Glenn Stromberg

talks about his journey from mobile home sales to owning his own manufactured home franchise to running an investment company which serves tenants who need quality homes and investors looking for a place to create a revenue stream. He shares his heart for the Lord and how making God the CEO of his business really changed everything.

A little bit about Glenn...

Glenn began his career in real estate in 1982, quickly rising to the top of the real estate game; owning and managing a Clayton Home franchise as well as owning and operating 13 independently owned manufactured home dealerships, and running a successful fix and flip business.

Over his 39 years in the mobile home industry, he developed mobile home subdivisions, owned a mobile home park, owned and operated mobile home sales centers and bought, sold, and leased single-family homes. In 2006 Stromberg Investment Group was formed with the mission to be one of the best real estate investment companies in the country. The 2008 crisis that took over the American economy led Glenn to redefine his business model and create the current model used by Stromberg Investment Group, which allows investors a safer option to investing and receiving higher returns without the high risk that Wall Street or the "flipping game" yields. 

With over 500 homes under management spanning over 4 states, SIG deploys over $1 million dollars in investment capital each month and closes on average 12 properties each month. Stromberg Investments offers investors lucrative passive Turn Key options and LongTerm Lending opportunities.

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