Erin Berry

talks with Robert and Noelle about sex. Another topic that no one wants to talk about. Robert and Noelle share Erin’s enthusiasm for talking about sex and helping partners talk about sex. 

Sex is amazing and too often leaves people wanting because they don’t communicate about what they enjoy and how to improve their connection. Erin as a sex coach helps people communicate and find the pleasures hidden within their bodies and relationships.

A little bit about Erin...

The pleasure priestess. She is a sexual liberation & somatic embodiment expert who helps Dissatisfied women and their partners learn how to heal relational wounds. 

Erin Berry helps them explore their sexuality & reclaim their joy so they can Experience mind blowing pleasure in all areas of their life & deeply connected relationships with both themselves and their partners.

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Facebook: /eberryblissful/

Facebook group for women: /1326223907746620

Instagram: /pleasurepreistess111/

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Erin Berry
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