Miguel & Melissa Favorel

share about being aligned in purpose to care about the planet and the people that occupy it as a driving force for their business and marriage.

A little bit about Miguel & Melissa...

Miguel and Melissa Favorel are the Founders of The Source H2O. Their vision is to continue to positively impact others and change the way we live through better water.

Melissa has been a leader in the water filtration industry for over two decades. Achieving many pinnacles and awards; while leading others to do the same.

Miguel has a passion to eliminate 1 trillion plastic water bottles from our planet by 2030. He has invented products such as Water Vault the First Portable Water Filter Cooler and an innovative new concept Water147 a ZERO PROOF, ZERO WASTE experience to create solutions and inspire others.
Miguel and Melissa have sustained a growing business, thriving marriage, and encouraged their children to become positive, purpose driven humans, while adding value to the human experience.

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Websites: Water-Vault.shop    TheSourceH2O.com    Water147.com

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