people think of them is none of their spiritual business and want to play at the highest level possible. So for me, my longer term will not even longer term, my my, my goal, my visualization, whatever you want to call it is, this is a declaration I just wrote the other week, right? I am the number one expert in the world at landing the most successful people in the world, on the largest platforms to share their message of hope, knowledge, inspiration and blessings. My services only attract the people that align with my core principles, beliefs, and mission. And show hosts look to me to connect them with the highest quality humans on Earth. And I teach others how to do it. There's some financial goals and I won't go into numbers I heard some good advice recently about and I don't know whether you guys agree with us or not about like not going to detail about your financial stuff and some stuff, you should just keep yourself. Let's just say that by January 2026, WAV can generated consistently one and a half dollars with a B. Here's why small, right? Even if we get to 75% of that target is still fu money. And they fu money allows us to put ourselves in a position where we become untouchable we can travel to any country on planet earth They will take and we are not bound by government tyranny, mandates and all the other stuff. How to Navigate blocked Yeah, what do you think about that, guys?

Anna Ditchburn 48:10
Yeah, no, you gotta dream big. That's the whole point. Don't dream with what you can achieve. Gotta dream with what you is beyond reach so we can reach for it.

Robert Peterson 48:23
Okay, we end every episode with our guests sharing their words of wisdom. So I'd like each of you to inspire our entrepreneurial audience with your words of wisdom.

Laban Ditchburn 48:37
My father gave me some really great advice. He didn't give me a lot of good advice, but he did give me this good advice. And he was a really successful radio announcer He's since retired and lives back in Australia. But he said, smile. Less is more. And who really gives a rat's ask

Unknown Speaker 49:02
and, you know, as

Anna Ditchburn 49:06
I just wanted to say people who wants to find their passion, who wants to do something really valuable in this life and leave a legacy. Do not be afraid of anything. You can do anything you want in this world. The most important thing you need to believe in yourself, which is most challenging as well, and commit, as soon as you commit to something, you will see how everything starts aligning in your life. And again, the right time, the right people, the opportunity will start coming into your life. Don't be afraid.

Anna Ditchburn 49:48
Thank you so much for joining us today. Laban. Anon it's been a pleasure listening to you and getting to know you more.

Robert Peterson 49:54
Thank you guys.