DJ HeartAttak 

has a conversation about travel and the nightlife. How his nightlife experience empowered him to start his own food business in the middle of the pandemic. How he and his partners are creating a social movement around their culinary experience. It is a valuable conversation about business growth, scale and just the willingness to MAKE IT WORK!

A little bit about DJ HeartAttak...

Robin Johnson aka DJ HeartAttak hails from San Diego, Ca where he quickly became a prominent and successful individual in the nightlife scene, from running a couple nightlife VIP departments, to pivoting and becoming a successful nightclub DJ. He frequently travels all over the country to play in many different cities, such as Miami, Scottsdale, Los Angeles and many more. Robin took his culinary experience from “Social Media” to learning and creating the Bachi Bus flavor, menu & taste we have quickly fallen in love with.

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DJ Heartattak